Commission has interviewed 224 witnesses: CNI

The Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) told reporters today that it has interviewed 224 witnesses in its ongoing investigation to determine whether President Mohamed Nasheed resigned “under duress” on February 7.

The commission aims to complete interviews of remaining 60 witnesses by the end of July and hopes to publish its report by August 31, commission member Dr Ibrahim Yasir Ahmed said.

The CNI was recently reconstituted to include a foreign judge and a member to represent former President Nasheed after the Commonwealth raised concern’s over the body’s impartiality during its first iteration.

Nasheed’s representative to the CNI, Ahmed Saeed, said the commission had received overwhelming support from all sectors of society, including security forces, former government officials and civilians.

However, the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) had not responded to requests to share information, Saeed said.

Dr Fawas said Raajje TV was the only television station that had not shared video footage with the commission so far.


One thought on “Commission has interviewed 224 witnesses: CNI”

  1. Raajje tv is a pure mdp oropaganda tv and they will not have any footage since that would prooved nasheed,s guilty.

    No matter what is the out come from the cni , mdp will believe only if report is in faviur of anni. This crazy bugger thinks that be is the owner of maldives and people are his employees and thats whu those mdp thugs are behind

    Large number of our population do not want this hipocrat power hunger man back in power and the bugger can rule his thugs and kennery dynasty


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