Local councils elections “unfair and one sided”, claims MDP

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Deputy Secretary General Mohamed Imthiyaz has said in a statement that the Local Council Elections were not conducted fairly, and accused the Elections Commission giving more power to a ”specific political party.”

Imthiyaz said that MDP’s complaint bureau had received “more than 1000 complaints” regarding the elections from different areas, which could potentially affect the result of the elections.

”MDP has requested the Elections Commission re-conduct elections in some councils and to recount the votes in some others,” said Imthiyaz.

MDP said it had received information that an under-aged boy had voted in the local council elections and that house that should have been registered in Galolhu South was registered in Mid-Galolhu area.

”And in some vote papers, names of candidates who were dismissed were included, and when people have ticked near the dismissed candidate’s name the vote has been considered void,” said the MDP.

”The irresponsible and unfair actions of the Elections Commission had caused issues that could alter the result of Haa Alifu Atoll Kela, Raa Atoll Ungoofaaru, Noonu Atoll Miladhoo, Manadhoo, Laamu Atoll Gan and Maabidhoo.”

MDP has also said that because the Elections Commission has not yet revealed the preliminary result of some areas, it could cause further confusion.

President of the Elections Commission Fuad Thaufeeg and Vice President Ahmed Fayaz did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

The Maldivian Democracy Network declined to comment on the statement.

The Maldivian Democratic Party earlier released a statement claiming it had calculated the popular vote in the local council elections as 44% MDP, 40% DRP, based on current available data.

The popular vote reflects the overall political preference of voters, and has not yet been released by the Elections Commission (EC). The MDP said it produced the figures based on data currently published by the EC on its website.

Both parties declared victory and were celebrating this week after the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) won a decisive seat majority in the local council elections, while the MDP won control of major population hubs.


4 thoughts on “Local councils elections “unfair and one sided”, claims MDP”

  1. MDP, you are crying because you lost the election. This was one of the most fair and smooth election held in the history of Maldives. So stop complaining. Admit the defeat and get ready to face the same embarassement in the 2013 elections too if you continue to rule the country in the same way.

  2. Mid-Galolhu ? Is there a mid-galolhu area. Never knew that. I knw of only galolhu north n galolhu south.
    Stop cryin n fulfill the promises u made. Thats what u got to do to win the votes.

  3. "Local councils elections “unfair and one sided”, claims MDP"

    But, MDP, I thought you guys won the elections this time.


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