Letter on Maldives Police Service

Dear Editor,
Well the purpose of this letter is to let people know that the Maldives Police Services have a lot of people under suspension due to different problems. The suspension is not the problem. It’s the way they keep them. They aren’t given any salary or never even care if they live or not the so-called verin who should be able to take responsibility for almost everything since they have trees and bushes growing on each of there shoulders should know better than this.
I know since they are getting the fat sum of money they don’t care but this shouldn’t be this way since this is a democracy people on suspension have to stay 7 to 8 months or years to come back on service but I belive this is a huge injustice made to them. If the Maldives Police Services can do such damage to people’s lives they shouldn’t be even there. Because there purpose isn’t so.
It seems all the heads of the Maldives Police Services care about is saving their faces and just using the low ranking officers to do so. In a lot of things this is wrong the way they are doing it. They don’t have any place to go for help. Even the people investigating the people don’t even care to answer their calls unless they call them 50 to 70 times and they aren’t even doing their job well.
Just saving face nothing else. I’m a friend of one or two of these people and I’ve seen them being done this injustice. Nobody is above the law but the law shouldn’t be to systematically destroy someone’s life and the people implementing it shouldn’t do so.