Political figures join protests in surge of anti-Zionist sentiment

Anti-Zionist protests continued over the weekend reflecting the anger of some Maldivians about Israeli medical assistance being supplied to the country, leading to a rally held by the Tsunami Memorial on Friday with a host of high profile political figures speaking at the event.

Hundreds of people gathered at the protest with some carrying banners in both Dhivehi and English with messages ranging from “Say no to Israeli terrorism” and “Jews said Allah is poor” to “We are with anyone who fights Israel & USA” and “Bloody Zionists”.

The protests are said to be directly focused on deporting an Israeli NGO called Eye from Zion that is conducting eye surgery at a number of hospitals around the country. The religious NGO Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) said the protests were also targeted at rising concern over “President Mohamed Nasheed’s decision to have closer ties with Israel.”

A host of speakers including State Minister for Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed and former Deputy Leader for the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP, Umar Naseer, addressed attendees, voicing their opposition to accepting any aid from Israel amidst anger at its foreign policy towards Palestine.

Miadhu reported that Sheikh Shaheem spoke during a sermon on the day of the protest claiming that “the history of Jews was deception, trickery, rebellion, oppression, evil and corruption.”

“So it is not it is not acceptable that one who would stab the ummah in the heart could heal the eyes?” he reportedly said. “This philosophy is not acceptable.”

Alongside these comments, Naseer claimed that no aid should be taken by an Islamic state such as the Maldives until Israel settles the issues of occupation in Palestine in solidarity with other Muslims. The IFM claimed that other similar protests were held in Addu Atoll and Fuamulaku over the weekend.

Some 739 people in Male’ and 879 in Addu and Fuvahmulah had registered for treatment at eye camps run by the NGO as of December 9.

Last week, the co-founders of the IFM said that although they were not directly involved in the protests, it would not discourage its members from joining so called anti-Zionist demonstrations such as flag burnings and peaceful protests that have taken place over the last month over concern about the visit of ‘Eye from Zion’.

IFM co-founders Ibrahim Nazim and Ibrahim Fauzee said that they did not wish to “prohibit its members” from taking part in the ongoing protests that it saw as a “spontaneous reaction” to concerns over Israel’s attitude towards Palestine.

Nazim said that the IFM did not favour violence as an organisation and claims by “other organisations in the country” that Jewish people were planning to take over the country were setting back legitimate concerns over the visit of Eye from Zion and Israeli foreign policy.

“What I feel is that some groups are trying to win publicity by making radical statements,” he said. “We do not believe this is good and in the long-term it is not be favourable [towards effectively opposing Israeli activities in the Maldives].”

Fauzee added that he believed the protests reflected the fact that “many people in the Maldives do not accept Israel as a state.”

In response to the anti-Zionist protests and criticism that the government was engaged in a pro-Israel agenda, Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said that the government “holds friendly relations with Israel, as it does almost every other nation in the world.”

“We are not at loggerheads with any states, though we have some differences with Burma over the treatment of [formerly arrested dissident] Aung Sun Suu Kyi,” he said. “There is nothing special in terms of agreements with Israel.”

Though Zuhair claimed that the Maldives government has been “consistent on criticising Israel over Palestine and other foreign policy issues it did not agree on”, this was not a barrier to humanitarian cooperation, he said.

Zuhair added that by having bilateral relations with a large number of nations, the Maldives was able to benefit from cooperation based on technical assistance, education and humanitarian aid.

He claimed that the medical expertise offered by Eye from Zion was a strong example of this.

“We ourselves don’t have the means for this type of surgery, which has so far treated 140 patients in Male’ and 40 people across islands in the outer atolls,” Zuhair added. “In this case, the patients that thankful for the treatment they have received, which outweighs the protests against [the doctors].”


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  1. Hi,
    So long as Israeli's are intent on making war on our Muslim brothers - whether they be Arabs or Asians - I would be averse to accepting their friendship. And if any Maldivian dares to call me a pseudo-Arab like it's a dirty word or something I would first tell them to check their own names. Does it sound like an Arabic name? Perhaps they would like to opt for something modern. I am fed up with 'westoxication'.

  2. These mullah gonna destroy this country. Actually the real threat is these mullahs not the Doctors. As anyone can understand. My friend told me these mullah's are so desperate to get people on the street they are actually begging people to go on the street. Even as spectators. How silly. They even spread false rumors about these doctors. Mullah's shame on you. The last thing I expect you is to lie to your own people. Haadha vakye dhoa..LALALA

  3. from the comments of these half-brained religious nut jobs it is clear that none of these actually even give a damn about Palestinians as actual human beings who are under a brutal occupations. They may spew forth blind rhetoric about their poor poor Muslims brothers being slaughtered by those evil hook-nosed JoOs, but all they care about is freeing their precious Masjid ul Aqsa so they can go get 80 years worth of prayers and avoid blowing themselves up for those virgins. Why else is so much attention given to Palestine while even more horrific cases of mass killings and genocide barely raise an eyebrow? Oh I get it, if their fellow Muslim brothers are the ones carrying out those crimes in Somalia and Sudan then it's all ok. After all, our brothers in Sudan are targeting christians too.

    And while talking about discriminatory wailing injustice, why were no fundraisers organized for relief in Haiti while the Pakistani fundraiser got airtime on national television? Sure the Pakistanis are our neighbors, but the phrase I heard during all those fundraisers was that we must help Pakistan because 'our Muslim brothers reside there'. For me, that is plain racism. Espousing the rights of a group of people based solely on their beliefs.

  4. ali rasheed on Mon, 20th Dec 2010 11:20 PM :

    "I am fed up with ‘westoxication’."

    It's not our names that define our ideology or belief. I can as easily say that I, as a Maldivian, am fed up with 'Arabisation' of Maldives by Arab wannabes like you who want to dictate every little detail of our society from womens cloth to the form of Government we should have.

    Hypocrites like you, who accuse us of being 'westernised' boogies, are all the while advocating another foreign ideology.

  5. @Baazu!

    Helo Baazu, are you sure that your version of history is real?

    Do u know Why doesn't the film industry or news media produce documentaries about the numerous true holocausts of Gentiles during this century such as:

    The Soviet Holocaust of Christian Russian Kulak farmers. (1924 - 1930) - 15 million exterminated!

    The Holocaust of the Ukranian farmers, (1930- 1933) - 7 million starved to death.

    The Holocaust of Russian political prisoners, (1919 - 1949) - 12 million perished.

    The Pol Pot Communist Holocaust in Cambodia (1975) - 2.5 million slaughtered.

    Armenian Holocaust by the Turks, (1915) - 1.5 million people killed.

    I will tell you why?

    It is because the film industry and news media are controlled by JEWS. They have exaggerated the holocaust of Jews. The real death toll was not even close to a million. I will give you hints on what you have to look for:
    The real population figures of Jews in 1939(according to Jews) and later on. And also consider the places they lived and so on. And read from different history books. From different countries.Also read about "New world Order"

    Baazu! read or listen information from all the sides and think about it.

    I bet you only access to jews controlled media. Right?

    My point is we don't have to put these unclear history in to our school books and also favour jews holocaust.

    *I know im wasting my time writing this comment cos we maldivians are fake in nature.
    once a great Dr. told me that there is a reason y we the maldivians were sent to live in these remote lifeless islands with no access to fresh water(life). No lakes no rivers. We will find our ways to survive like animals. No need to plan anything. Do wat it takes to be happy and satisfied.It is our nature.

  6. Does it really matter? Who killed who or more.

    All that matters is who is the most shrewd and who takes bold chances. Fortune really favors the bold.

    And right now, the top few countries have their say across the globe.

    Quit bitching about it. That is a fact of life.

    And if you cant beat them, join them. US, Israel, UK, France (and a few more) do lead the world.

  7. so, where are all those Saudi or Arab "brothers" helping us? i dont hear them boycotting Western products. i dont hear them standing against Israel and US military actions. talk about common sense. i hate to say this but those guys with their unnecessary protests are complete morons!

  8. why do we keep talking about the holocaust all the time? it was only this year that Germany was fully freed from the first world war after paying the last of reperations. Think of all the events happening around the world of greater magnitude that will never be labelled as "holocaust"....muslims killed in bosnia...is it lesser in number? is it of a lesser degree...wasnt the pain of south africans under aparthaid anything? isnt the suffering of palastinins in their own land greater than a holocaust...(a land freely given to form a state of israel by the British and its allies, when they had no right to do so) think of the clustur bombs thrown to maim the children....how many palastinian youth have all their limbs intact? .....is there no limit to what should be offered as compensation and reperation due to a holocaust which we cant even remember. in todays world is there anyone who is aware of the "holocausts" being commited on a daily basis?...the reality is the media and movies only keep the holocaust of the jews in our minds

  9. Latest release on Wikileaks

    In the year 2007 leader of Fatah Mahmood Abbas asked Israel to Attack Gazza district under the leadership of Hamas. So is Israel only the one to blame for the deaths of Palestinians?? Why don't these "religious" people stand up against the government of Palestine?

  10. US House passes anti-Palestine bill

    Unless the US Congress takes a tougher line on lobbyists, Israel will continue building settlements on Palestinian land.

    The American Israel Public Affairs is lobbying for anti-Palestinian legislation in the US Congress for its own political interests, not for America's or even Israel's, says MJ Rosenberg [EPA]

  11. Unknowledge Maldivians who do not know what the result of allowing Israel come close to you will be should watch some reports by journalists about the brutality and hospitality of Zionist given to Palestinians.


    If they did this to your family and children, you would not be talking so big. But the reason your able to talk in support for Israel is because you feel some type of safety knowing that you are not living in Palestine. That is the bias of your attitudes in life towards others. That is what makes you different from me and other good Muslims in Maldives. We are not happy with ourselves being safe, but we want all Muslims to be safe and have security. We are not greedy for this life or this world because we do not see ourselves as more special compared to others.

  12. The world needs holocausts, genocides.. Or else the Human race will increase and it wont meet with the resources available..

  13. Zionists!

    It's funny to know that Maldivians get kicked by it. And it's quite obvious in the way they protested that they have watched too much of "The Arrivals"

    All I have to say is if Muslims were in power Jews would be saying it. Now that jews are in power Muslims are saying. I mean WTF.

    Hasn't God told us that we are to live in peace in harmony. With all religions together.

    F**@&@@ Mullah's!

  14. Another video on Zionist war strategy that kills so many innocent peolple. United Nations cant lift a finger against Israel due to America. But that does not mean Muslims become donkeys too. We are given a brain and a book (Quran) to follow. This defines our life and who we are.


  15. @ Ahmed Ashfam

    Would you live in peace with Zionists!, Jews! if they rape your mother, kill your brother, destroy your house and build a new better house in your land, for them to live

  16. Osama bin Laden: a 'heroin dealer' and 'narco-terrorist'
    heroin is the No. 1 financial asset of Al-Qaeda.

  17. Sometimes a innocent person gets killed by the israeli army.But palestinian suicide attacks kill ONLY innocent people

  18. Why did 6500 rockets get launched from Gaza into Israel's hospitals, markets, schools and private homes?

    Why does Gaza host terrorist weapon factories and hide them from peacekeepers?

    Why do Gaza's people participate in and facilitate suicide bombings which kill so many innocents in Israel?

    Why do you ignore these facts in order to call Israel an aggressor?

    Why do you seem to think we are all stupid enough to fall for that?

    What's with the thumbs down? It's only bad when Palestinian children in Gaza die? It's okay for Jewish children to be killed by Hamas? A bit hypocritical there.

  19. Talking of Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. Largest procurer of US arms - Saudi Arabia.

    2.Country that wanted US to attack Iran - Saudi Arabia.

    3. Country that produced Osama - Again Saudi Arabia.

    Let us consider the various wars among Muslim "Brothers" - 5-year long Iran-Iraq War; Iraq attack on Kuwait; Pakistan helping US in Afghanistan; etc etc.

    Where were the Muslim brothers when Iraq was attacked by US and allies. Iraq today is completely destroyed - its oil being controlled by US business groups. There is nothing called "Muslim Brotherhood".

    Every country wants to have good relations with US & Israel.It is all politics and economy. Might is always right.

  20. @ Z-nut

    Muslim brotherhood cannot be repressed by secular or dictatorial governments. It's much stronger than that.

  21. @ joker

    What would you do if someone came and usurped your living room and the police won't do anything to stop them? You handover them the keys?

  22. @ joker

    "Sometimes a innocent person gets killed by the israeli army.But palestinian suicide attacks kill ONLY innocent people"

    You know what the bugle man says when he gets caught by the enemy? "I only blow this thing. I don't take part in the fighting"

  23. @ joker

    "heroin is the No. 1 financial asset of Al-Qaeda"

    What's an al-qaeda? A fruit or a vegetable?

  24. "In the year 2007 leader of Fatah Mahmood Abbas asked Israel to Attack Gazza district under the leadership of Hamas."

    I wouldn't be surprised if Anni asked Israel to send a death squad against Salaf/Adhaalath/IFM.

    Same thing isn't it?

  25. @ Ali

    "US, Israel, UK, France (and a few more) do lead the world."

    I would rather call it fooling the world!

  26. If Europeans and Americans were not anti-Semitic they would accommodate a Jewish state in the heart of Europe or America.

  27. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "Finally, none of this makes Shaheem’s hate speech inside a mosque acceptable to civilized Muslims."

    There are no 'civilized' Muslims and 'uncivilized' Mulsims. Islam is itself a civilization.

    There are no 'moderate' Muslims and 'extremist' Muslims. Islam is Quran and Sunnah.

    But yes, there are extremist secularists I believe and you are one.

  28. I hate Zionism and the attitude of Palestinian Militants. But I love Palestinians and good hearted Jews.

    I especially hate a particular form of Christianity which supports Jews over Palestinians, it is inhumane !

    Come to think of it, I HATE the fundamentalists of every religion and love those who look through the subjective and into the objective apsect of religion. And I had been a fundamentalist Christian zealot, a fundamentalist Muslim zealot myself, and I regret and hate BOTH!

    Now, I love equality, humanity, peace compassion, universal justice, and believe only ONE GOD!

  29. @ Gog on Tue, 21st Dec 2010 2:14 AM

    While the mas killings of Russian Kulaks under Stalin were horrific, it won't constitute as a genocide since it wasn't based on on an ethnic or religious belief. Stalin was pissed because they were obstructing his plans for an industrialized Soviet Union. The political purging reaches nowhere near half the number you have put there. For someone who seems so indignant about Jews 'inflating the holocaust' you sure seem to have no problem fabricating numbers when it suits your purpose.

    Yes, I agree, there is a powerful and aggressive Jewish Lobby intent on putting the interests of Israel on the forefront in American political, economic and cultural circles. That is no reason to dehumanize the Holocaust, however. You disparage and belittle the memories and lives of six million Jews who were murdered in one of the biggest episodes of racial prejudice in human history.

  30. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2010/12/maldives-minister-publicly-insults-jews.html

  31. first of all, people who cannot afford themselves to go abroad to get treatment will benefited. More than 1500 registered.

    Secondly, you eat imported food, use manufactured goods etc from infidel lands you don't seems to care. But when you get aid to help those who cannot afford, you are objecting it.

    This is not about Israel or Palestine, it is helping those who are in need. When did Friday sermon became all about Athaalath party's manifesto or its foreign policy?

  32. @ Liberal

    "first of all, people who cannot afford themselves to go abroad to get treatment will benefited. More than 1500 registered."

    I don't see any reason why US should allocate billions of USD annually to states like Israel who steal others' land.

    They should instead give countries like the Maldives those billions of USD, without any preconditions, since small states like the Maldives are most vulnerable to climate change for which US holds a moral and a major responsibility.

  33. @ Liberal

    "Secondly, you eat imported food, use manufactured goods etc from infidel lands you don’t seems to care. But when you get aid to help those who cannot afford, you are objecting it."

    Are you nuts? I don't think there is a problem in importing manufactured goods from infidel lands. But there is a problem with An-Eye-From-Zion.

    Zionists steal land and evict Muslims from their home and demolish them unlawfully against numerous OIC and UN Resolutions.

    Why are you so much in love with Zionists who want us Muslims to sanction their illegal and murderous activities as 'okay' and 'never mind'!

    You can stay there if you like with your 'never mind' stance. But we will mind!

    Zionists will not be able to change our 'view' by giving us an eye from Zion in return!

    What the heck!

  34. @ heck (the nut)

    "Islam is itself a civilization".

    Half of your civilization is destroyed because of inner fighting and jealousy. Tell me why Saudi Arabia wanted US to attack Iran?

    Because Iran confronts US and some of Arab rulers have started admiring it. Saudi was uneasy as it felt Muslim power tilting towards Iran.

    "Muslim brotherhood cannot be repressed by secular or dictatorial governments. It’s much stronger than that".

    From above it is amply clear that there never was any thing called "Muslim brotherhood" nor any likelihood. Its all national interest and politics.

    Wake up.

  35. @heck

    I strongly support Palestinian statehood and condemn Israeli massacres in Gaza and west bank. That's my stance.

    You have mentioned, Israel stole Muslim lands. A devoted follower of Islam, I believe you must be familiar with David and Solomon, kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah located.

    US allocating billions of dollar to Israel as well as US aided billions of dollar worth weapon during soviet-afghan war.

    Recent history:
    After establishment of Jewish state, 15th May 1948, Arab Liberation army, Holy war army (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Trans-jordon) attacked with intent of destroying it. Arabs failed to prevent establishment of Jewish state after 13 months long war. The war ended resulting UN arranged armistice agreement. The frontiers defined in the armistice agreements remained until they were altered by Israel's conquests during the Six-Day War in 1967. The world has learned lessons from WWI and WWII.

    My points is Arabs couldn't changed course of middle east then. Now its time to move on for good of Palestinian people and greater middle east. Look how Israel progressed and other Arab nations are far behind. Is there any democracy other than Israel in middle east?.

    As you said violating UN principles and codes, I can grantee if Hamas put down their weapons and continue with dialogue, their will be Palestinian state. Israel and UN considers PLO as sole legitimate authority of Palestinian territories.

    Once Islamic Civilization was beacon of light, Once it was great and sole military power. You still have that pride and it is tearing things apart. I am right, you are wrong. Leave that attitude. Try to make civilized and productive society.

  36. @Liberal
    "You have mentioned, Israel stole Muslim lands. A devoted follower of Islam, I believe you must be familiar with David and Solomon, kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah located."

    This is one of the biggest deceptions Zionists and their sympathisers use to justify the creation of israel.
    Israel was founded by Zionists who are actually a European people who immigrated and colonized Palestine – a European people with no proven historical links to the ancient Israelites – and whose great, great recorded ancestors have never set foot there.

    The state was formed by ethnically cleansing the land – the orchestrated massacres and eradication of hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948 is a known fact documented even by Israeli historians (those historians were then denounced by the Zionists as self-hating Jews). To claim that having escaped the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, and Dachau is a justification for the murder, expulsion, and occupation of another guiltless people is beyond belief.

    And this saga is continuing even today. Demolition of Palestinian homes, grabbing their lands and building Jewish settlements on those lands are daily events in Palestine. Here are some recent events:

    Al-Quds home razed despite court order

    Israel razes more Palestinian properties

    Israeli forces destroy another mosque

    Palestinian olive groves set on fire

    Israel razes another Palestinian home

  37. @Liberal
    “I can grantee if Hamas put down their weapons and continue with dialogue, their will be Palestinian state. Israel and UN considers PLO as sole legitimate authority of Palestinian territories.”

    Israel does NOT want to see the creation of an independent Palestinian state. The PA under Mahmoud Abbas has been doing everything Israel and the US has asked him to do for the past five years, in the hope that a Palestinian state will be created. But all this time Israel has been doing everything that would make a Palestinian state impractical – demolishing Palestinian homes, evicting them from their land and building new settlements; building a huge separation wall under the pretext of security, which disconnects farmers from their farms and children from their schools, while stealing even more territory as the wall freely zigzags and encroaches on Palestinian land, destruction of roads etc.

    Mr. Abbas has finally realized this and just recently has called on nations of the world to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state despite an agreement with Israel. Several countries have recognized Palestine and some European countries are also considering. Apart from Israel, the main objection (for recognizing Palestine as a state) is coming from …. the USA!


  38. UN slams Israel for home destructions:

    “These condemnable acts have a devastating impact,” said Barbara Shenstone, the West Bank Field Director for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

    “I call on the Israeli authorities to cease demolitions and evictions in occupied areas which are in contravention of Israel's obligations under international law, including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Israel is a party,” the UN official added in a press release.

    A day earlier, Maxwell Gaylard, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, also condemned Israel after visiting the site of a home that had been demolished 24 hours earlier.

    The nine-member extended Subuh family, whose home in the Ras al-Amud district of East al-Quds was destroyed on December 21, has been living at the location of their demolished home in two tents.

    Israeli authorities gave the family just one day to destroy their home and threatened to demolish the house in 24 hours unless they complied.

    Moreover, under similar orders from Israeli authorities, the four-member al-Shukiwi family was forced to raze their home in another district of East al-Quds on December 19.

    Shenstone noted that while children around the world are enjoying the holiday season in their homes, the children from these families have suffered the trauma and indignity of watching their homes being destroyed.

    After witnessing the demolition of his home, one of the children, aged two, said “all I want to do is die.”

    The UN says there has been an almost 45 percent increase in demolitions in 2010.


  39. @abdulla

    First Of all, Zionist are supporters of political movement in 19th century to establishing Jewish homeland in British mandate of Palestine. He/she can be a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc or from anywhere in the world. Secondly, Israel is established as homeland for Jews. Based on same creed. He/she can be black, white, Asian, Arab etc. Guess, how Hitler identified all those Jews. They can be identified easily by looking at their nose and certain attributes. That's how ancient Israelis blood line is identified.

    i am not denying any wrong doing of Israel. I know its disregard for human rights, violation of UN code in Gaza and West bank. In fact, i consider it has worst criminal record and its leaders should be judged in international tribunal court. But how many crude rockets are launched Israeli civilian areas and take refuge among innocent civilians. Nor Israel is saint neither Hamas.

    Like those historians, I am just stating the facts. So the government got free humanitarian aid from Jewish organization. All of them got labeled as Jews or infidels. That how things justified here. Religiously oriented. Let me tell you something, In India if Hindu killed a Muslim. There will be a religiously motivated killing all around the India. But Muslims killing to one another is normal thing. Same goes to Hindu. In Pakistan, if Sunni Muslim killed a Ahmadiyya, it is same as killing infidel and an honor. Leave behind religious wars. We have start judge by people what he does, not by his creed or race.

    with or without religion good people do good thing and bad people do bad thing but for good people to do evil — that takes religion. -Steven Weinberg

  40. Among other news, Israel has passed a regulation that Palestinians cannot become Israeli citizens even if they marry Israelis.


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