Majlis assembles Nasheed investigation committee

A seven member Majlis committee has been assembled to investigate the alleged illegal activities of former President Mohamed Nasheed, after a resolution was submitted by Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir last week.

The introduction of the proposal prompted a furious response from the members of Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), prompting the premature ending of the Majlis’ session.

The committee members have been assigned today and local media has revealed their names to be: Ali Waheed, Ibrahim Mutthalib, Ibrahim Riza, Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, Riyaz Rasheed, and Moosa Zameer as well as Jabir himself.

Jabir, a member of the Jumhoree Party (JP), told Minivan News that he intends to contest for the chairmanship of the committee.

“It is important to understand these activities. If we find he has acted against the constitution, parliament will decide on the process that should be taken after that”, he explained.

Jabir explained that amongst the charges to be investigated were the closing the supreme court and “giving away the effects” of the Maldivian people without proper bidding processes.

“There is no personal grudge – we are just doing our duty”, added Jabir.

Ali Waheed is the only MDP MP assigned to the committee, the rest representing parties aligned with the unity government or standing as independents.

Following his return from the United States yesterday, Nasheed was reported in Haveeru as saying that he would be happy to appear before parliament to discuss these matters.

“I have always been ready to answer. I can answer. Anything I did was done for the sake of the people. I have facilitated the needs of the people at the time in accordance to the principles of the law and the general guidelines”, told the press at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA).

The Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office is currently considering two cases forwarded to it in mid April regarding Nasheed’s alleged misdemeanours whilst in power.

The cases concerning the arrest of Judge Abdullah Mohamed and the alcohol containers apparently discovered at the official residence of the President, Muleaage.

Last week by Deputy Leader of the PPM Umar Naseer expressed his confidence that the PG would play a role in putting Nasheed behind bars.

“He is an independent person. I hope he will prosecute this case. He has said that he will. I have no doubt that he will,” Naseer said.

The PG’s office responded at the time, saying that it was awaiting further information on the case, maintaining that the office was “not sitting on it”.


5 thoughts on “Majlis assembles Nasheed investigation committee”

  1. This is an obvious stitch up designed to remove Anni from the political scene. DISGUSTING.
    To have a criminal like Jabir in charge is laughable!

  2. Jabir is probably the ugliest Maldivian to have ever been born!
    Such a f@#$%^* nasty looking man! If I was him, I would be too busy weeping my a$$ out every time I see myself in the mirror!

  3. '' “There is no personal grudge – we are just doing our duty”, added Jabir.''

    This coming out of a politician, especailly from Jabir, is clear evidence it in fact is PERSOANAL GRUDGE!

    There are the many two timing, double crossing, bush whacking no good snobs who like to spit at President Nasheed for trying to bring about a good governance system and curb corruption!

  4. Will the committee be given less lethal weapons to carryout the investigation.


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