JSC quiet about charges against judges

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is filing charges against Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed and Civil Court Judge Mohamed Naeem, according to a story published on Miadhu today.

According to Miadhu, Judge Mohamed was charged, among other things, of obstructing the judicial procedure and for disciplinary issues, charges which he denied.

The article says the cases against Judge Naeem were charged by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Musthafa and President of Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Hussain Rasheed.

Sheikh Rasheed said in 2008, when he went to court over a defamation case, Judge Mohamed Naeem was the presiding judge.

Sheikh Rasheed said Judge Naeem unlawfully placed him under house arrest, and then had him arrested when he was meant to only get a warning for not showing up at his court hearing.

He then filed an official complaint against Judge Naeem. He said he had to go to the JSC every day to look at the progress of his complaint, so he withdrew his complaint today.

“I can’t waste my time,” he said.

Judge Abdulla Mohamed said he had “not yet” been informed about any charges against him by the JSC and said he had “no idea” what he was being charged of.

The JSC did not comment to Minivan News on the cases.


4 thoughts on “JSC quiet about charges against judges”

  1. Hope something happens out of this. This is the deepest and the most urgent problem of them all in the Maldives - corrupt and/or incompetent judges.

  2. As long as these judges get their training in corrupt countries such as Pakistan and the Middle East, this will continue to plague us.

    I think we ought to replace this lot with some foreign experts until some appropriate locals are trained up! A radical idea, but one urgently needed.

  3. This is the best news i have heard all week... Anyway, I wonder, if the judges join MDP will any charges be investigated?

  4. Its amazing that the complaints were made by people who have numerous cases lodged against them at the courts, MDP parliamentary member Musthafa, has many cases relating to upaid debts and Sheikh Hussain Rasheed is also the president of the Presidential Commission (riyasee commission) who was recently fined for defamation which is strictly forbidden in islam.

    Judicial Service Commission is mandated to investigate issues relating to discipline nowhere have I known or heard of a JSC that investigates decisions made by judges, the current JSC acts and behaves like an adhoc appellate court.

    This is intimidation and a serious threat to the judicial system, it has the repercussion that any judge who displeases the government will face dismissal.

    This happens when you have a load of crappers who have no clue on how a state works.


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