Letter on pay cuts

Dear Editor,
One would really think that the current government is really doing hard to relieve Maldives from financial crisis these days. That’s all they have been bragging about since Mr Nasheed took over the office of presidency. He has dismissed hundreds of people from jobs, brought about nearly 20-60% pay cuts and made our lives a misery in the name of a low budget and a financial crisis.
People are struggling to get the basic necessities of life. Breadwinners in families have lost jobs while the cost of living remains elevaes day by day. But apart from all these, there is one thing which is not stopping Mr President Nasheed and his Vice President Mr Waheed from doing: Their FOREIGN TRIPS.
It’s nearly a year they both came into power but none of them have stayed more than a month on Maldivian soil. They have had far too many foreign trips at the expense of the governement money while they themselves say all the time that we are in a financial crisis and have cut so many peoples’ jobs and salaries.
Well Mr President and vice president, do you mind cutting off your foreign trips all over the world and staying at home, doing some work here during these difficult financial days of Maldives? We (Maldivians) didn’t pay by losing our jobs and accepting pay cuts for both of you and your family to enjoy foreign trips all the time.
If the country is really in crisis, perhaps you should also realise that and sacrifice all these lavish trips abroad. There are Maldivians still suffering to eat a meal a day while you are eating at posh hotels from New York to Sydney. Just think about it!