MDP activist arrested for sorcery; party alleges “witch hunt”

Police have allegedly arrested an opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activist on charges of practicing black magic.

Activist Jennifer Aishath was arrested on Friday night near the ‘Aa Saharaa’ cemetery while she was attending a funeral. She was released at around 2:45am in the morning.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that police had followed Aishath “because she was up to something”, but did not disclose what this was.

However following her release Aishath produced a police note stating that the reason for her summoning was for questioning over allegations she was using “black magic and sorcery”.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) spokesperson MP Imthiyaz Fahmy has alleged the government was now using charges of black magic and sorcery as an “excuse” to go on a literal witch hunt for MDP activists.

Fahmy, who was present at the time of the Aishath’ arrest, told Minivan News that she had been followed by a police car and a police officer in plain clothes. Aishath raised concerns that a car had been following her every move to the cemetery, where she was attending a funeral.

“She said that a police car had been following her from home. I walked out of the cemetery with her and saw the car which she had mentioned, and it really was following her. The car stopped every time she stopped, it was very obvious,” Fahmy said.

After becoming concerned that Aishath was being followed, he claimed that he went towards the car and asked the driver what was going on.

“I went to the car and said that the lady has told me that she was being followed. They were silent for some time and then they questioned me, asking if I wanted to know what is going on,” Fahmy continued.

Fahmy stated that after the questioning, the driver made a call from their phone and within minutes, a police van of about 25 to 30 police officers in full gear arrived to the area and asked Aishath to get into their van.

“When the van came and the police asked her to get into the van, I intervened saying that you can’t arrest someone like that,” said Fahmy.

“I asked on what grounds was she being arrested and they said they’d tell her after they reached police headquarters.  I resisted and said that such an arrest could only be made after letting the arrestee know what the charges against her were. The arresting officers didn’t even have name tags.”

Fahmy said that a female officer came out of the van and forced Aishath into the van before taiking her away.

Fahmy alleged that the government was running out of excuses to arrest MDP members and were now resorting to charges of black magic and sorcery.

“This is definitely something that Gayoom is behind. He was the first person to say that black magic was being used to try and oust him from the presidency.  This occured during the 1998 presidential referendum by his brother in law Ilyas Ibrahim,” Fahmy claimed.

“ This is hilarious, the coup regime is becoming a laughing stock. Why are they arresting people over allegations of black magic, while the country has greater issues to address such as gang violence and drugs?  For God’s sake, people are being murdered,” said Fahmy.

President’s Office Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza and Media Secretary Masood Imad were not responding at time of press.

The document issued to Aishath by police, describing the reasons for her summoning as alleged practice of black magic

Police raiding MDP protest camp ‘Usfasgandu’ for alleged “black magic and sorcery”

Earlier this week, police raided the opposition MDP protest camp at Usfasgandu on Tuesday morning, after obtaining a search warrant from the Criminal Court and cordoning off the area from MDP demonstrators.

One of the reasons for the search as stated on the warrant included: “suspected black magic performed in the area.”

Under evidence, the warrant alleged that people in the Usfasgandu area had on May 25 thrown a “cursed rooster” at MNDF officers.

Shortly after the raid, the Civil Court ordered to halt the raid in a temporary court injunction after the MDP challenged the legality of the operation.

However, the government appealed the Civil Court decision in the High Court. The High Court issued a temporary injunction suspending the Civil Court’s injunction.

Police issued a statement right after the High Court injunction stating that there were no more legal obstructions to raiding the camp, but said the police were “thinking on the matter”.

Black magic to be debated in all party talks

With a weekend-long set of all party talks held at Bandos Island Resort concluding today without agreement, MDP spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said that discussions had not progressed past the first point of agenda. Among the main sticking points during the talks, Ghafoor claimed that allegations of black magic were among 30 points of contention raised by government-aligned parties.

“Right now nothing has been accepted [in term of the talk’s agreed agenda],” he said. “We are still at step one.”

Ghafoor said that the first agreed agenda item on the talks – the role of the MDP in causing “public disturbances” through protests and other actions – had been discussed, but few agreements had been reached.

The MDP claimed that it had been requested to “voluntarily stand down” from disturbing the public peace through actions like its ongoing demonstrations. Ghafoor said that a total of thirty other concerns were raised by government-aligned parties that were linked to the first of the the talk’s agenda.

Among these thirty points of concern, the MDP was requested to cease practicing black magic and other malicious forms of sorcery against other parties at the talks, according to Ghafoor.

“I think that some people involved are now playing a hoax. It is hard to believe that the regime is lowering itself to this level. It is both pointless and irrelevant,” he claimed. “It is notable that figures such as former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom are very superstitious.”

Ghafoor said the MDP had agreed to address four out of the thirty points of concern raised relating over the issue of “public disturbances” during the talks, including concerns from some political parties about the use of the word “coup” in relation to February’s transfer of power.

He added that some parties in the talks did not appreciate the use of the word, with the MDP agreeing to refer to the issue as a ‘questionable’ transfer of power in line with issues raised by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group’s (CMAG) concerns.

Ghafoor claimed that MDP representatives proposed three agreements to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) mediation expert Pierre-Yves Monette to try and move the talks forward. These agreements were that the party would accept four of the thirty points of contention raised by government-aligned parties. They also wished to see the end of the use of “abusive” language used by representatives during the talks.

Finally, Ghafoor claimed that an independent monitor had also been requested to rule on allegations raised about certain representatives during the ongoing talks.

“Right now they are alleging we are terrorists. We need an independent monitor to rule on these accusations and verify the truth of such claims,” he said.

Of the other parties represented during the talks, Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Vice President Umar Naseer and MP Ilham Ahmed were not responding to calls from Minivan News at the time of press.

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Dr Abdulla Mausoom, the respective leader and Deputy Parliamentary Group Leader of the largest government coalition member, the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), were also not answering calls.


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  1. Dear outside world,
    Please make an effort to understand the sickness of Maldivan elite, when their values are guided by superstitions and black magic - such a joke in the 21st Century. Aren't they a mockery of civilization.

  2. It does not matter what century this is, Sorcery is mentioned in Quran 60 times. Quran is applicable to all ages until the final day of judgment. Looks like you do not believe in QURAN. How unfortunate.

  3. It's one thing when Adhaalath accuses MDP of practicing black magic, but when it's the police.. we know our country is in ruins. it's kinda sad, actually.

  4. Are Maldivians still living in the dark ages? Sorcery, black magic etc are thought be only believed and practised in tribal subsaharan Africa.

  5. Great, Police after sorcery? Illiyas could not overthrow Gayoom through sorcery. We could not win a world cup qualifying with sorcery.Now anni is also trying it? if Anni is Laa dheenee as claimed by THIS GOVERNMENT what Sorcery can he believe?
    To capture Nasheed the government is ready to do anything.

  6. Looks like the worship of devil, phallus, fire and all sorts of other artifacts never left these God forsaken islands. The regime is feeling the heat of "black magic".

    Good ploy by MDP though. Carry on with the good work. Let them shit in their pants for the fear of "black magic". What a lot of ignorant morons. The only thing black is their hearts and minds.

  7. This is clear proof (and admission by police) that MDP firmly believes in Islam. That is why MDP is now into black magic.

    A good day for MDP.

  8. As the popular proverb "Hassan will think bunch of bananas will be cut......" goes - sorcerers will be on the look out for rival sorcery.

    This is a good form of punishment by MDP!

    Black magic,
    Black crow,
    Black traitor,
    Black! Black! Black!

  9. This is beyond belief..Did this lady have a magic wand?.Are there no calendars in the Maldives?It is actually 2012 for those who still live in the dark ages..For goodness sake come-on and join the real world..

  10. I'm sorry to point out that Islam must be the only religion in the history of the world that hasn't moved on when the facts are proven that something that are written in the past were never true in the first place. The Christian's believed the earth was flat until travellers sailed around the world, they believed man was decendant from Adam and Eve, until Darwin Thereory of Eveolution was presented. So how come your great scholars, men of wisdom, men that guide you through life's trials can't use the gifts that Allah has given them to use their brains to question the facts and bring your religion into the 21st Century. I know why, it's to keep control and surpress the freedom that is the god given right of every person on this earth regardless of colour or creed.

  11. //
    @ mockery of civilization on Sat, 2nd Jun 2012 7:18 PM

    It does not matter what century this is, Sorcery is mentioned in Quran 60 times. Quran is applicable to all ages until the final day of judgment. Looks like you do not believe in QURAN. How unfortunate.

    The stupid it burns.


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