Maldives condemns Israeli attack on aid flotilla

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned “in strongest possible terms” Israel’s act of aggression against a flotilla of ships attempting to bring humanitarian aid into Gaza

Israeli soldiers raided the flotilla of six vessels carrying 663 activists from 37 countries, which was intending to break Israel’s blockade and deliver aid into Gaza.

Nine people were reported killed aboard the main vessel MV Mavi Marmara during the assault in international waters, while up to 60 activists and 10 Israeli soldiers were injured. Surviving passengers have been detained by Israel.

The Maldives Foreign Ministry said the incident was “a clear act of aggression against civilians, especially civilians engaged in humanitarian work”, and called for an “immediate independent international enquiry so that the facts may be ascertained, accountability established, and justice secured for those who have tragically died, as well as their family and friends.”

“There can be no excuse for such violence, which represents a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law and a step-back from universal humanist values,” the Ministry said, in a statement.

Yesterday the UN Security Council said it “deeply regrets” loss of life and injuries during the military operation, “and condemns those acts which resulted in the loss of at least ten civilians.”

The Security Council further stressed that “the situation in Gaza is not sustainable”, and Israel to provide “unimpeded provision and distribution of humanitarian assistance throughout Gaza.”

“The only viable solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an agreement negotiated between the parties,” it said, claiming “that only a two-State solution, with an independent and viable Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbors, can bring peace to the region.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the attack as “a clear case of self-defense”, reiterating that “Israel cannot allow the free flow of weapons, rockets and missiles to Hamas in Gaza.”

“We have no problems with the people of Gaza. We do have a conflict with the terrorist regime of Hamas, supported by Iran,” he said.

The Maldives Foreign Ministry denounced the blockade as “not only morally wrong as it inflicts unjustifiable harm on innocent civilians, but also short-sighted in that it breeds mistrust, animosity and hatred – exactly the emotions that led to this tragedy and to the perpetuation of the Middle East conflict.”

The Maldives joins many other international voices deploring Israel’s aggressive reaction, including Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia where President Mohamed Nasheed is currently visiting.

“The Australian government condemns any use of violence under the sorts of circumstances that we have seen,” Rudd said.

One Australian citizen was reportedly shot in the leg, while reknown Australian journalist Paul McGeough is among those currently detained by Israel.


9 thoughts on “Maldives condemns Israeli attack on aid flotilla”

  1. Finally Dr.Shaheed and President Nasheed have caught up with what is happening in the International arena!!! Way too late! Nevertheless, we welcome this condemnation and hope that the Maldivian government will work to voice violations of this kind at the UN Human Rights Council. The current administration does proclaim itself democratic and respective of human rights and thus this is an obligation on the part of the Maldivian government to condemn Israel’s actions in Palestine and must call for concrete actions against the State of Israel! The renewing of diplomatic relations with a country that violates international law and human rights on a daily basis was a major mistake on the part of the government!

  2. Dr Shaheed once said in a TV interview 'There is no reason why Maldives shouldn't make ties with Israel'. Well Dr Shaheed, you blind man; here is one reason you can write on your diary. And wait for me because there will be many more to come. Are you sure you still want to recognise Israel and make friends with them?

  3. This condemnation is a bloody joke when Foreign Minister Shaheed is busy kissing Jewish ass big time. I hear that even last month the Israeli ambassador not only called on Dr Shaheed, but was also given access to foreign ministry staff computers. I guess the ambassador was here to get information on the Palestinian prisoner from Guantanamo Bay who is to be resettled in the Maldives. I'm getting the feeling that Dr Shaheed was planted in the government by Hassan Saeed to destroy MDP and all it use to stand for.

  4. ibrahim yasir,

    Speaking strictly from a Human Rights pov, I could give you plenty of reasons for other countries to cut off all ties with the Maldives.

    But I won't get into that meaningless squabble. 😉

    I'm glad the government has condemned the Israeli act of brutality.

  5. @yasir - You seem to be a very frustrated human being. Rathah Eree dhoa.

  6. What Israel is doing purely in self defense against Arab terrorism. This sort of isolated incidents could happen when you are haunted by terrorism. Israel could have been cautious and their action is deplorable. But Israel as democratic and a responsible country we should have diplomatic ties with Israel.

  7. A condemnation, while sleeping with the terror sponsoring govt of Isreal has no weight. It ISA show for political purposes. The MDP/Adhalath lead " coalition" govt has to cut ties with Israeli govt...and we can survive without Israeli "aid". They've never "aided" a Muslim country
    anyhow...makes one wonder why they would be helping us??

    What is Dr Shaeed and the rest of the govt up to... With allowing Israeli govt and businesses connected to the govt on our land... When it comes to Israel govt it cannot be good.

  8. I felt obliged to shed some light to some people who have commented here.
    @ Yaamin - Maldives has a record of human rights violations and yes I accept that. Because the denial of truth does not make it non-existent. BUT Maldives has not violated the sovereignty of another country and enslaved the people for over six decades! So please get your facts right.
    @ Salem - Democracy is a creation of the 20 th century. The word 'democracy' needs a redefinition. So wait untill that happens, then we will decide whether Israel or the other nations in the world (e.g USA) are democratic or not. If democracy in this 21st century means respect for human rights then I'm afraid countries such as the United States and the State of Israel cannot be called "democratic". There is a saying 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'!


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