Letter in defence of Luthfy

Dear beloved citizens of Maldives,

I have been seeing these accusations against the Minister of Education Dr Mustafa Luthfy and just could not stand still.

When a person is accused of such delicate issues like going against the religion or making little children move away from our religion it becomes a serious matter.

I was in the education sector in the previous government for more than 15 years before this government came into power. Speaking as a person who loves the education sector, I can say that the present Education Minister has brought more changes for its betterment than any others I have seen.

I am not in any political party and I do not support any party. I just do not believe that a person who works for the betterment of our children will stray from the path of our religious views.

Dr. Mustafa has brought so many positive changes to the education sector, and this can be seen in the schools. He loves the students. That is apparent in everything he does. It is sad to see people who do not have any interest in seeing the insides of the schools speak so openly in a negative manner.

If these people had any interest in creating a better religious youth, why not get all the youth who are hanging around each and every road corner and teach them something? Why not get them actively involved in social activities? Why not invite themselves into the schools and observe the classes? Why not do something practical without just defaming the character of a good man? If co-education was bad then why was it practiced in Maldives all these years? This is not something new which is being introduced. It has been practiced for years and years. Please remember that.

I call these people who so vehemently speak against co-education to stop and think before saying something. Please do not teach our children to dislike others. Do not create hatred in the minds of our children. Let them grow up to be multi-talented, hard working, honest and highly educated children.

Please think twice before you take these steps. Please do not use our children to make a name for yourselves.

I take this opportunity to thank the Minister of Education for his hard work and dedication. We are with you Dr Mustafa. Go forward with your head held high. You have done nothing of which to be ashamed.

With kind regards,


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6 thoughts on “Letter in defence of Luthfy”

  1. I totally agree with the writer. Today's trend is to agree to disagree. Most of these people who babble about co education not being good are former students from such schools. Mauhad was for both sex. What is wrong in having coed schools. The thing we should be talking about is good parenting.

  2. Very true Mohamed.

    The arguments of the opponents are weightless anyway.

    Primary is mixed.
    Secondary is non-mixed.
    Post-secondary (chse) is mixed.

    @Adaalath - pls try & make sense!

  3. Dear Mohamed, I suggest you personally visit the International Islamic School in Malaysia. See how they teach the students. I agree with you that Dr Mustafa is trying his best to promote the standard of education in the Maldives.

    What Adhaalath and the Islam-loving or well-wishers of the Maldivian people say is quite different from what you have written here my friend Mohamed. You can use an Islam-loving glass and see how the schools like I mentioned above offer the IGCSE curriculum and at the same time modeling students in such a way that they become responsible citizens of the country. You can look at the difference here in the Maldives also. Look at the students at Institute of Islamic Studies in Male' and those studying at other schools. I am talking about the majority of students not merely about one or two good students at any school.

    Mohamed, you are in a wrong society writing non-sense in the name of supporting co-education. What Adhaalath or a neutral man would see things in a quite different way from you. When I read your letter, I have no doubt that you wrote it just for the sake of supporting Dr Mustafa not for commenting or highlighting the existing issue. May Allah SWT guide you and me to the path Allah loves, Ameen

  4. I agree with Mr Kareem...Mohamed, why don't you visit the website www.iis.edu.my and also visit the school in person...you will definitely understand why public is criticizing our education system...May Allah make your power of understanding better, Ameen. Allah Hafiz

  5. Though there are some mis-informants or opportunists who are trying to create their own style of propaganda, I do not think that it will work. I agree with Mohamed. For one thing, it is not just Dr. Luthfee all alone who runs the education sector. And not for a moment do I believe that he would do anything like turning our children to kafirs. All I request from the education Minister is to please strengthen the monitoring system of the schools from the ministry side. Please do not give all the power to the province heads.

  6. Adheen! just strengthening the monitoring system would nothing at the current scenario. Because, our education system lacks with child(ren) discipline program within the school environment and also most of the teachers are those who do not qualify for teachers in their respective countries.

    We have seen the then powerful politicians visiting some neighboring countries and recruiting teachers for the sake of a commission....teachers have to be recruited for the sake of the school standard right? Public knows that good expatriate teachers would not come and work where there is no proper accommodation and wages are provided. Look at how these teachers are moving door to door making money as they get even 15 mins free.....sure! one can say it's nobody's responsibility to restore the system...but it does not really sense if one says it's not Dr Luthfy's responsibility to restore the system...And again it's really problematic that the Minister does nothing to address the issue that public concern...Dr Luthfy or those in favor of him could visit www.iis.edu.my or the Minister himself could visit and see and experience the type of schools public is looking for....changing one session, changing color of schools, changing principals not really address the issue that public concern


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