Political figures join protests in surge of anti-Zionist sentiment

Anti-Zionist protests continued over the weekend reflecting the anger of some Maldivians about Israeli medical assistance being supplied to the country, leading to a rally held by the Tsunami Memorial on Friday with a host of high profile political figures speaking at the event.

Hundreds of people gathered at the protest with some carrying banners in both Dhivehi and English with messages ranging from “Say no to Israeli terrorism” and “Jews said Allah is poor” to “We are with anyone who fights Israel & USA” and “Bloody Zionists”.

The protests are said to be directly focused on deporting an Israeli NGO called Eye from Zion that is conducting eye surgery at a number of hospitals around the country. The religious NGO Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) said the protests were also targeted at rising concern over “President Mohamed Nasheed’s decision to have closer ties with Israel.”

A host of speakers including State Minister for Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed and former Deputy Leader for the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP, Umar Naseer, addressed attendees, voicing their opposition to accepting any aid from Israel amidst anger at its foreign policy towards Palestine.

Miadhu reported that Sheikh Shaheem spoke during a sermon on the day of the protest claiming that “the history of Jews was deception, trickery, rebellion, oppression, evil and corruption.”

“So it is not it is not acceptable that one who would stab the ummah in the heart could heal the eyes?” he reportedly said. “This philosophy is not acceptable.”

Alongside these comments, Naseer claimed that no aid should be taken by an Islamic state such as the Maldives until Israel settles the issues of occupation in Palestine in solidarity with other Muslims. The IFM claimed that other similar protests were held in Addu Atoll and Fuamulaku over the weekend.

Some 739 people in Male’ and 879 in Addu and Fuvahmulah had registered for treatment at eye camps run by the NGO as of December 9.

Last week, the co-founders of the IFM said that although they were not directly involved in the protests, it would not discourage its members from joining so called anti-Zionist demonstrations such as flag burnings and peaceful protests that have taken place over the last month over concern about the visit of ‘Eye from Zion’.

IFM co-founders Ibrahim Nazim and Ibrahim Fauzee said that they did not wish to “prohibit its members” from taking part in the ongoing protests that it saw as a “spontaneous reaction” to concerns over Israel’s attitude towards Palestine.

Nazim said that the IFM did not favour violence as an organisation and claims by “other organisations in the country” that Jewish people were planning to take over the country were setting back legitimate concerns over the visit of Eye from Zion and Israeli foreign policy.

“What I feel is that some groups are trying to win publicity by making radical statements,” he said. “We do not believe this is good and in the long-term it is not be favourable [towards effectively opposing Israeli activities in the Maldives].”

Fauzee added that he believed the protests reflected the fact that “many people in the Maldives do not accept Israel as a state.”

In response to the anti-Zionist protests and criticism that the government was engaged in a pro-Israel agenda, Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said that the government “holds friendly relations with Israel, as it does almost every other nation in the world.”

“We are not at loggerheads with any states, though we have some differences with Burma over the treatment of [formerly arrested dissident] Aung Sun Suu Kyi,” he said. “There is nothing special in terms of agreements with Israel.”

Though Zuhair claimed that the Maldives government has been “consistent on criticising Israel over Palestine and other foreign policy issues it did not agree on”, this was not a barrier to humanitarian cooperation, he said.

Zuhair added that by having bilateral relations with a large number of nations, the Maldives was able to benefit from cooperation based on technical assistance, education and humanitarian aid.

He claimed that the medical expertise offered by Eye from Zion was a strong example of this.

“We ourselves don’t have the means for this type of surgery, which has so far treated 140 patients in Male’ and 40 people across islands in the outer atolls,” Zuhair added. “In this case, the patients that thankful for the treatment they have received, which outweighs the protests against [the doctors].”


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  1. The overwhelming stench is one of public sentiment, and the vox populi or the voice of the people is the resonating nuance that escapes every rogue rat; that res'publica while rabid is the divine mandate of nations, tis Poseidons will as far as democracy or the 'mob' is concerned. The people have spoken.

    The homophiliac minority might find it distasteful that some or the majority prefer pebbles over toilet paper, but nations fall and nations rise with the will of the people.

    Dhivehi will is not American or European, dhivehi will is by far Arab. Moslems will be moslems, whether by secular mandate or not. The UN may also draw geographic lines, but moslems will refuse that as well, they consider themselves a nation.

    And moslems will never see eye to eye with Zionists or its affiliates, even if the UN or Americans or any other says otherwise. Non-Arab European Dhivehin might find themselves at odds with this sleeping giant. Moslem Nationalism..

  2. Islamic foundation is a product of MDP. They use MDPs members,pickup with loud speaker and chairs to conduct their events. Apart from Fareed and few, most of the team members are students who are in their 20s. After participating in the protests they get together in MDP haruge. Not in a very distant future we will see their actual goal. Thats to kick the ass of Adhaalath Sheikhs.To confront one so called extremist group you have to develop another extremist group. Good policy by nasheed.

  3. Islamic Terrorist Foundation of Maldives stages yet another pointless protest about something trivial eh?

    And why does such trivia carry headlines in Minivan News?

  4. Hate speech from Shaheem during a Friday sermon inside our government funded mosques.

    And this guy has the audacity to pretend to not be a terrorist sympathizer? Pretend moderates are the reason why this country's going to go the way of Taliban era Afghanistan.

    These people need to be rounded up and sent in for reeducation, with any hope they will enter this age and time.

  5. In other news, the so called minivan news was eager to cover any violence and police charging against "innocent" BG group during the reign of Maumoon. But just one day back we saw the same thing. But this time the twist is that the so called "innocent" is labeled as "guilty" and needs to be tortured since Anni is saving the country. Thus, no need for this to be reflected here. The fact is, you all are so devoured to cover any grounds necessary to spoil the image of maumoon by falsifying facts. BUT NOW THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING. AND PPL HAVE BEGUN TO SEE THE TRUTH AND THEIR IGNORANCES HAVE PAID THEM WELL. BUT NOT AGAIN!!!!

  6. Oh and by the way. You may need to change your slogan as well. First for Independent News in the Maldives. Correct. But this needs to be added as well. "AND simply NOT the last for falsifying news"

  7. What a tragic crime if people's hatred and prejudice would cause 180 precious, beautiful Maldivian Islanders, who so desparately need help with their eye problems, to be deprived of the help of these Doctors.

    I commend the Government for their sacrifce of popularity for what is right, the healing of humanity!

    You who are protesting, how could you do this to your own people? What sort of monsters would let their own racism get in the way of healing their own people? You who would do so are just as bad as the 'Yahudi' you so despise, those murderers of your Brother's and Sisters in Palestine.

    These eye Doctors obviously do not have a prejudice toward Muslims or else they would take their trade elsewhere. So, it is wrong for you to take out your anger on these Doctors who are not your enemies.

  8. Why is the reality so hard to grasp.

    Its the survival of the fittest. The fittest will prevail. Survival is a dirty and ruthless game. Has always been. In creeps civilization, as a facade, but still the base foundation has always been the same.

  9. @Ben. Who are you trying to fool and convey. They are not specialized eye doctors according to Maldivian Medical Association. Theyt are doctors with MBBS So you think maldivians are stupid and the medical association is blind. We also have MBBS doctors here in maldives. We also have many other specialized doctors here in Maldives and no one complains about that.

    But if christian doctors come in the name of "Eye from christ", Hindus come with"Eye from Rama", Buddists come with"Eye from Budda" that will be a problem. Don't try to spin the issue.

  10. It is widely accepted fact that Zionism is based on a racist philosophy. It is very sad that there are people even in Maldives who blindly support zionism and at the same time try to show that they are not racist.

  11. But guys they came here for a humanitarian cause. Our elected representatives allowed them. We should have had objected to their visit at the first instance. Why crib now when the visit is over (I think).

    Besides, every Arab countries have diplomatic relations with them, so why not Maldives? Problem is that we mix religion with politics and politics with religion.

  12. I wonder how many people who have had or desperately need the eye surgery have joined the protests ?

    Should we not see the larger picture and the good that these doctors are bringing ?

    This country needs all the doctors it can get, no matter from whatever country or religion. We cannot all afford to go to India or Bangkok for our treatments.

  13. @ yamyn
    Did you see the people who are in this time & age is kniving each other in Male .. read todays Haveeru daily a reader has described what he saw near tip top.
    The peace & prosperity of any nation will be survived only if the majority of its citizens adhere the laws of the lord of the world . the most fair & moderate laws are those that you see in the quran & the sunna.
    As per my knowledge sheikh shaheem is a moderate muslim most of the hardcore muslims label him as wel.
    I god this link its about zionists & their history writen by western writers..

  14. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "Hate speech from Shaheem during a Friday sermon inside our government funded mosques."

    Look who's talking!

    I would still rate your personal blog more intense in hate speech.

  15. @ makunuvaa

    "I wonder how many people who have had or desperately need the eye surgery have joined the protests?"

    Those who desperately needed eye surgery are the ones who should be more offended as our government is using them as human shields to commit to Israel. That's very cruel of our government!

  16. @ Ben

    "What a tragic crime if people’s hatred and prejudice would cause 180 precious, beautiful Maldivian Islanders, who so desparately need help with their eye problems, to be deprived of the help of these Doctors."

    What a tragic crime to use people with eye disorders as human shields to change our school text books according to Zionist advice!! That's extremely cruel of our government.

  17. @ Z-nut

    "But guys they came here for a humanitarian cause."

    That's hard to believe. Attacking international aid flotillas to Gaza and coming here on a humanitarian cause. That's very self contradictory.

  18. Holocaust (the genocide of approximately six million European Jews) was part of history, and something which happened. You cannot deny truth. So what’s the harm in teaching the same in schools? Oh do people want to “recreate” their own version of “fictional” history and teach? Be real,come out of your imaginary world.You cannot deny truth and facts whether you like it or not. Hatred is ugly and get you nowhere.

  19. (some carrying banners in both Dhivehi and English with messages ranging from “Say no to Israeli terrorism” and “Jews said Allah is poor” to “We are with anyone who fights Israel & USA” and “Bloody Zionists”.)

    i hope this is not real islam. such narrow minded views like we are with anyone who fight israel & USA does not belong to a intelligent and peaceful eternal religion.

    i repeat the words of Zeenat, we mix politics with religion and religion with politics and this is very bad. spirituality and religion in its pure form is lost between govt this opposition that.

  20. These people are obviously only pretending to be outraged for humanitarian reasons.

    Why not protest against Taliban officials holding meetings in Maldives when they commit the most atrocious acts towards their own?

    And umar naseer is trying to milk whatever political gain he can from this situation, as he always does and fails.

  21. So called Political figures you have mentioned in this article are no politician at all they are a bunch of religious uncompromising militants.

    State must stop these war mongers from using our mosques to spread hatred.

    Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari and Mr.Saheem are no better then the Zionist politicians.

    Don't these two gentlemen know whatever help we get, we are getting from our creator Allah, and there is no way a Jew or anyone else can lend us a hand without Allah permission or leave.

    You, so called Muslim preachers must stop spreading hatred and making mischief in our beloved Maldives.

  22. yasir,

    The thing is, I've seen and heard more people than just Shaheem or his friends in Adhaalath/Salaf talk about Islam or its book.

    Shaheem is by no means a moderate. He's a vile hate-monger, as is clearly evidenced in his hate speech inside our mosques - which is absolutely condemnable.

    There are no moderate Islamic scholars in the Maldives, except maybe Gayyoom (Except, he has also abused religion in his politics)

    I've heard Friday sermons from actual Imams and actual scholars - and they seem to be able to do it without the need for creating fear and paranoia among the attendees. I wonder why they are able to do it while Shaheem cannot.

    But of course, that's when I realize that Imams are not politicians in other countries - and have no political agenda that they should need to abuse their power.

    This is precisely why Secular Maldivians call for the separation of religion from filthy politicians. It saves both the religion and the state.

  23. @yamyn
    The islamic scholars should be away from dirty politics some how i also suport this.
    the scholars should be an independent body which regulates the religious affairs of the country the goverment should tollerate the islimc values & the last word of any sharia related matters should be on the hands of the scholars weather its depolomatic or political.
    now the scholars are forced to obey the goverment & involve in the politics inorder to keep the religous affairs in operation.
    let us make the islamic ministry an independent body & give them powers to operate freely without the need of Adaalath party & the salaf involvement to grabe the powers.

  24. can somebody explain me what this than,. the ediot people who said, http://minivannewsarchive.com/politics/israeli-eye-surgeons-visiting-maldives-to-illegally-harvest-organs-claims-islamic-foundation-13872 .
    see this link..

  25. Didn't Minivan know that Brother Dr. Majeed Baari personally took part in this Shaheem-driven rally? Did Minivan not know that these people are enacting these shows for two purposes. Two birds with one stone, so to speak? One is to keep getting their Saudi charity money in the guise of being actively involved in promoting Islam and the general Pseudo Arab agenda. The other being gettting publicity for looming local elections. Didn't Minivan know that Brother Dr. Majeed Baari would inherit hundreds of thousands from the resort that his brothers ran which inacted the recent "Throw off the Burugaa" Miss France competition in the Maldives? Brother Dr. Majeed Baari and his lackey Shaheem Ali Saeed the munaafiq will be laughing all the way to the bank.Tks.

  26. The horrors and absurdities of religion. Mankind is growing out of religion as out of its childhood clothes. Religion may be an excellent means of taming and training the perverse, obtuse and wicked biped race, but in the eyes of the friend of truth every fraud, however pious, is still a fraud.

  27. The problem with these so called learned people who preach Islam in Maldives is, they have failed in there work big time.

    Why they have fail you may asked? if their message has been delivered to our brothers and sisters in a proper manner, we want be seen such disgusting activities taking place in our country. Drug addiction, Alcoholism, knifing, wife beating... just to mention a few.

    I agree, these hatred preachers should not use our state mosques or any public institutions to spread their message of intolerance.

    I suggest all peace loving countries of the world to trace these people and not to issue visas to visit your tolerant countries.

    Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari and Mr. Shaheem looked like Hitler in his hay days with his salute, during the hate demonstration in Male'. Don't these people know, Muslims and Islam teach tolerance and Peace, not your hatred.

    Since they have fail in their endeavor to preach their brothers and sisters in Maldives good Islam,they have aim their hatred their frustration at someone else, it always a good game to attack Israelis, Jew or Zionist or perhaps Christians.

    World be aware, Adaalath Party and likes in Maldives are not political parties they are misguided militants disguised as Muslims. There spots are beginning to show.

  28. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "There are no moderate Islamic scholars in the Maldives"

    There is nothing called 'moderate' Islam.
    Islam is Quran and Sunnah.

    I will be darned the day when our Friday sermons are drafted by Atheists like you, heh,heh!

    Go and draft something more suitable, buffoon!

  29. @ joker

    "Hey u all, Obey Zionism before they become worlds super power"

    First get lost from all stolen lands and free Masjidh-ul-Aqsa!

    Simple, isn't it?

  30. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "I’ve heard Friday sermons from actual Imams and actual scholars"

    Do you always listen to Friday sermons on TV?
    Don't! The TV broadcasting is for women who don't attend Friday prayers and the 'boys' who are on their monthly period!
    I doubt you ever set foot in a mosque!

  31. @ Arthur Schopenhauer

    "Religion may be an excellent means of taming and training the perverse"

    Another pervert atheist?

  32. @ failed

    "I agree, these hatred preachers should not use our state mosques or any public institutions to spread their message of intolerance."

    What the sermon said was "do not NORMALIZE relations with those who demolish Muslims' homes, until they stop it"

    What's so hateful in that?

    Any sane human being would have told the other the same thing.

    That's what America tells the world regarding Iran, Cuba - even if they don't destroy others homes. So what is so difficult to grasp in that?

    Atheists will be atheists - they are too extreme in their religion and want to impose their view on others to spread the godless philosophy.

    Go to Antarctica and convert the penguins, first.

    Come to Maldives only if you succeed there!

  33. @ Ayya

    "Didn’t Minivan know that Brother Dr. Majeed Baari personally took part in this Shaheem-driven rally?"

    Who the heck is Minivan News? Are they our Constitutional Court or Supreme Court?

    Get a life Ayya and stop dreaming!

  34. Moderate muslims are like Husni Mubarak, President of Egypt, Abdulla king of Saudi.. The best alliance of the best nation in the world, Israel

  35. Holocaust (Genocide against 6 million Jews) agree, thats a fact. But what about the same amount of Palestinians that was driven out of their land? Thats not genocide?

  36. If things are going this way, the Maldives will be another Pakistan very soon. Then good bye to progress and peace.

  37. I like to ask the leaders of Adaalath Party, If you are elected, during your presidency will you stop the import of all Haraam foods and drinks to our country.

    If you commit to this I'll join your party right away.

    Or may be I'll will start a penguin party instead, with Mr. Heck.

  38. Another useless protest. Do you guys really think something will happen to Israel with these protests and your placards. If you think so, you are very mistaken. Israel is not going to go away and its much more stronger than that. The reason why Palestinians are suffering is not only because of Jews, but mainly because of the stupid ignorant arabs too. Its they who put palestine is this state and now they are all quiet and expect rest of the muslims in the world to fight war against Israel. Wake up muslims. Think for yourself. Israel is surrounded with all arabs and they are all quiet. They have wealth, oil, amunition and everything but they dont care at all for Palestinians. They are making relations with Israel (open and closed) so why do we have to be so stupid. Dont listen to arabs, say thank you to Israel if they are curing the eyes of our beloved people. Appreciate instead of hating them.

  39. Isn't it time Arab leader advised Palestinian leader to talk with the Israels even without a settlement freeze, Just for the heck sake and see what happens.

    What do you say Mr. Heck, if they fail, they are failing always already, if they succeed they get the newly built homes in settlement areas, voila, what a bonus.

  40. The greatest evil facing the Muslim community (Ummah) and mankind today is not AIDS, Pollution, or Nuclear War. It is international Zionism. It is the Zionist greed for wealth, lust for perverted sex, greed for power, domination, and economic exploitation that is causing AIDS, POLLUTION as well as threatening NUCLEAR WAR. Jews are behind every evil and conflict in the world today. Whether it is political, economical, social or moral.

    The Holy Qur’an, says:

    “And you will most certainly find them the greediest of mankind for life (greedier) and of those who are polytheists; every one of them loves that he should be granted a life of a thousand years, and his being granted a long life will in no way remove him further off from the chastisement, and Allah sees what they do.” (2:96)

    “You will find the most violent of people in enmity for those who believe (to be) the Jews and those who are polytheists...” (5:82)

  41. yasir,

    "now the scholars are forced to obey the goverment & involve in the politics inorder to keep the religous affairs in operation."

    Absolutely not.

    They formed a political party precisely to abuse religion for their ends. They could have started a charity. They could have started an NGO. Instead, they chose to form a political party with ambitions of power.

    Their speeches and statements - including their willingness to ally with anyone who they can share power with, despite not a single electoral victory in any part of the country speaks volumes for this naked ambition.

    That's simply not acceptable from 'religious Imams'. They should either be in Politics full time, or in the Mosques, not both.

    This is not a new story - and politicians have abused religion for petty power, and inevitably all of them have ended up becoming corrupt dictatorships with suffering peoples. You're extremely naive if you believe that this lot of mullahs are going to be any different from the others that they draw their inspiration from.

    Finally, none of this makes Shaheem's hate speech inside a mosque acceptable to civilized Muslims.

  42. It is a sad thing for Salaf organization that most of their activists are ex-parteys and child molesters.


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