Judge Naeem promoted to Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court

Former Civil Court Judge Mohamed Naeem who was transferred to the Juvenile Court last week as a punishment for disobeying Superior Court, has been promoted to Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) said that the commission decided to appoint Naeem as the Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court during a commission’s meeting held yesterday.

”The decision was made since the Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court has been appointed to the High Court bench, and to keep the court functioning,” the JSC said in its website.

It also said the other judge at the Juvenile Court was currently on a scholarship.

The decision to transfer Naeem to the Juvenile Court was made during a meeting of the JSC held last Thursday.

‘’The commission decided to do so as an action taken against Judge Mohamed Naeem for he has refused to conduct trials of cases concerning the state, before the parliament gives consent to the [then] Attorney General [Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad],’’ JSC then said in a statement.

The JSC said that the case was investigated by the sub-committee formed to recommend disciplinary measures against judges.

The investigation of Naeem came after he reportedly declaring during the first hearing of a case filed against the state that he would not hear cases involving the state before parliament approved the reappointment of former Attorney General Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad.

Naeem’s decision was in defiance of precedent set by both a majority of Civil Court judges as well as the High Court, which had ruled that such cases could be heard before the AG received parliamentary consent.


5 thoughts on “Judge Naeem promoted to Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court”

  1. what is this? what a big joke? 21st century democratic country doing such a dirty job? OMG.... i urge people of Maldives to come out to jumuhooree maidaan and call for resignation of JSC members

  2. We love our culture, traditions & history. In Maldives Courts function in allignment with cash inflow. So be it ... proud to be a Maldivian.

  3. Oooops what a logo. copy righted from MDP's blue thilafaiy dho. The Gaddafi green "tharaadhu" must have come out of his holiness Afrasheem, i presume.

  4. Oh boy, now I have to supply children with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades to protect them?.

    What a world....

    Oh yeah, speaking of Gaddafi...



  5. OMG, these are the people u appoint to protect childrens rights??? N first of all, does this serve as a punishment? Should one be given promotions as punishment?? JSC members, if you cant carry out your duty properly, I urge you to resign and give the chance to more efficient and competent people who can take better decisions!!!


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