Jumhoree Party holds second national conference

Bussiness tycoon and resort owner Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhoree Party (JP) is holding its second national conference on Wednesday evening at the Dharubaaruge convention centre in Male. According to the party, the national conference will see to the amendments proposed to the charter as well as appoint the party’s leadership.

The Jumhoree Party is currently a part of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s government, however the party is currently fielding its own candidate, leader and resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim, in the upcoming presidential elections.

According to local media outlet Sun Online, the party’s national conference will be attended by 399 delegates from 35 party branches.

Speaking at the inauguration ahead of the conference, chairperson former Transport Minister Dr Ahmed Shamheed said the party was unable to register newly joined party members at the elections commission, so therefore delegates from an additional 250 branches were unable to attend the conference.

The conference will conclude with the election of the party’s leader and three deputy leaders. Incumbent Party Leader Gasim Ibrahim is the sole contender for the party leadership, while six candidates are contesting for the three deputy leader slots.

The candidates include Party Preisdent Dr Ibrahim Didi, current deputy leaders Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan and Transport Minister Ameen Ibrahim, MP Ilham Ahmed, Party’s Youth Wing leader Moosa Anwar and Abdulla Amaan.

Local media also reported that three others were also initially in the race, however had withdrawn their names. Those who withdrew included current Party Spokesperson Moosa Rameez, and council members Fuad Gasim and Ali Hameed.

Addressing the delegates, JP leader Gasim Ibrahim said the current constitution, the country’s largest political party – the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) – and the country’s first free and fair presidential election were all the result of his hard work towards reforming the country.

Gasim claimed that it was his support and backing that led to the beginning of the first reform movement in 1980. He further said that he had worked with several notable individuals in the country to bring the needed democratic reform to the country, some of whom were now in the MDP’s leadership.

“The fruit that bore from the journey for reform that I began with these individuals is the current constitution. The green constitution that built a proper democratic political culture in this country. The second fruit that bore was the country’s largest political party MDP. The third, is the first multi party presidential election and its result,” Gasim said.

The resort owner said that despite his efforts, the people could neither bring the development or the democracy they really wanted in the country.

“Therefore, continuing my work for reform which I began for the sake of my children, is a religious and a national responsibility on my shoulders,” said the resort tycoon.

He further added predicted that the Jumhoree Party would win the presidential elections and said during his presidency he would steer the country towards prosperity and development.

According to the Jumhoree Party’s website, 36 out of 37 amendments proposed to the party charter were unanimously passed during the conference. The amendments included changes brought to party’s official acronym and changes to party positions.