MDP denies activists stormed CSC’s office

A video of group of men entering the office of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on Sunday and intimidating staff is circulating on the internet.

Secretary General of the CSC Abdullah Khaleel said the group arrived at 1:05pm and “spoke very rudely. Their actions were violent.”

“We tried to find out their purpose for coming to our office. I asked them to come sit in the meeting room to speak about the matter, but they refused,” he said.

”They were mainly talking about the civil servants’ salary issue, they were angry that we were calling on the government to reinstate the salaries,” Khaleel said.

Khaleel said staff called the police at 1:11pm but officers police arrived after the incident had ended and the men had left.

He said that the crowd consisted of around nine men, but noted that only a few of them were rude.

”Two of the nine tried to take the three angry men outside the office, and they finally left,” Khaleel said.

He said that before leaving the office, the men threatened that they would be gathering a crowd of people in front of the CSC office.

Spokesman for Maldivian Democratic Party MDP Ahmed Haleem claimed that MDP did not send anybody to enter or threaten the Civil Service Commission. .

Haleem stated that ”as 90 per cent of Maldivians are MDP members, there might be a MDP supporter involved in [any] such scenes.”

According to the Elections Commission of the Maldives MDP had 28,995 members in December last year, or 9.3 per cent of the population.

Press secretary for the president’s office Mohamed Zuhair said that ”even if there was a MDP member [involved] it does not mean that they were representing MDP. They are members of the public as well.”

He said he would not support the act, as “nobody should enter a government’s office against security procedures.”


14 thoughts on “MDP denies activists stormed CSC’s office”

  1. lol dhonbileh. 90% of maldivians are mdp members? and you expect me to believe what you said right before that?

  2. stupid MDP thugs... makes government look bad in a week DRP were looking terrible. IDIOTS

  3. These men could easily be activists. Activists are passionate people who care about their causes. However, this does not mean that they were acting on behalf of MDP!

    These men clearly do not represent the party, the party goals, or their views. And the government has better ways of getting messages across than using activists. The association with MDP and implication that they are involved is damaging towards the party and makes absolutely no sense. No on in MDP's leadership would possibly think something like this is a good idea.

  4. How on earth people like Dhonbiley can cope with the challenges of 21st century, where global economic crisis, green technology and crumbling democracies every where. We need smart educated people to lead these challenges. The strength of MDP shows in its talking heads such as Juha and Dhonbilay.

  5. thats wat happens wen we put dimwits like donbilleh in important positions like tha. 😛

  6. yet again the good for nothing Haveeru gave the verdict. They are more advanced than the Police and they investigate and give the verdict, as if Haveeru is the High Court. Whoever was this gang who entered to the CSC are not necessarily from MDP. They are an angry mob of people and just because they are angry at CSC doesn't mean they are from MDP and its an act of demonizing MDP, by writing in their Headlines as MDp activists Storming in to CSC.All thanks to Unprofessional Journalism by Haveeru. I call upon the Stupid Editor of Haveeru to resign immediately for making these false accusations and creating hatred among public towards MDP.

  7. donbilleh must have taken one too many shot to the head if he is deluded that 90% of Maldivians are in MDP. If what he claims is true how come mdp does not have a majority in the parliament ?

  8. I think the reason why Haveeru put the headline as "MDP activits..." is because the culprits are well-known MDP activists, including the person you see in the photo. He is the guy that MP Maria tried to stop the police from arresting, so it is natural to reach that conclusion.

    I'm not saying that the President send the thugs, but someone in the upper hierarchy must have authorised this...or else i find it difficult to believe that they could have acted on their own accord & damaged the party's reputation.

    Whatever the reason, this is very wrong. They cannot simply barge in to a government office & threaten the poor employees.

  9. As a CSC staff who was present during the incident, i would like to clarify that the incident took place on monday. The police did arrive late but they arrived while most of the people were still inside & the violent ones were downstairs shouting for people to gather. So it is wrong to say that police arrived after they had left, implying there is no proof but our word. One person tried to hit Khaleel & was very threatening towards the other staff while he was inside. The video didn't fully catch the most violent part of the incident...we were all so scared.

    I would suggest Minivan News to verify the facts before writing about it.

  10. irresponsible journalism from Haveeru just to create news.part of drp tactics to vilify the government..and pretty soon lies turn to truth..

  11. Sure. they were not MDP guys. they were angels sent from heaven to help MDP. But somehow election commission records show they are registered with MDP. that means angels are also in MDP. Vow


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