Maldives Broadcasting Commission seeking to prevent Raajje TV broadcasting outside Male’

The Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) has stated that transmission of the signal of local TV station Raajje TV is against the Maldives Broadcasting Act (No. 16/2010) and that those who are involved in such transmissions should stop it on immediate effect.

Raajje TV faced heavy criticism from opposition parties during Nasheed’s administration, who are currently involved with the new president Dr Waheed’s National Unity government. The opposition alleged that Raajje TV was biased and was working in favour of former president Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). The station has actively covered MDP protests and rallies, and in several cases aired incorrect reports of fatalities which police later cited as a factor in the subsequent and widespread destruction of police property.

However the TV station’s audience seems to have rapidly risen following the fall of Nasheed’s government and takeover of the state broadcaster, MNBC, rebranded as TVM. Many people are apparently now viewing the channel through satellite.

A person from Addu City, Hithadhoo under the condition of anonymity, said “Here a lot of people are depending on Raajje TV for information. Many believe that TVM (the state broadcasting TV station) is biased and not showing what is really going on in Male’. There is only one house where Raajje TV can be seen in Hithadhoo and everyone gathers there to see the news.”

During the protests held by the ’23 December’ coalition against then president Mohamed Nasheed, some reporters from the TV station were attacked and some of them sustained injuries.

According to the media release issued from the commission, Raajje TV – which is run under a company Media Ring Pvt Ltd -was given the license to broadcast the channel via cable TV only to the capital Male’ city region and any broadcast out of the authorised boundary is illegal under the broadcasting act article 22 clause (a).

The article 22 clause (a) states “Any party who gives broadcasting service in the Maldives should be given under a license issued from the Maldives Broadcasting Commission, adhering to the conditions and stipulations stated under the license.”

The commission further stated that they have been receiving complaints about the transmission of the channel outside its licensed region.

“When the commission inquired Raajje TV regarding the complaints, the TV station has confirmed the commission that it has not been broadcasting the channel outside its licensed boundaries.” The media release read.

When contacted with Raajje TV Chief Executive officer Mohamed Rafeeq, he confirmed that Raajje TV was not involved in such transmissions. “Raajje TV is not broadcasting its signal out of its licensed boundary but since we broadcast the signal through satellite, it is possible that reception of the channel could be possible through satellite TV.”

He further went on to say “We can’t do much about that kind of signal reception but we do believe that everyone has the right to information under the constitution. The media release could be because of political pressures especially given the current vibrant situation in Male.”


11 thoughts on “Maldives Broadcasting Commission seeking to prevent Raajje TV broadcasting outside Male’”

  1. Repression already started. Good Bye free of expression. What else do you need to see that you are again under a dictatorship? What will be next?

  2. Like in all countries, dictators cut first information systems follow by slashing people vpice .Shamefull !!! Time to get up and fight. Fundamentalists are happy for sure. Maldives willnot sink due to climate change but rather due to abuse and lack of respect on people.

  3. RaajjeTV is a propaganda machine run by Akram Kamaludeen from the corrupt money he got from government. Its shameful to the news content of RajjeTv now. There was a time RaajjeTv was unbaised but now high time promoting dictator nasheed. I can see a second Dhitv emerging in a worse form by the RaajjeTv. Dhitv is also a hate spreader like RaajjeTV. DICTATOR NASHEED CAN NEVER COME BACK!!

  4. Waheed if you have any ounce of integrity left you would let the media be free, don't harass the media.

  5. This didn't come as a surprise to any of us. The regime and its henchmen cannot stand a media that will not tow their line.

    During the last 3 years, we have had all sort of news and media outlets with allegiances to different political colours. They were all free to operate even when they tested the limits of "freedom of expression" to its limits.

    What we see now is the beginning of suppression of the fundamentals of democracy. We will not let that happen.

  6. I have no qualms over this action against Rajje TV. The channel spreads blatant lies.

  7. During the MDP protest right after Nasheed resigned, RaajeTV resorted to reporting news from MDP councillors and people from the streets, reporting untrue facts and information without any kind of factual accuracy.

    RaajeTv reported that two people were killed that day, when they were not. It tried to aggravate the situation and the rhetoric of the news channel was very hateful and encouraging violence against police and Maldives army.

    Also, it is very obvious when viewing the channel that it does not cover both sides of the story, but rather tends to tell only one side - ie MDP's side only. This isnt reporting, this is actually hate-mongering. Maldives Media council should advise Raajetv to spreading lies and unverified information.

  8. @CommonSense on Wed, 15th Feb 2012 11:59 PM

    "Also, it is very obvious when viewing the channel that it does not cover both sides of the story..."

    Are you claiming that every other news outlet in the Maldives is totally balanced and objective? I await your answer.

  9. No TV channel in Maldives covers both sides of the story nor are they unbiased! The Maldives Broadcasting Commission needs to act impartial first before we talk about TV channels. MDP is a very large Political Party in Maldives with the largest membership at the moment. When other TV stations do not give them air time they will find a way to get their message to the masses. In this age and time i do not think there is any way for that to be stopped, specially by Maldives Broadcasting Commission!

  10. TVM DHITV VTV. Get your act right first. then talk about spreading lies. This is the information age. No one can STOP information. You have failed before you even started.


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