JSC investigating more videos of Supreme Court judge

A committee appointed by the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) to investigate a leaked sex video of Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed are reviewing two additional videos, local media has reported.

In addition to a video in which an individual believed to be judge Hameed has sex with a unidentified foreign woman, the JSC is reportedly investigating videos of Hameed discussing political corruption of the judiciary with a local businessman, and a meeting with former immigration controller Ilyas Hussain Ibrahim. Both have been circulating on social media.

The home of the businessman in the second video, owner of Golden Lane Mohamed Saeed, was recently searched by police.

Police also last week summoned Hameed for questioning over his alleged appearance in the sex tape. The judge is continuing to hear cases, unlike High Court Judge Ahmed Shareef who was recently suspended by the JSC as a “precautionary measure” following non-specific complaints filed by other judges. Shareef was one of the judges hearing a high-profile case concerning former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The motion to suspend Shareef was proposed by then Attorney General Bisham, who subsequently failed to receive parliamentary consent for her appointment.

According to Maldivian law, the crime of fornication is subject to 100 lashes and banishment or house arrest for a period of eight months.

The courts regularly issue this sentence, overwhelmingly to women found guilty of extramarital sex, such as a 15 year-old victim of rape who was sentenced in February after reportedly confessing to an instance of consensual sex.

Sentences are carried out in front of the justice building, next door to the Supreme Court and President Mohamed Waheed’s residence.

Police are also investigating senior Council Member of President Waheed’s Gaumee Ihthihaad Party (GIP) and former Project Advisor at the Housing Ministry, Ahmed Faiz, in connection with leaked sex tape. He has since been sacked from both posts.


4 thoughts on “JSC investigating more videos of Supreme Court judge”

  1. "According to Maldivian law, the crime of fornication is subject to 100 lashes and banishment or house arrest for a period of eight months."

    What if the chap is married? Under Islamic law, the punishment for adulterers is death! Where are those saviours of Islam, namely Adhaalath and Gasim Ibrahim?

  2. Ali Hameed is the fornicator who prosecutes fornicators. Good plot for a tv show....

  3. Our demand to Waheed and his illegitimate occupational government is very clear. Remove these unelected cabinet ministers and resign now, without any conditions (evves sharuthakaa nulaa), or else we will continue to leak these 'tapes' that will indict his closest party members, friends and family. His regime did not show mercy to the people of Maldives. So we shall not show mercy either.

    We have the technology, we have the burning hatred in our hearts, and we have the undying wish for vengeance for what his mercenaries did to us in the 7-8 of february, 2012.

  4. Was it Ali Hameed or Gasim On the vedio. I dearly hope its not both Ali Hameed and Gasim.
    Ali Hameed massala nethee lanka anhenkujja ves massala nethee .. then mi hurihaa dhiveheen kon massala thibee


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