Commonwealth delegation departs, ahead of extraordinary CMAG meeting

The Commonwealth ministerial delegation sent to investigate the circumstances surrounding the sudden transfer of power in the Maldives on February 7 has departed.

The information collected by the delegation will be reviewed and presented to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) at an extraordinary meeting to be held in London this week.

The delegation, led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Communications of Trinidad and Tobago, Surujrattan Rambachan, gave a brief but vague statement to the media on their departure. He was accompanied by Dr Dipu Moni, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, and Dennis Richardson AO, Australian Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and former head of Australia’s secret intelligence agency, ASIO.

The objective, Rambachan said, was “to develop a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the transfer of power in this country earlier this month, as well as to promote adherence to Commonwealth values and principles. We believe we are returning with the enhanced understanding of the situation that we came to seek.”

“We have held detailed discussions with a wide range of stakeholders, including President Waheed, former President Nasheed, the Speaker of the Majlis, the Chief Justice, several political parties, independent institutions, relevant military and police personnel, as well as others. We have also consulted international partners and civil society,” Rambachan said, reading the delegation’s departure statement.

“The Maldives is a valued member of the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth has had a long association with the democratic transition in this country. It will continue to support Maldives in every possible way as it seeks to find a way forward at this difficult time.”

Answering questions, the delegation resisted being drawn into discussion as to their preliminary findings, or their position on early elections, stating that the mission was non-judgemental and that much of the information received was still to reviewed before a report was compiled ahead of the CMAG meeting.

“We cannot pronounce at this stage whether something is illegal or legal, constitutional or unconstitutional,” said Dr Moni. “We have collected information and we really need to sit down and go through it. We came here with a very neutral mind. We will report our recommendations to CMAG.”

Whatever conclusion was arrived at “must be according to the interest of the Maldivian people,” noted Rambachan.

“We had discussions with political parties on the topic of a way forward. Early elections are something people are considering and we have asked for views and opinions. That will form part of our deliberations in London. The wishes of the Maldivian people must be taken into full consideration.”


22 thoughts on “Commonwealth delegation departs, ahead of extraordinary CMAG meeting”

  1. Sanity will break out and the international community will understand the injustive of this illegitimate government. Election - no, they should be put on trial for treason.

  2. The strings of Commonwealth (CMAG) are held by British Government. This is a last ditch attempt by David Cameron to help his new best friend.

    The CMAG report will not be impartial and will cast doubts on the power transfer to favor MDP.

    Mark these words.

  3. Please please, can you for once do the right thing? If president Nasheed resigned on his own will due to people pressure we should have seen a lot of people out in the streets rejoicing. But it didn't happen. People came out on the 8th in support of him.

  4. CCTV, CMAG doesn't need to cast doubts on the power transfer...all the evidence is there for anyone willing to see the truth, to see. Of course, thanks to Umar Naseer and Nazim, for being too egocentric to keep quiet about their little plan, they just had to boast about it. What more does anyone need to know that it was a coup?

  5. It is hoped that the Commonwealth ministerial delegation that returned after completion of their mission in Male' of seeking an 'enhanced understanding' of the coup that toppled rather than the transfer of power would give a true picture of the circumstances that led to the resignation of the popular leader Mr Nasheed as the president of the country democratically elected in the first multi-party election in 2008.

    Whatever conclusion to be arrived at “must be according to the interest of the Maldivian people,” and “... The wishes of the Maldivian people must be taken into full consideration,” are remarks made by the head of the Commonwealth ministerial delegation, Mr Surujrattan Rambachan, before concluding his fact-finding mission in Male'.

    They are encouraging to say the least.

  6. When the idealists and think tanks of the MDP learned that the constitution was to be Presidential rather than Parliamentary, the task of reform became Herculean. Realizing that they were denied real power, the MDP accepted the appearance of power through the assumption of the executive mantle, believing it to be the safest way forward, the best option for beginning the task of acquiring real power. Perhaps the image of power could bring about the substance of power.

    Yet the beautiful MDP vision of social justice and reform, as outlined by the document 'returning the Maldives to the Maldivian' was thwarted aggressively.

    The MDP economic vision, a coupling of privatisation with taxation grounded in Islamically derived concern for social justice as well as sound economic principle, was smashed down ruthlessly through the Majlis. MDP knew that wealth generated would not be sustainable if it were at the expense of the basic needs of the poor and the creation of opportunity for all. The middle class had to be enlarged to reduce military expenditure to route out the threat of radicalism and gangsterism.

    Democracy, social justice, equity, human rights, there is no such thing as a people being ready or not ready for these things. These are the rights of human kind. The right to freedom from poverty and tyranny are routed in the Qur'an, it is our RELIGION which demands that we struggle for these Amm Al Haqq.

    As far as I can see, accepting the executive mantle without a reformed constition is a no winner, I feel, the struggle should endure, continue on for true reform even if MDP win back the Presidency. If President, I hope he struggles for constitutional reform.

  7. Maldives should not be a member of the British Commonwealth. They will be biased towards their friend Nasheed.
    Nasheed resigned by writing and sending his letter of resignation to the Speaker of the Majlis.
    Now Nasheed says he was forced to resign by the police and the army. If so, there is a question mark over his resignation. He must go to the Supreme Cort and plead his case. Siple
    Commonwealth ministerial meeting cannot pass judgment. They are not judges band they do not have final judicial authority status.

  8. "The wishes of the Maldivian people must be taken into full consideration"
    If so election is on its way – The green signal is given, guys get ready!! We Maldivians need a president by an election!!!We say No for the Coup! The One and Only solution is by a fair election.
    Oh I think we have huge problem here again! No one has got the budget for another election before 2013.Specially the opposition’s candidates. They spent already enough to change the government and nothing is there to spend again.
    Gasim, Yameen, Thasmeen, Maumoon, Hassan Saeed and Imran have already formed a government for themselves. They have sacrificed for this change and they are very much satisfied now. For the change of the government they spent millions of dollars for their secret voters. Definitely they will not agree for an election again!!!!
    On the other hand Mr Lolly Jabir is the biggest loser in the current situation. He was expecting a position for his wife Dhiyanaa. She wants to be a PG or Foreign minister. But she ends with no position at all.Both position was given to PPM – a party starving for power and wealth.
    Jabir joined with Qaasim to get funds for resort projects. But he got nothing! He is very upset now and there is a rumor that Jabir is going to leak every plan of current regime , which forced out Mohamed Nasheed’s government. Jabir will point out who were the spenders and how much they spent and to whom money ended. Its sweet if this comes out isn’t it?
    The current regime seems to suffer a lot and there is no way out for them.

  9. Commonwealth is nothing, it doesn't carry weight internationally. Its just a forum to demonstrate the once exhisted british colonialism and imperialism. In reality the head of Commonwealth, Britain, doesn't even care of what happens to the nations in Commonwealth. Otherwise commonwealth wouldn't have now 80% of the worlds poorest nations in it. Britain commits itself fully to EU but not to the commonwealth. Giving two scolarships a year to maldivian students to study in Uk is all what commonwealth provides. They still think in their mind they are emperors of the commonwealth states. Maldives should opt to cancel commonwealth status on its own, just like the way Ireland and Zimbabwe did. We don't need the Head of UK to control our democracy, we can manage ourselves well. F*** the Commonwealth.

  10. The one thing the coup makers forgot to consider was CMAG! If Millbrook Actions are applied to Maldives, it will be a permanent blow to the legitimacy of Waheed and indeed, he might even go to prison after the next elections. But perhaps he might be far more worried about the invitation for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee lunch being withdrawn!

  11. Whatever this is or was, it never was a coup... Anni just resigned (that's a good move) and then again (without breaking a pace) is on campaign track to win the seat. There is nothing wrong here actually. Anni did what was advantageous for him all the time. This is all politics.

  12. So we are overjoyed that big brother Commonwealth is coming to rescue, huh.

    Isn't Commonwealth about maintaining the old cricket traditions in those Banana Republics. The CMAG group should have been wearing white shirts trousers and hats.

  13. Dictators who are hungry for power & wealth usually don't recognize bodies like the Commonwealth for fear that such bodies might give a real picture of what has happened...........for example in the issue of the Maldives sudden change of power which many Maldivians believe it as a Coup funded by some what they call 5 thieves............anyway, this issue to be investigated without any delay as everyone agrees to that including the International community & Maldives PG

  14. @CCTV et al, It's not the organisation per se, rather the effect its decision may have on the governments of member countries that one feels anxious about. We'll see what happens in any case.

  15. I heard Jabir is going to leak Nasheed's video's of drinking habits and some Jaariyas! Cool isnt it?

  16. @Shahidha on Mon

    You are wrong, my Dear.
    See what India did! Justice does not happen.
    What can you expect from a delegations-report?

    You are alone. You must understand this.
    You must also understand only a REVOLUTION can save your just case.
    Why are the financier's resorts and air taxis still operating to bring them more money used against you? Why ae their resorts still operating as if nothing would have happened? Why are the Gayums and Yamins still free and active criminals?

    This is because you try to apply fair and democratic rules to a most unfair and undemocratic game.
    You must LEARN and ACT!

  17. @CCTV @fareed @Yasir you brave baagee supporting boys are forgetting about tourists. where do they mostly come from? Europe! Britain is a very powerful EU country! go your hatred to the commonwealth by shouting out word like f$%^ and whatever that comes to your mouth and see if you can get away with it...rofl

  18. @CCTV @fareed @Yasir
    First there are claims by these terrorists that international community backs them.
    If a country or an international organization says this was a coup and its unjust they are either worthless or friends of Nasheed?
    Really making sense arent you?


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