Marble girls and bottle rumours ‘lies’, says state minister

State Minister for Economic Development Mohamed Adil Saleem has claimed that stories circulating about him trying to drunkenly rape two girls in a Marble apartment were both untrue and damaging to the girls concerned.

Newspaper Haveeru published a story claiming a leaked police report contained details about someone taking drugs inside Marble, and that on arrival police discovered Adil drunk with two girls, aged 21 and 20.

Police inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the police were called to Marble after they received a report that a girl was crying for help somewhere around Marble on Wednesday night, and discovered three empty bottles of alcohol in a dustbin on the sixth floor. Haveeru claimed that the leaked document said the bottles were found on the third floor, the same floor as Adil’s apartment.

Adil said he assisted police on the request of his brother, after they were called to Marble to investigate an incident.

”The police came and said they wanted to check Marble, and I opened all the apartments on each floor,” he said.

Adil said that the police asked to check his own apartment as well.

”I knew according to the law the police could not check my apartment without a court warrant, but since I have nothing to hide, I showed them my apartment,” he said.

He said both of the girls in his apartment were students, one of whom had been living with him for 11 years and the other the daughter of his father’s close friend.

”They both are like my family members,” Adil said.

“The police wanted to check their rooms. Rumours that they were wearing bikinis is a lie; one of them was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the other was wearing her pyjamas,” he said.

Police checked the apartment thoroughly and left, he said, but returned four times.

“The third time police said they received information that somebody was using drugs in my apartment,” Adil said.

”I allowed them to check again, it was around 4:00am this time. They checked inside the washing machine, under the mattress, bedsheets, inside the sofa and inside shoes,” he said.

Adil claimed the police arrived again around 6:00am, but this time he denied them entry and asked them to wait outside while he called the police station.

“The police said that instead of a big crowd of police, they would be sending someone senior,” he said. That person came and looked around his apartment and left, Adil said.

He claims he did not know anything about the three empty bottles of alcohol until he was told about them by the building’s manager.

The stories about him drunk with two girls were untrue, he stressed.

”It is really sad that people spread these types of untrue rumors – what would the parents of the two girls think? How would they feel about this?” he asked.

President’s Office Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said he supported Adil and did not believe the rumours were true, and were a “political attack linked to Thursday night’s protest [outside Muleeage].”

DRP spokesman Ibrahim Shareef said as the matter was a police case the party would not comment.


17 thoughts on “Marble girls and bottle rumours ‘lies’, says state minister”

  1. bunch of bollocks. So much for the rule of law ....dont be a burden on this government please.

  2. how many rules must a person break before he is charged in this country. Anni don't let the hard work done by you and countless others be ruined because you forgot to throw away the rotten apples. Political will and ethics go hand in hand, people will still back you they still do believe in you. Getting here is only just the beginning the work you do is just the sunrise for our generation and this country but the sun seems to have risen in a state of eclipse. Are we to be doomed as the failures in democracy?

  3. Adil everybody knows you this is male' and Maldives. I believed the problem with previous government was that the police failed to act against any person with power.Now the police are over ruled by their superior. Its begins with one favor end in tyranny,nepotism and corruption. Me I don't mind you sleeping around with your dads best friends daughter .. but when you are caught do don't abuse your power to get out of jail free. The previous commissioner was owed by a lot of people in power... guess what happened then.

  4. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? If Adhil is committing adultery (assuming he's married, I'm not sure)then that is one matter - but it does not give the police to constantly harass the man.

    Once an accusation of this extremity is leveled against him, most Maldivians are going to assume that it is true! This is just a clever form of defamation used to smear people who're close to the government.

    If it was true, then it would be worth being a scandal. Right now - there is no proof, and both the girls have denied any wrong doing! Unless the girls accuse him directly, or unless there was a witness to some crime being committed, this should not even be a story.

    People hyping up trivial little issues like this is the only thing that will endanger democracy. Lets focus on the bigger picture and the job these people are doing rather than baseless rumors.

  5. Adhil is right this time, i was there to witness what happened, the sound came very clearly from the next building but police kept of checking marble without a warrant.

  6. Salim is right due process and innocent until proven guilty is the way of the law.Since the case suggest that procedure was not followed police should investigate why there are conflicting reports. Why the police has not answered to the questions of the 3 people being under the influence. If they were why were they tested. Were the bottles in the dustbin take in by the forensics team? Adil has changed his statements few times in the course of 3 days... if the memo is a fake police should say so and let this die. otherwise prosecute the person who forged it or the commanding officer who told them to disregard law and let them have a few drinks. Adil is innocent and Maumoon was a democratic president.

  7. Funny that, previous government "protected" and "high status" to the most corrupt, alcohol drinkers, and fornicators and adulterators...and this government too is repeating the same mistake!! I guess even Anni cann't resist the temptation of sustaining power!! For God sake pls bring true reforms to this nation!!

  8. Whether it is true or not - the damage has been done. I am sure majority of the people would beleive the rumors. The best thing for Anni now will be to ask Adhil to resign. We need this democracy to succeed at any cost.

  9. president nasheed should remove these crooks from his high profile political positions, this will only create more distrust in public for the government, so it's better to remove people like these, removing nafaa naseem was a good move, and this adil who came and won the lottery at the last minute is now behaving like a mad dog .. there much better people to this position who are capable .. adil if you really like president nasheed and this government please resign for the betterment of MDP

  10. It amazes me no one is worried about the girl screaming that started all this. If it wasn't from Marble, then that means she's still out there? Possibly harmed?

    Also I wonder what it says about police efficiency if they have to raid a place over and over and over again looking for the same thing in the same night.

    Innocent until proven guilty I say. There really isn't much to go on here other than gossip; and people just love it. The worse version of events is always the one people latch onto and believe without question.

  11. Salim. anyone who knows adil saleem knows you are talking rubbish in a pathetic effort to protect him. this is maldives. people know each other. dont try to fool us with words like 'bigger picture' & 'democracy'. if you know anything about this man or if you have any clue as what is important to flourish a democratic system in a country where nepotism, corruption, abuse of power, has been a key feature of its governments for centuries, you wouldnt dare ignore this 'rumor'.

  12. if it is a person belonging to MDP, it is always guilty until proven innocent. If it is DRP doing it its innocent until proven guilty. This is done through false rumors, by the stupid thugs around. For gods sake let the rule of law and justice prevail instead of demonizing innocent people.
    If someone drinks or commits adultery, it is up to the court to give the verdict. But now we see that HAveeru is investigating the case and also giving verdict. this is hilarious. Haveeru is good in making hullabaloo in anything they desire. Thanks to the highly uneducated journalism.

  13. I have to agree with Thun Bibee on this one. The issue here is not that a politician was sleeping around (which every adult Male in this country seem to invariable do), the issue is that this guy was caught and used his political influence as a 'get out of jail free'card'. I appreciate the fact that Anni didn't move in to the old Presidential Palace uses Aarah as a conference facility these days, but if his the rest of the party doesn't behave, his (Anni's) credibility is on the line.
    I urge MDP members to get rid of the rotten apples, hold fresh elections and stick to the rule of law in party affairs as well as punish those party members who don't adhere to democratic principles.

  14. Salim its a nice way to protect ur dads friend....... At least he should have the gut to prove his innocence while paving way for justice. Now he has driven his car into a one way road and then only way out is through justice system... Quit government and let police investigate the case.... Why is our beloved president not calling to investigate this case. I hope one day a leader will emerge to this country who is untouchable with bribes and robbery...

  15. the question is why is the police getting into people's places without a warrant? whether its islamic law or common law you cant break the sanctity of ones home.

    Have the maldivian police turned into religious police like the saudi mutaween? unless terrorism is involved you need a warrant to get into people's house escpecially in the middle of the night

  16. It is difficult for the police to test any suspect with the test-balloon or alcohol machine test used in Europe for drunks drivers ?
    Is cheap, you can by a personal one in Internet.

  17. Why is the Police unprofessionally acting?? We all heard they were trained in Australia and several other developed countries. I think Police authority has to be responsible for such cases like peeping into houses for no genuine reason. Look, they haven't taken any action and that Adil and the two girls were labeled as drunkards and what not. Police badly needs reform or rather it requires a complete overhaul


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