Letter on baibalaa and gang violence

Dear President,

Why do you have to appease to the thugs and gangs that rule or streets? Do you have to personally fight for the cause that has been the single main reason for increase in mob rule and gang violence?

Do you remember the thugs that held bats and clubs on the day returned from your self-exile? The police that day took no action and these are the same people that are trying to hold this mayhem festival called “baibalaa”.

The people that you shook hands with were the same people who have been arrested and charged, and then set free due to lack of evidence. What evidence will be there with the intimidation?

The judges then were the same people who were rumored to be corrupt remnants of the previous regime.

When the government does not get its way it’s always corrupt judges and incapable police work. I know there is an election on the horizon, but do you have to be able to control these gangs just like you accuse the previous regime?

It’s time you teach Maldivians to vote in elections, not through fear. How do you think these gangs come up with the amounts that they pay the players with? When will the countless number of murdered people ever get justice or their families closure when the current government takes up the cause of these thugs and starts fighting the police for their cause?

We hope for much better from you Mr President. So much hope for change for the better.

I know I’m writing a lost cause as a law abiding citizen in this country I carry no POLITICAL WEIGHT to influence the current government’s thought process.

The press secretary mentioned that you will listen to arguments against it, but the current state of lawlessness makes it impossible to speak out against these thugs. I know for one thing that I will be beaten up and stabbed if they know who I am. This is the reality of law enforcement in this small little country of ours.

No sensible citizen of this country wants to see the deaths of these youths on the streets, and now it’s not something that causes outrage amongst the people? Every month a youth gets killed right in the open and how many convictions have there been during the past five years?

I don’t want to see a bleeding kid on the pavement. The people who are against it won’t speak out – how many eyewitnesses come out to give evidence? Why would anyone speak out because they know they will be attacked and probably stabbed?

The police and law enforcement are incapable of dealing with these people and that’s why they are against the event. The opposition won’t say a single word as they are in bed with these gangs as well. How many MPs even from the ruling clan have these groups on the payroll?

You talk about their word. Why is the weight of the word of these thugs so important to us?

I voted for you because I believed in you, not because my neighborhood gang head said to vote for you. Not because the “geydhoshu haru meehun buneema”. Protect the rights of the people who live by the law.


Aishath Maleesha

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10 thoughts on “Letter on baibalaa and gang violence”

  1. Completely agree with this. The only way to deal with gang violence is to disintegrate the gangs and dissolve the bonds that keep them together. By doing this, we are reinforcing the groups and fueling the antagonisms that keep these kids fighting each other.

    The murdered cannot vote so none of the politicians are bothered to try to get them the justice they deserve.

  2. Police's say is not worth much these days.

    But then again when you consider who would gain from this?
    a) There will be something other than the failures of the current government people will talk about.
    b) DRP/MDP can refuel their hatred towards each other, thus delaying any improvements that are desperately needed.
    c) Gang controllers like Yameen and team can target any of their opponents and execute a 'random' act.
    d) Police can start blaming government with 'I told you so' stories.

    Meanwhile my advice: Since violence/stealing will occur as sure as the sun would come up tomorrow, after prayers, trickle in some more Dhua's to save you and family in the next crime wave.

  3. Giving permission for Baibalaa itself is unforgivable (not to mention the support and the financial backing for it). The biggest problem for us now is simply the violence, theft and the killings on the open streets specially in Male'. I call upon the common people to gather in front of Mulee-aage at 4 pm on Fitr Eid day to beg the President to reverse his decision to hold the Annual Convention of Open Street Fights in Male' for the coming year with the President's backing.
    If he is so convinced that the 'kanmathee groups' will respect for the words that they give to him, why haven't he done that a bit earlier and brought peace to our streets as the Head of State. If the gang fights reignite after baibalaa, will the President take responsibility for that?
    After all, those 20 or so murderers roaming freely on the streets will certainly be among those who gather to meet the President and shook hands with him and surely be in the various team lists of the 'much needed' baibalaa competition for the coming election for both MDP and DRP.

  4. President Nasheed is playing the same game the previous dictator played. Nasheed does not give a damn about our kids getting stabbed and killed as long as he can gain the loyalty of thugs who he can use to terrorise the public during elections. Under the previous government I remember Mr Waheeduddin and Dr Aishath Shiham on television strinking a deal with the gangs. Its the same trick peresently played by President Nasheed who came to power promising to stop such dirty tricks.

  5. Mr. president,if you think that you can get support from these thugs from the up coming elections, you are gravely wrong.you have make a deal with the most notorious drp hardcore gang leaders.We will see the out come shortly.... time will tell.

  6. If Mr.Nasheed didn't help with the 'Baibalaa' problems , then he is killing the traditional Eid celebrations thats been in Maldives for years. And if helps in holding them, then he gaining the support of thugs. Man, put a sock in it will you. Give our president a breather.

  7. Dear maleesha . .. Who ever you are!! And minivannews the uploading that brainless letter .. It’s just not only the baibalaa which leads to hostility .. even football it's the same! , very recently some guy was stabbed to death while he was playing a football match in maafannu, .. but it doesn't necessarily indicate we have to end playing football here in Maldives, ... and some incompetent unreasonable police officers may say that baibalaa leads to violence … lol … instead of DRUGS which is the major direction for violence … , simply the Maldives police should concentrate their work and do more analysis and find out where they are lacking .. in order to serve the community ..” it is to bring to an end to the flow of drugs approaching in to this miniature country, it is collectively agreed that drugs and violence are identical twin brothers which cannot be separated ... if there’s drugs in this country they’ll definitely be violence!! … check the statistics : 90% of crimes here in Maldives are drug related … not baibalaa ! so i urge Maldivian police force to position their complete effort to reduce the drug dealers and the traffickers

  8. there is a lot of votes in the gang demographic...he just didn't have enough time to find a way to dodge this. it was either risking drp win the the upcoming elections or risking gang violence...which is already there. i guess he went with the lesser of the two evils.

  9. The dark side of democracy. Power often dependes on bowing to the will of those you don't agree with. In a liberal democracy, there is always a strugtgle between liberty and democracy, between the tyranny of the majority and the rights of minorities in other words.

    I wish thatcertain elements could be restrained by the constitution no matter how popular the support (


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