Jumhoree Party demands action against those who planned to burn Quran

The minority opposition Jumhoree Party (JP), led by MP Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim, has issued a statement urging the government of the Maldives to demand the US government take action against those who planned to burn the Quran on September 11.

Pastor Terry Jones, from the 50 member Dove World Outreach Centre in Gainesville, Florida, drew headlines worldwide after he announced plans to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

The Pastor abandoned the plan on urging from the US government, including President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, telling US television network NBC that “even though we have not burned one Quran, we have gotten over 100 death threats.”

The pastor told NBC his goal was “to expose that there is an element of Islam that is very dangerous and very radical [and] we have definitely accomplished that mission.”

The US president meanwhile condemned the proposed burning as “un-American” and “a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda”.

Locally, the Adaalath Party and the JP strongly condemned the planned burning, describing it as an affront to 1.5 billion Muslims across the world.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said the Maldivian government had already taken action, noting that Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed had sent a letter to US authorities “explaining that the plan was against the spirit of Muslims and was not encouraged.”

Zuhair said he respected the call of the Jumhoree Party and all the others who protested against the burning.

Meanwhile, two protesters were killed and five were seriously in Afghanistan after security forces opened fire on the crowd, who were attempting to storm government buildings in Puli-Alam, the capital of the Logar province.

A plan to build an Islamic cultural centre and mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center in New York has also caused controversy.


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  1. How very hypocritical we are, we so happily confiscate idols, bibles and other things use to worship and openly criticise others for doing the same. I expect this Burumaa Gasim to act like a moron, but Dr. Shaheed, did you really send such a letter? Words fail me...

  2. Where is the know-all heck?

    What should we do? Ask God to obliterate US?

    Or do u want lead the ranting this time?

  3. it is nothing happend if you burn 10000 Bible or Quruan or Bhagavat gita or Veda/

  4. I Urge the President to take action against Gasim for Bribing or attempting to Bride MPs

  5. the moron who planned the event proved he is not by backing out. he proved extremists are a minority and as there was few violent reactions to the event. if the event happened who know osma bin ladhen may had jumped out of his cave and got caught and all this might be over for good.

  6. Burma has no brain at all; the proposed Quran burning was by infidel, why he is so worried about the action of infidels. Let them burn Quran; it is not done by Muslims. Quran supposed be protected in the hearts of Muslims. Is burning few copies of Quran makes this idiot go crazy, how can he be a president what a moron is this Burma ?.

  7. Dear Minivan, is Zuhair the press secretary of the President or the Press Secretary of the Foreign Minister? As far as I know, the Foreign Minister sent no such letter, but spoke to the US Ambassador in Colombo and the US authorities in New York and Washington that burning of the quran could seriously damage the Maldives-US friendship at the street level, and US authorities must spare no effort to explain to the general public in the Maldives that the US government condemns the proposed event by the madman in Florida. Next time, Minivan, please do not allow other people to speak for people regarding whom they have no mandate.

  8. The US government can't take action. It's called freedom of speech and is guaranteed in the US constitution. While I as an American and non-Muslim totally disagree with the actions of the Florida pastor, while on American soil, he has every right to speak his mind. Thankfully our government leaders talked some sense into this guy. The US government did the right thing by counseling the pastor, not jailing him. I love Maldives and I have many Muslim friends. I hope all Muslims know that this nut in Florida does not represent all Americans views on Muslims and their Sacred Text. In the same way I don't think all Muslims want to fly planes into buildings. Pay no attention to the extremist in any thought or religion. Let's be humane, love each other and coexist.

  9. What action can the US legally take against Terry Jones? Unlike us, America is a practicing democracy.

    Of course the illegality of an action is never a hindrance for our politicians. Principles of personal freedom and free speech means nothing to them. And these are the people who want run our country?

  10. I don't respect the call Bruma at all, either Buruma is a blind idiot of a fool or he is playing the gullible Maldivian public for political gain who in turn was played by the sheiks who were giving the Khutbah's. We were told the vile man was burning the Quran, for no other reason but being a demon.

    Later found out he was doing it in protest of the Mosque being built in ground Zero, given the free culture of US i ind of felt it was partly justified, he did bring national attention of a matter he felt as a nationalist was a insult to the nation.

  11. Why don't you Jomhooris just take a step by condemning the act on CNN or BBC and tell them that you demand action to be taken,if you care. But the truth of the matter is that, all you care is to be in power in the next election.

  12. good read @ whatisfreedom, gives the radicals in every county something to think about (including the ones in Maldives). this is a good opportunity to show that while countries and religions differ there are common courtesies and common human decent values that supersedes the fanatical views of few amongst populations. US grants its citizens with rights that other countries should not interfere with at least by "demands" rather requests and diplomatic civilized counterparts to rectify a certain situation. If the tabels were turned the other way round i cant see that it would be a long stretch of imagination to see gasim jumping up n down if US sent such a demand to Maldives for any actions of its citizens ( PS: Maldives has had students training in Afghanistan wounding and killing US soldiers but you don't see the state departments making demands from the G.O.M )

  13. Where is Salim Waheed to call Qasim a exterismist and a Salafist..or more?? Come on Salim Waheed you gotta say something to Qasim as he is calling for protection of Quran and agaisnt your USA. Say something!

  14. Me thinks Gasim Ibrahim should personally command President Obama what appropriate action is that should be taken against that idiot pastor.
    Since Gasim knows better:)

    Idiots and radicals exist in each country and religion what we should do is ignore them or try and talk sense into them. Luckily this disaster had been averted. I shudder to think what the response would have been by our fellow nutter idiotic Muslims who would have been stupid enough to react to it.

    On other things some Muslims blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas, and didn't bat an eyelid about it.
    Maybe its high time we all learn to respect each others religions and the sacred texts and even idols.

  15. Oh dear. Maldivians prove everyday that they are a backward and mentally retarded people who have been unfortunately (for the world) connected to the rest of the world by the Internet. We should just be left alone living in the dark ages.

    Meanwhile, the Pastor has exposed the religion of peace for what it is: a religion of violence. Over a 100 death threats? Haha, that speaks for itself.

    The Pastor has the right to burn any book, in fact, anything that belongs to him under US bill of rights.

    The same goes for the Mosque to be built near 9/11 ground zero. They have the freedom to built it ON ground zero if they own it. And that is United States for you idiots.

  16. Gasim Ibrahim .... Zindhaabaad .....

    Next event - (Villa BBC) ---- Villa Bible Burning Ceremony ....
    chief guest ... Sheikh Buruma .... venue Bangu Raa vikkaa dhukkan of Paradise Resort and Sun Island.

  17. Buruma.. Thankyou.

    Now I know that what they say about you is true.

    With this kind of mentality I certainly hope Buruma never becomes the President.

  18. AVatar says the bill of rights in USA allow the Pastor to burn any book he owns, yes it is true; and that is the greatness in the USA!

    The Pastor, has all his rights to do what he wants and if it is not against the law!

    Yes, he can even have sex the one who had given birth to him; "IF THEY BOTH AGREE". That is the greatness in the USA! I am sure the bill of rights do not oppose this!

    USA is Human Rights!

    Yes, they did just right to the original peoples of America!

    Yes, they did just right in Vietnam - to how many human lives did they do right!

    Yes, they did just right by dropping Atomic Bombs in Japan - to how many human lives did they do right!

    Yes, they are doing it right even now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan - they are doing it exactly right.

    Also the learned people of USA are so clever and great that they do not have a language and a script of their own like we "poor Maldivian Idiots and morons" have.

    Yes, it is one GREAT NATION, who managed to get rid of the originality of a country from the time they set foot there and bring vulgarity of PRISON INMATES to be the best way for LIFE!

    AVatar! Killing is what USA knows all about and what they think is right from day the they set foot on America; and it is "Their Right" to kill any human they think is right to kill!

    Great AVatar! Please leave us poor Maldivian Idiots be this way, and in this darkness! You can even have virtual sex with the bill of rights!

    And that is USA!

    It is foolish for anyone to comment a pastor or even a Gasim in this cause!

    According to the Book of Allah, the Holy Quraan, it is said that Allah will protect His Book so why any one worry about it!

  19. You know - people like Gasim are just doing what that epic troll wanted them to do. Showing the world what a hypocritical and double-standard religion islam is.

  20. Hey come on. We are given the right to think. So think about this deeply.

    We are sure of our religion right? So lets look at this positively. We can resolve a lot of things with this stunt.

    a) They burn copies of Quran. What will happen?
    1. Muslims around the world would erupt in anger. I think this is not called for.
    2. God has destroyed nations for much less. Right? So, he will punish whom, when he see fit. If God deems Americans are stepping out of bounds, boom, US is history. And burning Quran in front of global media, is, AFAIK, as bad as it can get. I am in no doubt this will incur God's wrath.
    3. If US is gone like Atlantis, we can say: 'Yeah! that's what happens to whoever who desecrates true religious books'


    We have doubts that God may not punish Americans. And if he really doesn't, then we will know for sure

    a) God does not favour us (saving Quran / Muslims) over the infidel Americans.
    b) A lot of religious doubts will be cleared.
    c) A lot of religious people would feel betrayed and idiotic.
    d) We would have solved the greatest deception in Human History.

  21. Mikalo said,

    "Also the learned people of USA are so clever and great that they do not have a language and a script of their own like we “poor Maldivian Idiots and morons” have."

    LOL! Wow! What did having own script and language ever do for us?

    You talk about having sex a lot, Mikalo. Oh right! Part and parcel of the Maldivian psyche. LOL!

  22. Look at who is talking, what a joke you are! Why dont you ask the government to take action against people like you and other poverts who really abuse islam outright!!
    Check the dhivehi gossips tabloids online and you would be ashamed of what you just said. Clean your act first before accusing another.....
    I only agree with you that, no religious book of any kind should be destroyed, degraded or abused by anyone, as much as I believe no one has a right over the others life and death.

  23. Minivannews: you have been very late in covering this news. The whole fiasco of Quran burning has ended in the world. And Mr Buruma: Do you think the Maldives or the US governement cares for what you say or you demand. So save your words for yourself.

  24. Jumhooree Party is truly Islamic. The leader has 4 wives and the Party has now demanded US to take action against Pasor Terry Jones.

    He should have burned Quran and then we would know for sure that Allah's wrath is on him when his unislamic beard catches fire!

  25. Gasim needs to first understand how the whole world works.He and his party has a right to do what they did but does it matter. It matters if that is an honest attempt. AND Allah Knows Best.

    GOD Almighty has already taken action, And Indeed Allah is the greatest and the best of the planner.

    In a way "Terry Jones" did a thing the whole Islamic community together would not have accomplish.Free publicity for the Truth. The last and the final testament is the best seller and more people are at least trying to understand the teachings of this miracle of all miracles. The Glorious Quran.

    The lessons that was learned from this little stunt of an obscure man.
    1. The whole community cannot be blamed for few lunatic fringes amongst them. (His own town and his daughter had distanced him from them.)
    2. Muslims must practice restraint and patience and should not fall in to traps of provocations, where the latter actions will be finger pointed and blamed, forgetting the cause of those.
    3. Injustice cannot be confronted with injustice. Muslims must follow the commandments of Allah in all manner. Not in the spirit of a "football team" supporter but out of conviction and truth with understanding. Allah loves those who are merciful and just.
    4. Though 50% of Americans have a prejudice (in all negative sense) towards Islam, Muslims and Quran.The more accommodative and knowledgeable voices had come out in support of US (Muslims)from all works of life and from all groups of faiths and more.
    5. Polls show the most people those who hate Islam. Muslims, & Quran does not have proper knowledge of any of those words or the contents and purity of those how it is meant to be. Misconceptions drawn out of some actions of lunatic fringes within so called Muslim (name sake) communities is the biggest insult on Islam.
    6. There are devoted haters of Islam, Muslims, and what those two stands for out of whimsical desires. Mostly Satanists to promote their so called "Freedom".
    7. Maldvies and Maldivians must learn a lesson out of this and must realize that our community is more on the verge of breaking out of it's real values that it follow. The Deen of Islam.
    8. This event stole the supposed to be publicity for Stephen Hawkins. Allah is the Best planner. They blasphemed but more would have followed it if not for this event through unprecedented media attention and also due to so called "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy. AND the little stunt of Stephen Hawkins and his so called coauthor of the book " The Grand Design" made feeble attempt to dishonor the majority believers by falsely claiming "When science is complete, there's no need for theology" (On Lerry King Live). Shame on such high profile mathematicians, physicist to claim science is complete while we all know for sure that science is not even close to be near to complete. If at all anything that had come out of his claim is more evidence that GOD Almighty is the creator of all things. Truly Allah had spoken. See Glorious Quran Surah 112. Where the last verse indicates that there's nothing like unto Allah that human mind could ever comprehend.
    And All Allah commands is "be" and it is. See Surah 36:82 [36.082 Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is!]

    Allah Knows Best
    In Allah Almighty We Trust.

  26. Thank you Qasim Ibrahim and jumhooree Party, for being the only Political Party of Maldives to issue an official statement against the Burn Quran Day event organized my an American. Thankyou Burumaa Qasim. May God Bless you. May God Bless Maldives.


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