Majlis removes Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz, Justice Muthasim Adnan from Supreme Court

The People’s Majlis has today removed Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz and Justice Muthasim Adnan from the Supreme Court bench.

Of the 75 MPs who were present and voting at today’s extraordinary sitting, 53 MPs voted in favor, while 21 MPs voted against the move. One MP abstained.

The dismissal comes after the judicial watchdog, the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), found the judges guilty of gross misconduct and incompetence at an emergency meeting on Thursday.

The ruling has not been made available to MPs or to the public.

“Today marks the darkest day in the constitutional history of Maldives,” opposition leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed said prior to the vote, claiming President Abdulla Yameen was attempting to fashion the Supreme Court “into a coat to fit his shoulders.”

Six opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs – Yamin Rasheed, Abdul Bari Abdulla, Ismail Naseer, Mohamed Nazim, Ahmed Marzooq, and Reeko Moosa Manik – did not attend today’s sitting despite a three-whip line ordering all 23 MPs to be present and vote against the judges’ dismissal. Nasheed has suggested the MPs were offered bribes for their absence.

Speaking to the press after the vote, MDP Chairperson Ali Waheed said he has asked the part’s disciplinary committee to take action against the six MPs for breaking the whip line.

The MDP will continue to grow, he said, adding: “This is another wave in Maldives democracy. We will ride it out.”

Four Jumhooree Party (JP) MPs also voted against the dismissal. They include JP Leader and tourism tycoon Gasim Ibrahim, Ali Hussein, Abdulla Riyaz, and Hussein Mohamed.

Ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) MP Mohamed Nasheed abstained from the vote.

The new chief justice will be appointed at a second extraordinary sitting tonight. President Yameen’s nominee is most likely to be incumbent judge and Chief Justice of the interim Supreme Court Abdulla Saeed.

MPs attacked, threatened

During today’s sitting, several MDP and JP MPs condemned the Majlis secretariat’s failure to provide details of the JSC report, stating they have not been provided with a reason for Faiz and Muthasim’s dismissal.

Addressing Majlis Speaker Abdulla Maseeh, MDP MP Imthiyaz Fahmy said: “These days under your Speakership will be written down in history as the most undemocratic and violent in the Maldives.”

He also described every day under President Yameen as a threat to the Maldives constitution.

Fahmy and JP MP Abdulla Riyaz were attacked and doused with petrol on their way to the Majlis this morning.

Several MPs, including former Speaker Abdulla Shahid and MDP MP Rozaina Adam received texts stating: “If you fail to do what you must today, then prepare to die. Your children will be sacrificed for this as well.”

JP MP Hussein Mohamed repeatedly questioned Maseeh how the Majlis could vote to dismiss judges based on a three line letter from the JSC.

MP Ali Hussein, also of the JP, said the JSC had flouted due process and failed to provide judges an opportunity to speak in their defense. The Majlis must take responsibility if the move results in vigilante justice and anarchy, he added.

Rozaina said the world would laugh at Maldives’ “uncivilized” attempt to remove Supreme Court judges and questioned why the JSC had failed to find Justice Ali Hameed, implicated in three sex tapes, guilty of misconduct.

Demanding details of the JSC ruling, MDP MP Mariya Didi asked if the two judges were being dismissed because they have often formed the dissenting opinion in several controversial cases, including the decision to annul the presidential polls of September 2013.

MDP MP Rtd Brigadier General Ibrahim Didi repeatedly recited verses of the Qur’an prohibiting bribery and appealed to the Speaker to refrain from holding the vote.

Religious Adhaalath Party MP Anara Naeem voted for Faiz and Muthasim’s dismissal despite initially telling local media she would decide on a position only after researching the JSC ruling.

Meanwhile, approximately 100 MDP members led by Nasheed gathered on Fareedhee Magu, several meters away from the Majlis house, in protest of the Majlis vote.

Police had warned protesters they would be arrested and prosecuted within 48 hours of arrest if they attempt to cross police lines.

The Civil Court yesterday issued a resolution condemning the JSC’s ruling, stating that the People’s Majlis had “forced” the JSC to deem Faiz and Adnan unfit for the bench through an “unconstitutional” amendment to the Judicature Act.

“We believe we are obliged to comment on the issue for the sake of the democratic and judicial history of the Maldives, and we believe keeping silent at this juncture amounts to negligence” the seven member bench said.

The MDP has since sought an injunction to stop the Majlis vote from proceeding and asked the Civil Court to invalidate the JSC decision. The Civil Court has accepted the case, but the vote went ahead before a decision on the stay order could be reached.

Private lawyers have also taken up the case in the High Court, with Hasaan Maaz Shareef, Mohamed Faisal, and Shaheen Hameed also asking for the vote to be halted and for the annulment of “unconstitutional” amendments to the Judicature Act.

This article has been updated with the details of today’s vote and opposition’s response to the vote.

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9 thoughts on “Majlis removes Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz, Justice Muthasim Adnan from Supreme Court”

  1. Who cares, you remove this two or the whole bench, as far as ordinary person is concerned, this is something good as you can save some useless wastage on these useless people, everybody knows it is just a drama to remove those two who they believed were MDP guys. Let’s hope the quarrels between these imbeciles bring such good result like this that could be beneficial for ordinary people. One thing is sure, you have five judges or 10 judges or no judge does not make any difference for the people of Fish Rajje.

  2. @Fishy you may be very wrong. Even these people are removed according to the law they shall be paid for their life. So it is a win for them. Ordinary folks will loose.

    Sorry situation in the Maldives. No hope at all. Country is going under the gutters. The corrupt wins... 🙁

  3. 'Ibrahim Didi repeatedly recited verses of the Qur’an prohibiting bribery'

    One hopes the Brigadier will recite the verse in an MDP gathering too when Ali Waheed and Shahid is there.

    To be religious and political, one can only be an independent MP..

  4. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was dictator of Maldives for 30 years and during that time he taught the Maldivians to obey him and respect his family. Maldivians have done just that.

    Maumoon's younger brother Yamin came to power as president on the shoulders of his elder brother who is PPM party boss.

    Close ties between the two brothers and their entire family have ensured that Maumoon's dictatorial culture continued under his younger brother Yamin.

    For a considerable proportion of Maldivian population Gayoom's word is law and his legacy is God's gift to Maldives.

    The Police under Maumoon owed personal allegiance to him and not to the Maldivian State. In fact, Gayoom was indeed the Maldivian State.

    The political and social institutions in Maldives today like the Judiciary, the Parliament and the JSC were hastily asssembled bodies created by Maumoon just before he left office.

    They were bodies meant to dupe the Maldivian population and the world at large into believing that Gayoom brought democracy to Maldives.

    Gayoom did not and he could not.

    The turmoil in Maldives since Gayoom resigned as President is the lasting legacy of Gayoom to the country of his birth which country he mercilously subjugated to his will with all his might.

    There is no going back and away from the tyranny of Gayoom. He is in charge and his entire family is right behind him.

    To the many fisherfolk of Maldives I say this: Keep your mouths shut. You deserve it. It is too late to start shouting against Gayoom.

  5. Maldives had a chance to free itself from the shackels of Gayoom regime. MDP did a steller job till 2008 and the electrortate rewarded MDP for it.

    Then MDP got complacent and lost its way.

    Using PPM, Gayoom and 30 years as scapegoats will not change MDPs fortunes or misfortunes.

    MDP needs to discard garbage that parasites on the party and make way for fresh blood.

    Some times you have cut big old trees that block sunlight, to make way for fresh undergowth..

  6. Yes at this stage it’s far too late for the Maldivian population to try to organize any form for democratic support of governing the country. Too much slender and rumors is associated with the gropes trying to advocate democratic views in the country. That will make fronts of civil unrest. The best thing the Maldivian people can do now is to obey and give full support to the Gayoom family to rule the country for the best. Support all decision’s taken and avoid civil unrest. The ruling government can then reduce its staff and use the money saved on some of the developing plans and better living condition for the people.

  7. It is very unfortunate that Faiz left behind some of the stuff he brewed for the last Presidential Election, and is getting a doze of it now, and from his then Comrades!
    This has been most outrageous and unbelievable!
    Prize we all pay for getting "sold"!

  8. All praise be to God.

    God has willed that these two people get removed from the Supreme Court.

    MDP cannot go against Gods will. Alhamdulillahi. Nobody can question or even doubt the will of God.

    It's written and forecast, that as the world get closer to the judgement day, there will be people who create doubt against God, but let them know, that God is all-knowing, and his plans never falter.

    MDP leadership and others should now start praying 5 times a day and stop prohibited activities.

    May God bless all Maldivians, show them the path of doing nothing but praying.

  9. In a country where the population is 95% Ali Rameez,how can any body expect anything to go right


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