Two arrested for abusing minor and posting footage

Police have arrested two persons in connection with a case where two men sexually abused a minor, filmed her and then leaked the video online.

According to the police the case was reported on August 20, 2013.

Police stated that the pair were both aged 27 and were arrested on 24 August while on the island of Naifaru in Lhaviyani Atoll.

Naifaru Magistrate Court has extended their detention period to 15 days.


4 thoughts on “Two arrested for abusing minor and posting footage”

  1. This is getting to be a fad in Maldives, each wants to out do each other

  2. Was she their concubine? In an Adhaalath government slavery will be legalised. Vote for Adhaalth if you want jaariyas.

  3. Vote for the homosexuals for stealing womens' men. Again vote for the homosexuals so that they can abuse children, marry their own father because it's after all, genetic??!!

  4. Stealing a person is kidnapping - as in when prisoners of war are taken as captive slaves under Islam.

    Abusing children happens under child marriage - as advocated and practiced by mullahs around the world.

    Incest is what happened between Adam's children - as told by mullahs in creation myth.

    Vote Adhaalath for all this and more.


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