Maldives to strengthen defence links with India amid rising terror concerns

The Maldives will formalise its counter-terrorism agreements with India after renewed fears that Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is trying to establish a base in remote parts of the Maldives.

The LeT was implicated in the terror attacks in Mumbai on 26 November 2008 in which gunmen entered the city by sea and killed at least 173 people and wounded 308. It is considered a terrorist organisation by India, the United States, the UK and Russia.

Covering the story today, Indian newspaper The Economic Times noted that Sultan Park bomber Moosa Inas was linked to the LeT and had travelled to Kerala before the bombings, a popular recruiting ground for the group.

Indian news portal today quoted Indian intelligence bureau sources as saying that the LeT “has nearly 1,000 operatives active in the Maldives”, and that there was no way the group’s operations “can be curbed unless there is very good intelligence sharing with the Maldives.”

The intelligence sources claimed that in the last three months “there has been an increase in LeT activites in the Maldives, and several persons from [the LeT’s] Kerala group have slipped into the country and are busy setting up operations there.”

India could ill-afford a slip in its Maldives policy, given the “extreme aggression” of the LeT group, the sources told Rediff.

The notion of a thousand LeT operatives active in the Maldives “may be an exaggeration”, said the Maldivian president’s press secretary Mohamed Zuhair, “but there may be some truth in it.”

Minister for Home Affairs Mohamed Shihab is currently in India meeting his counterpart P Chidambaram to draw up a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two countries that will be signed in April.

First Secretary at the Indian High Commission to the Maldives, Naryan Swamy, said the agreement would formalise existing arrangements with the Maldives but the details would have to wait until Shihab returned.

Zuhair said the MoU was “very important because it gives notice that the Maldives will not allow terrorist operations here.”

“The Maldives is very important to India’s security – the Mumbai bombers attacked via sea,” Zuhair said. “The sea is India’s vulnerable underbelly because there are so many entry points, and the Maldives can be very helpful with that because every day we have 1,500 fishing vessels sometimes 70-100 kilometres out to sea. If they see any suspicious vessels they can coordinate the information through various centres in the Maldives.”

The system appeared to work, Zuhair said, because after the president’s speeches following the Mumbai bombing several poaching vessels were apprehended based on information from fishing boats.

India was already assisting the Maldives to establish a chain of coastal radars stations across the country’s atolls, he said, which will be networked with India’s own radar network.

Zuhair acknowledged that such defence cooperation might “concern” countries like China, but he noted that “of all our neighbours India is the natural country of choice to assist the Maldives.”

Last week Al Jazeera reported that a group seven fighters linked to the Taliban met in the Maldives with Afghan MPs to discuss an ambitious peace plan whereby Taliban soldiers would be paid to put down their arms. Al Jazeera’s report claimed the fighters chose the Maldives as the venue for the talks because it was “the only place they felt safe.”

Zuhair emphasised that the Maldives “will not allow terrorists to operate in the country and put the Maldives’ and our neighbours’ peace and security at risk.


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  1. We know that Lashkar-e-Taibahas helped to distribute conservative based ideological pamphlets, VCDs, DVDs and audio recordings in Maldives. The conservative movement has coordinated with this terrorist group in the wake of the Tsunami to try and make our nation as conservative as possible!

    Lashkar-e-Taibaha has been involved in Maldives for years. We can't keep ignoring how bad things are getting in our country.

    Here's some of the research I did this summer in Maldives and the information i received from current and former members of the "dot com" group.

  2. President Nasheed is doing nothing to combat the proliferation of militant Islam in Maldives. They face no resistance, and anyone bold enough to question their motives and modus operandi is ostracized. The present regime, by its non-action, is providing the breeding grounds for intolerant islam to flourish in the country. Five jihadist had been brought back from Pakistan and let loose in our midst. If the present government attitude persists we will become Taliban country in less than two years. Dreadful.

  3. This is what we had been talking since 2000 and no body listened to us. The consequence of what not listening to us is already on the surface. Now we can't stop salafis. They have already formed an organisation and they are recruiting Jihadists. It is very dangerous to see more than thousand active Jihadists in this small country. The only way we can stop them is to fire Abdul Majeedh Abdul Baaree and other associates of Adhaalath from the government. Are we expecting Maldives to be a Jihadist paradise where these salafis can get seventy two virgins and milk coconut on palm trees with halaal wine on the roof of all rooms connected to toilet through a pipeline.

  4. Firing, jailing or banishing people whose opinions differed from the leadership's got the Maldives to where we are today. Engagement and dialogue is the only way forward.

  5. Isnt Maldives an Islamic country? Then why do we hear about drunk Maldivians, Thugs attacking people every other day, Christian missionaries posing as tourists being deported. Adultry is widespread among many of the pro-western supporters. Why because their faith is weak. Hence they look towards someone to point fingers at. Always easy to point fingers at others since no one likes admitting their mistakes or wrong doings.

    If Maldives wants intelligence help, they should not seek it from India since they have a long history of violence against Pakistan. Ofcourse, Pakistan government is no better. But to say that India is neutral is to try and fool the uneducated. India is currently in the process of having a nuclear deal with the U.S who openly fund Israeli oppression against Muslims in Palestine with its annual USD3 Billion in Aid of which is mainly military aid. If you want to be fair in a dirty way, then go for Pakistan since they are a Muslim government by name, but corrupt, yet supported by the West. So you have an all in one regime there.

    To those that feel the Maldives is getting too religious, then there is plenty of non-religious country's or Muslim by name country's in this world. There are expensive country's for the rich and even poor country's for the poor pro-western supporters. These country's have everything an unreligious person would want, short skirt girls, no restriction on religious freedom, loads of nigh clubs, prostitution that comes with western economic life, back biting, slander, cheating, gambling, well you name it.

    But for Maldives, I personally would not like any of this. Either Maldives stay neutral when it comes to world politics like Malaysia and other non-align country's did in the past, or they get dragged down into a pit hole that U.S has put themselves and all its allies in. Think of the damage it would do to the country's tourism if Maldives is not as peaceful as it once was. Tourism will fall and economy will fall with it.

    Then who would you all blame? Yourselves for encouraging Maldives to get into a big mess? or find another person to blame?

  6. Maldives should not tolerate any erection of terrorist affiliated groups to settle with in her territory......if groups such as Taliban(which are branded as terrorists by western media)starts their business in Maldives then Maldives won't be anymore regarded as a peaceful country. Hence tourists will be reluctant to come Maldives,which will further drop the economy. Especially at a time where neighboring countries such as Srilanka is becoming famous and safe destination. I personally feel Islam as a religion has nothing to do with terrorism....But because of the way western media portrays Islam,,we are in a way forced to believe Islam is the cause of terrorism.

  7. the sad fact is that we have no liberal islamic scholars in maldives who can counter the ever-more-conservative narrative of adhaalath / salaf/ .com groups. Anyone who tries to stand up to this lot is immediately condemned as an unbeliever and often threatened with violence.

    until we can develop our own dhivehi brand of islam, that embraces and accepts dhivehi traditions and culture, we will continue to be arabised by these conservatives in our societies, whose sole aim in life appears to be to make everyone else obedient to them.

  8. This is all due to the fact that we don't have, nor give space to, a liberal Islamic scholars. Both the MDP, whom for example encouraged calls for Madam Nasrina to wear the vail etc, and Maumoon who introduced religion into politics are equally to blame.
    Islam is very relevant to the daily lives of Maldivians (yes, even to the fornicating drunkards). Unless we introduce liberalism through Islamic dialogue we will not be able to get a willing audience.

  9. People forget the basic concept of Islam. God did not pass down Islam to his creation so that they can modify the religion to suit his or her own life.

    You are supposed to change your life for your religion. Its common sense. That is why Taliban gets respect more these days compared to these moderate Muslims who the U.S takes as good friends and future allies.

    Who would respect someone who accepts being humiliated and still call the person who humiliates him a friend afterwards.That is what the moderates are doing. One day they are calling names and condemning what the U.S does, and the next they are talking about how we should be friends with them.

    In history those who stick to their moral values and fights for the weak against the big and powerful oppressors are always remembered for the good they did. Do we remember anyone that stood in the middle and said, "hey lets make peace and not fight back for your rights".

  10. Muad, I have a lot of respect for you and love for your family, but you know I don't agree.

    Adultery is spread amongst all Maldivians. It's not just faith - but also something that has become inherent to Maldivian culture. And yes, faith comes into it as well. In order to conform with Islam people get married and divorced often in our country. In fact, we have had the highest divorce rate in the world for decades. Is this the way it was meant to be?

    "Christian Missionaries" - Who cares?! Why should we care? If a person's faith is strong, and if they are committed to the spirit of Islam then no missionary can turn them.

    "Prostitution comes with western economic life" - You know this is not true. Prostitution is illegal everywhere in the United States, apart from Las Vegas and thats cause that city is only known for debauchery. The rest of the CONTINENT is not.

    Don't attack liberal culture because it started in the west. Even Malaysia is not a true democracy, and definitely not a liberal one. In order to have a true democracy, you need to have meaningful, free, and fair elections and that just doesn't happen there. Accountability and transparency is still alien to that nation.

    If we want to remain free of the oppression of the last regime (or something much worse) then we need to protect democracy and establish a foundation for it in our country. And the fact of the matter is that Conservative Islam and Extremists are the biggest threat to democracy that we face.

    Because a girl wears a short skirt, that does not make her a whore. The fact that people might think that is exactly what is wrong with conservative ideologies. Wearing a beard and capri pants does not make a person more religious. A burugha is not necessary for any woman. And no one should have more than one wife. Conservative ideologies are not consistent with either the modern world, or universal values of human rights. Women and children in our community need to have their rights protected, and conservative ideology is what is leading to our social degradation - not liberalism.

    You're saying liberals are blaming everything on conservatives?! Thats a joke. The conservatives and radicals formed delegations after the Tsunami, sending them to EVERY ISLAND in Maldives and telling people, look at what happened; the Tsunami is your punishment from God for not following our way.

    The conservatives blame liberalism for everything. They say "look at these people on drugs, its because they don't have faith that the started." Completely ignoring all the socio-economic reasons that lead to addiction in the first place. Faith can help in the recovery - but I've known pleanty of religious people who've fallen into addiction, when faith wasn't enough to stop it.

    Conservatives say "look at all these girls, how they dress, their make up - this is why we have adultery." We have adultery because men have no respect for women. If they respected their wives they would not cheat on them. If they respected their wives, they wouldn't threaten to take away their children from one wife if she does not agree to him marrying another person. Adultery!? Marrying more than one person - in today's day and age, when it is impossible to treat someone the same way emotionally and physically - then to me, it is the same as adultery.

    We have lived under tyranny before. And never again. Some day, I want to have children and I want them to be able to grow up in Maldives like I wasn't allowed to. And while I believe conservative people have every right to live as they choose, I will not allow a new form of tyranny to take sway in our country. I will not allow my children to be subject to all the social ills that comes with it. And I will not back down because someone claims their interpretation of Islam is better than mine.

  11. Hi,
    MDP government is writing off our sovereignty to India under the guise of fighting terrorism. First it was a wind farm and our control of electricity that was offered to and Indian company. After that it was Hanimadhoo and control of tourism. Just recently it was IGMH and our health system. Now possibly control over land, sea air and everything that goes on in the country is being offered to India. Shame! Shame!

  12. hmmm, joining Indians wouldn't make your security any better as far as I’m concerned , Mumbai incident in a authentic apparent picture how vulnerable the powerful Indians security is in comparison to these modern day ideological misguided terrorists .. So we can recognize it's not the solution plus it’s not the case at this point, yes we need assistance! But that doesn't necessarily mean MNDF and Police superior officers could ignore their responsibility and eat a heavy salary and wander around the mess room with their uniform shoulders overflowing with kitchen accessories like in dictator maumoon era,
    The reason why I’m telling this you guys have actually failed in securing this country from terrorist attack, Sultan Park was bombed. 6 tourists we injured, but it anybody take the responsibility of negligence? The so called intelligence guys were sleeping, and running after politicians. And the immigration helped to flee the 3 suspects; did anybody take the responsibility of negligence? Did any senior guy resigned? no, if they the senior officers have guarantee that their job is safe with all these negligence… will security of this country get better?, it’s not logic and not even common sense? Do you know why Indians are great because they won’t keep the seniors in the position if they are irresponsible and they will find new ways in doing it … but we Maldivians are not similar to Indians in bringing change for the better of this country .. Do you know how many people have to resign after Mumbai incident? They were not the field officers who resigned? Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil resigned and also many more …. Please learn from this, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh promised to strengthen maritime and air security and look into creating a new federal investigative agency … I think which would be more like US homeland security..

  13. Their is only one true Islam which is preached to us by the most influential Human being ever lived on the face of the earth.
    some people claim that prophet Muhammad preached Islam or wrote Quran to gain political power.
    As we all know those days the term science does not exist but Quran talks about big-bang theory, even it is mentioned about the finger print, pain decepters in the skin etc... so how come he wrote such a book by challenging the Humanity.
    Hindu Vedas(holly book of Hindu religion which Hindu believes it was revealed 2600 years before prophet Muhammad) talk about Prophet Muhammad coming, his mother Amina is mentioned by name, his father Abdulla is mentioned by name and his birth date is too mentioned.
    Even in Bible his prophecies are mentioned.
    so sure he cant do those?

  14. Know, can you check this for big bang theory?

    The Big Bang in the Qur'an

    Compiled By -

    YUSUFALI: Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

    PICKTHAL: Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were of one piece, then We parted them, and we made every living thing of water? Will they not then believe?

    SHAKIR: Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth were closed up, but We have opened them; and We have made of water everything living, will they not then believe?


    Our idea of the Universe changed dramatically during the 20th century. Scientist such as Harlow Shapley and Henrietta Leavitt added to our understanding but it was Edwin Hubble who discovered that there were other galaxies composed of stars like ours. He measured the distances to these galaxies and discovered that they were moving away from us. In fact, the further way the galaxy the fast it was moving. He explained these facts by saying that the Universe was expanding

    If the Universe was expanding then shouldn't there have been a single point of origin? It is the current opinion of most scientist that the Universe did originate out of a single point called a singularity. If that is true, then the Universe should have been much hotter than it is now. This has been confirmed by the microwave back ground radiation.

    The scientific explanation for these facts is called the Big Bang Theory and it is the dominant theory for the origin of the Universe. But did the Qur'an state this modern theory of the Big Bang 1400 years earlier?

    Evolution is the modern theory for the origin of life on Earth. It directly follows on from the Big Bang and explains how simple organisms in the seas gradually, little by little, became the complex life forms that we see today. The theory was first proposed by Charles Darwin in the 19th century. But did the Qur'an state the origin of life before scientist had formulated the theory of Evolution?

    From reading the above suras from the Qur'an it would appear that in the deserts of Arabia in the 7th century the Big Bang theory and the origin of life in water was given to the prophet of Islam to be later confirmed by the non-believers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Or does it?

    If it was true, it would be an extraordinary claim. So, in evaluating it we must analyze it carefully by looking at all the available evidence. Not only do we need to look at the Qur'an and modern science but we also need to look at what was know by the ancients at the time.

    First, we will look at the life from water part and then the origin of the Universe.

    Life from Water

    The belief that life came from water predates Islam. The ancient Greeks believed that life came from water. For example, in Metaphysics, Aristotle records that Thales (62? BCE - 546 BCE) believed 'that it [the nature of things] is water' and Anaximander (611 BCE - 547 BCE) stated that life came from the sea.

    One interesting thing with the above passage from the Qur'an is it clear contradiction to other passages in the Qur'an. For example:


    YUSUFALI: Behold! thy Lord said to the angels: "I am about to create man, from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape;

    PICKTHAL: And (remember) when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am creating a mortal out of potter's clay of black mud altered,

    SHAKIR: And when your Lord said to the angels: Surely I am going to create a mortal of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape.


    YUSUFALI: Behold! We said to the angels: "Bow down unto Adam": They bowed down except Iblis: He said, "Shall I bow down to one whom Thou didst create from clay?"

    PICKTHAL: And when We said unto the angels: Fall down prostrate before Adam and they fell prostrate all save Iblis, he said: Shall I fall prostrate before that which Thou hast created of clay?

    SHAKIR: And when We said to the angels: Make obeisance to Adam; they made obeisance, but Iblis (did it not). He said: Shall I make obeisance to him whom Thou hast created of dust?

    YUSUFALI: Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I am about to create man from clay:

    PICKTHAL: When thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to create a mortal out of mire,

    SHAKIR: When your Lord said to the angels; Surely I am going to create a mortal from dust:

    Man made from clay not water? Or is man not a "living thing"?

    Origin of the Universe

    There are a number of different themes in primitive creation mythologies. The idea that the Heavens and Earth was once a "single block" that was "broken in two" was one of them and was commonly know in the Middle East by the 7th century (in answer to the Qur'an's rhetorical question; yes, the non-believers did know). The Egyptians, for example, believed that the god of the heavens and the Earth goddess were once one and that another god "broke" them apart.

    "According to an Egyptian legend, Geb [the earth god] married his sister Nut, the sky goddess, without the permission of the powerful Sun god Re. Re was so angry at Nut and Geb that he forced their father Shu, the god of air, to separate them. That is why the Earth is divided from the sky."

    "According to the Sumerians, An was the sky god and symbolized heaven. ... The wife of An was Ki, the Earth."

    "... when the heavens had been separated from the earth, when the earth had been delimited from the heavens ..." [Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the nether world]

    Of cause, being a mono-theistic religion, the Qur'an would not mention the pagan gods and goddess. So, removing those names you are left with the Heavens and the Earth being one and then separated; as stated in the Qur'an.

    Most of these "heavens and Earth as one" mythologies involve a cosmic egg of some sort. The Qur'an does not mention the egg but the imagery is the same, that is, the heavens were broken away from the earth in the same way that a egg is broken in two. One half forms the heavens above and the second half becomes the earth below.
    But then again, was the Heavens and Earth one block? Or were they first separate entities and then came together?


    YUSUFALI: Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together), in willing obedience."

    PICKTHAL: Then turned He to the heaven when it was smoke, and said unto it and unto the earth: Come both of you, willingly or loth. They said: We come, obedient.

    SHAKIR: Then He directed Himself to the heaven and it is a vapor, so He said to it and to the earth: Come both, willingly or unwillingly. They both said: We come willingly.

    Is the Qur'an Correct?

    In some sense it is unimportant if the Qur'an is the first or if it is unique in presenting its knowledge of creation; it is more important to ask "is it correct?". As far as the current scientific theory on the evolution of life the Qur'an's (and that of the ancient Greeks and Sumerians) statement of life coming from water can be considered to be correct, but then the Qur'an contradicts itself in other suras. As for the heaven and earth being one block; no, the Qur'an is clearly in error. The earth was never part of "one block" as the heavens. The earth is just one planet, orbiting a star in this vast Universe and was formed a very long time after the "heavens".


    There is nothing special about the Qur'an mentioning that life comes from water or that the heavens and earth were once one block. They are both things that were believed before the advent of Islam. In the first case, the Qur'an is correct but in the second its is error.

  15. We are true believers of Islam. But parading around trying to preach virtue to everyone else and then seducing the first vulnerable girl around behind your wives' back is not going to cut it here.

  16. I always fail to understand why some 'conservative' Maldivians are only capable of thinking in extremes.

    For instance, you're either covered in a full length ninja body tent, otherwise you're 'naked'.

    These people have no qualms against killing each other, and forwarding each other sms and email messages to protest against Denmark and boycott them. At the same time, they won't think twice about borrowing money from these countries.

    They deny and absolutely abhor the idea that the Western civilization might be more advanced than their own neo salafi arab culture that is, as common sense suggests, caught in a quagmire.

    Yet, they don't blink while surfing the Internet, using a computer, etc.

    This inability to see the big picture is precisely the reason why so many Maldivians make easy fodder of themselves in falling for emotional tactics and conspiracy theories.

    The Israeli attack on 'Muslims'??

    Why isn't Pakistan's war considered a war on 'Muslims'? Why isn't Bangladesh's actions considered an 'attack on Muslims'?

    Maldivians are easily drawn into others politics and private feuds. But we are entirely lacking in patriotism for our own country.

  17. @Rinzee on Fri, 5th Feb 2010 9:30 PM

    I couldnt agree more. And the fact that its always north just raise some doubts. Didnt we hear about finding oil in the north during the presidential election. Is something fishy goin around because i really thinks so.

  18. Thanks for the honest feedback on my comment brother. I used to be all for liberalism since I studied in a Western university, took part in every demonstration I could from which I believe I learnt a lot, since it helped me see both sides of the picture.

    But what I also learnt is that when we are in doubt of anything, we go back to the Quran and the Sunnah. Otherwise how can we debate about something we have not studied. Hence a neurologist knows more on what he has studied then an economist, and vise versa. So if anyone really wants to really have an effect against conservative Islam, the best thing to do is to go back to the Quran and not just take the words literally.
    Instead read the Tafsir which explains when and why each verse was revealed, the situation which led it to be revealed and the lesson learned by it.

    If we want, we can find verses which can support any argument from liberal and conservative point of view if taken literally.

    When it comes to US Statistics on rape, sexual harassment and prostitution in USA here are some western reference:

    Now try and look at the rape statistics of the world. Try finding Saudi Arabia on the list:

    Women might be subjected to restriction in Saudi Arabia from liberal point of view, but I think a women would be happier to have their modesty protected and safe then have even a small possibility of going out and being raped or sexually harrased.

    In Saudi there is no mixing because it also can lead to rape, sexual harrasment since from the above website you can see that 76% of rape victims in the US knows their assailant.

    This is just one aspect of liberalism vs adherence to Islamic Shariah.

    No-Mixing and proper dress code like the one in Saudi, lets you avoid a man cheating on his wife and usually the divorce in Maldives would come after the man and women mix together and get to know each other first in most of the cases.

    Not everyone is Saudi covers their face and most of the non-muslims living their do not cover their hair, but has to wear the jibaab atleast. (

    If America was at the bottom of the statistic of rape list, then liberalism is something I would consider truly.

    Also what makes one think that Islam is the cause of so much divorce? If Islam was practiced the way it should be, the divorce rate would not be that high simply because it has much restriction against mixing. From the world at the moment, Saudi is the closes country that you can come to Islamic Law. It is not perfect, but look at the statistics of various social ills like rape, prostitution, gang violence, drugs, etc. You can also observe that Muslim countries are much lower in statistics then liberal and democratic countries.

    Try finding Saudi Arabia these statistics. Majority of the time the top 10 are all non-Muslim nations and amongst them are some western nations that we are trying to follow.

    I have tried to use western sources for statistics since it would be more reliable to liberal perspective. Hope it helps.

  19. Try getting statistics off real people of Saudi. Try getting any statistics at all. Even in Maldives you have close to no statistics to speak of. You think Saudi men are going to let their women even speak????

  20. Just to correct Nuzhath on your last comment. I just came back from Saudi a week ago and was there for 2 weeks. Travelled to 4 cities in total. Once by road on a 4 hour journey. It was very nice. No cops stopped us to all through our trip to ask us any question. I saw many non-muslims who did not wear the headscarf as stated before, and my wife who is American talked to loads of women in private and public and the only thing they talk about is how much they hate the US and those that tries to make them look like they are oppressed. They agree with Saudi laws because they do not want Western countries polluting their religion. Those that are not religious travels out of Saudi to western countries to enjoy themselves in unislamic activity. I saw plenty of women without any men walking around by themselves or with their kids at shopping malls. There shopping malls are as good as it can get with big arcades and high quality everything. Well these are just few things for those that never visited Saudi but has this idea that without visiting a country we already know how its like.

    The nicest thing about Saudi is that even though they have all these things to do there, their society is based on a very friendly concept of loving your neighbour and no mixing. I had sent my wife to buy things alone while I went out with friends as well. I know there could not be a safer place for her. If it was the US, I would be concerned for sure.

    So from experience, I can tell you that Saudi is a place where all Muslims are happy and even the non-muslims are safer then they would be back at their own country. You do not need to lock your doors or worry about street crimes like they do in Maldives. Shops leave their things out in the open when the owners go for prayers. When they come back, everything is there. Shops close for every prayer, which gives any would be thief plenty of time to plan his move, but yet it is a rare thing.

    Well, even statistically they have the lowest crime rate, rape cases, sexual harassment and prostitution compared to the whole world. These statistics are from a western organization to top it off.

  21. Muad you don't seem to be that smart. When you quote western rape statistics being higher you don't seem to take one vital piece of information into account...what is that, oh yes people in western societies have FAR more trust in their justice system. The women report these crimes because they believe something will be done. You are very naive if you think rape isn't being committed at the equal rate in the Islamic world. US, Britain, Canada, etc don't need 4 male witnesses. The women there don't need to worry about getting stoned to death for reporting it.
    Saudi is safe for non-muslims..haha ok I'll tell my white non-muslim friends they are ok to walk all around Saudi. Wonder how long till they are attacked haha. I think we have all seen those videos of "peace loving" Saudi decapitating foreigners. And can you please tell everyone how much Tsunami aid in Maldives had USA stamped on it? This aid coming from your greatest enemy? Oh the horrible USA bringing much aid does Saudi gov give even though they have unimaginable wealth? Not a lot....but according to you they are just a great country.
    I love how you fanatics blame your horrible countries conditions on the west. Not the Wests fault you choose to live in the dark ages. Sorry if I work 60 hours a week to improve my country and be prosperous.


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