Maldives government establishes emergency hotline for expatriate students in Egypt following Cairo violence

The Government of Maldives has expressed concern over the escalation of violence and loss of life in Egypt and has established an emergency hotline for the 84 Maldivian students, and accompanying family members, who currently reside 100 metres from the latest protest site.

Egyptian protesters who were previously gathered near the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in east Cairo and dispersed by security forces are now gathering in Nasru City’s Masjidul Salaam mosque area, approximately 100 meters from where the Maldivian expatriates are living, State Foreign Minister Hassan Saeed explained to Minivan News today (August 14).

“Earlier the demonstrations were quite far from the students, however the demonstrators have shifted to near the Masjidul Salaam mosque, which is one bus stop away, or about 100-150 meters, from where the students are located,” said Saeed.

Saeed confirmed that 84 students and their families are currently residing in Egypt.

“We have informed the students to be vigilant and not to stray from home unless necessary,” Saeed told local media.

Although no Maldivians have been harmed in the sectarian violence that has gripped Egypt, if the situation in Nasru City deteriorates causing shops to close, obtaining food and water may become difficult, Saeed explained.

The Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that, due to the current chaos in Egypt, any problems faced by Maldivian nationals should be reported via the emergency hotline.

The ministry will advise students and/or their family members how to respond to any difficulties they may face due to the ongoing political unrest.

Saeed also emphasised that the Maldives Embassy located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is continuously monitoring the situation and has also been in contact with the Vice President of the Maldivian Student Association in Egypt. The Embassy will provide support to the Maldivian expatriates in Egypt as necessary, he continued.

Saeed does not believe the situation Nasru City is dangerous at present, though based on tonight’s events the relevant Maldivian government authorities will re-evaluate.

Thus far no Maldivian nationals have requested evacuation and the Government of Maldives will not evacuate them from Egypt unless they request it, said Saeed.

“Sometimes the [Maldives’] government is very eager to evacuate, however when the situation returns to normal students may not have funds to return,” he explained.

“The ministry is making sure there are sufficient funds to send the students back, if they are evacuated,” he added.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tonight, the department expressed its concern with the escalation of violence and loss of life in Egypt and has called on all parties to show maximum restraint and respect for the fundamental human rights of the Egyptian people.

The government has also urged all parties in Egypt to respect the rights of freedom of assembly and association as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and the United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 15/21.

“As an emerging democracy itself, the Maldives is familiar with the trials of democracy consolidation. A full and resilient democracy and a culture of respect for human rights can only be cultivated through denouncing of violence, and collaboration and consultation between all stakeholders, including the political opposition.

“The Maldives prays for an early resolution of the situation and for the return of peace and stability to Egypt, as it continues on its path to democracy consolidation,” reads the statement.

The Emergency Hotline number for Maldivians in Egypt who require assistance is +960-779-4601.


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  1. Although no Maldivians have been harmed in the sectarian violence...hmmmm

    Minivan news,

    Now when was the violence in Egypt ever sectarian but no surprise there as any violence that occurs in an Islamic country will definitely be deemed as sectarian. And ultimately the violence will be blamed on the sect which tries to pave their paths in the way of Qur'an and sunnah!

    This label has been imprinted on Muslim lands by the Jew controlled media like MSN, Daily mail, BBC, Skynews etc decades ago and still their propaganda machines are working day and night! Any bad events even if it is fake like the recent acid attack on two Jewish girls in Tanzania, blame it on Islaam.

    “The Maldives prays for an early resolution of the situation and for the return of peace and stability to Egypt, as it continues on its path to democracy consolidation,” reads the statement.

    There will never be a resolution or a peaceful decision on Muslim lands as long as there remains corrupt leaders who shakes hands with Jews who has been wreaking havoc in the Middle east and every where else. Just look at their track records!

    40 Years Ago - Israel's Attempt To Sink The USS Liberty

    They tried to frame Egypt but the plot did not work and as usual America kept quiet!!??

    Numerous writers, scientists, investigators and even political figures have pointed out Israel’s involvement with 9/11. There is a huge pile of evidence that is being ignored, shoved under the carpet and being labeled as “urban legend” and "conspiracy theory" regarding Israel’s involvement in 9/11. We should know that Jews have a consistent history of fraudulent actions resulting in the loss of lives of millions of human beings to accomplish their purpose.

    According to Victor Ostrovski, a defector from the Israeli Mossad, the US was tricked into bombing Libya when the Israeli Mossad planted a radio transmitter in Tripoli which sent out fake orders to “terrorists” which the US could intercept. The faked orders caused Libya to be blamed for a German disco bombing. As a result of this fake transmission, Reagan used it as evidence to bomb Libya killing 30 innocent people including Qaddhafi’s baby daughter.

    In 1956, as reported by the Times Of London, during one of Israel's perpetual wars with its neighbors, the Israeli Mossad tried to trick the United States into siding with Israel against Egypt by blowing up a US facility in Cairo and blaming the Egyptians for it. The plot was wrecked when the operatives were caught and confessed, creating a huge scandal. This event was referred to as the Lavon Affair named after the Israeli Defense Minister, Pinhas Lavon, at that time.

    The turmoil in Egypt will only benefit one entity which severed and blew up the only road that connects the caged Gaza residents to something humane?!!

    Stranger than fiction, no???!!!

  2. Shimy,

    Good informative comment. But your first point about the violence not being sectarian is wrong, Churches were torched that makes it sectarian.

  3. It is sectarian now and poor old Christians have to suffer the wide eyed demon like Muslims, i presume. This again demonizes Islaam and who ever speaks for it in Egypt will become terrorists. Soon extremists will rise and civil war will break just like in Syria.Plus any media source that wants to regain Islam in the way it was practiced by the prophet will be blocked just like the Facebook page "We, the revolutionaries of this Ummah". Even our prophets flag and seal is banned now in most countries.So there, Islam will remain in it's barbaric demon form and no knew people will be curious about it.

    Now the question is did Muslim brotherhood members torch the churches or somebody else??? Can we blame Muslim brotherhood for this incident without a proper investigation? There could be extremists but we need an investigation?

    You know the same happens with suicide bombers. We never know who bombs a place and i have actually read a lot of articles to see whether any investigation was done on the identity of a suicide bomber but it never came up! It's always Islamist suicide bomber! How can one say this without even knowing it's a suicide bombing, it could be a car bombing or a missile like the one that happened in the Pentagon incident 9/11.

    Mystery of the last hours of failed suicide bomber found dead in sea

    Would you believe this or will you ask more questions??
    Omar Bakhri is viewed as an extremist in Britain but still he goes on saying what ever he wants mostly words which ridicule Islam. Why isn't he deported???Some people say he is a Jew disguised as a Muslim because there were incidents like this in history??

    And the whole story comes from the Israeli side with flaws??

    One thing i will never believe in is the words of the corrupt Jews(basically the govt)!It's written in the Quran.

  4. Terror devices used by the IRA in a vicious murder campaign in Ulster blew up British servicemen as the world blamed Iran

    Rogue U.S. Troops Knowingly Bombed British In Iraq

    Britain “apologizes” for terrorist act in Basra

    Will we ever know the length of such incidents?

    Peasant, i am not asking you to praise Islam or anything but the World is not what it seems and the West with it's technology is the worst of it!

  5. @Shimy on Fri, 16th Aug 2013 3:54 PM

    You spout out quotes as if you know what you are talking about.

    Its a pity you can't get the facts correct.

    Omar Bakri Muhammad is a Syrian national that claimed asylum in the UK in 1986. He departed the UK in 2005 for Lebanon where he was arrested by the police and transferred to Beirut. The UK have revoked his asylum and is no longer able to travel to the UK, hence the answer to your question "Why isn't he deported?"

    If you bothered to learn the facts instead of reading conspiracy theories you might be taken seriously, You would also know the Quran states you should respect all faiths of the book, that includes Jews or do you think they got that part wrong?

  6. DMF
    Do you really think anybody on this site will take me seriously and actually I do not give a damn. Even if I quoted from obama the great they will still present me as some dimbulb.

    And your comment proves that Omar bkhri was n't deported, he left and the british llater decided not to let him in so when was my facts wrong! Btw I was refering to the incident!

    It appears that you have taken all what I have said in a way that could twist it's meaning. Now when did I say that the quran says to wage war on the jew? The quran says not to believe in the illusions they show and that muslims should trust eachh other before they trust somebody outside and I believe muslims trust the land of israel more than their own. Israel is the only land protected while all other arab lands are at war but palestinian lands are called occupied'

  7. Silly how the world calls occupied lands but stil try to bring peace to the region

    Btw the articles presented here isn't sometiing I made up. It came out of independent people from the west who have open minds to question more rather than believe In some jewish controlled main stream media like bbc.

    Now who would benifit from war. Certainly not islam and muslims!


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