MDP and pro-government parties all planning rallies tomorrow

Political parties both supporting the current government of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of ousted President Mohamed Nasheed are planning rallies on Friday.

MDP will hold “Women’s rally for justice” tomorrow evening, calling for early elections. In a statement on the party’s official website, president of the party’s women’s wing, Shiyama Ahmed said “Our rally is to be held in all major streets of the capital Male’ to express our concerns. We shall call for the immediate stepping down of this ‘coup’ government and demand a date for early elections.”

According to Shiyama, the rally will commence near the Social Centre in Maafannu ward at 3.45pm, and conclude near the tsunami monument on the other side of Male’.

The MDP has also planned a ‘sleepover’ event tonight near the tsunami monument, part of their ongoing protest against the government. Nasheed’s party alleges that Dr Waheed’s government illegally came into power through a police mutiny, and are calling for early presidential elections.

The coalition of parties supporting President Waheed’s government have also meanwhile planned a rally on Friday evening at the artificial beach, just a short distance from the MDP’s protest, in which they will call on the government to take legal action against those who were involved in the arson attacks on local police stations and government offices on February 8, after a police crackdown on MDP supporters.

Spokesperson of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), MP Ahmed Mahlooof, said during a press conference yesterday said that the rally held by the coalition would take place at the artificial beach tomorrow evening at 4:00pm.

Mahloof stated that the different parties in the coalition were jointly working on to bring as many people from the islands to the capital Male’ for the rally, and said that many were willing to come and take part in the event.

Mahloof further stated that they had asked the Male’ City Council for the permission to hold the rally near the tsunami monument, but had instead been given the artificial beach area. Mahloof alleged that the MDP had taken hold of the Male’ city council.

“I have a feeling the two crowds will meet at some point tomorrow,” an MDP-linked source told Minivan News. “This is going to be a numbers game. We are demanding an election date.”

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has meanwhile travelled south to meet supporters in Addu, and is expected to return before the weekend’s protests.


15 thoughts on “MDP and pro-government parties all planning rallies tomorrow”

  1. Tomorrows No's will prove whether we Maldives prefer a quick buck from Kibi Maumoon, Bruma Gasim, Crown Company Saleem, Kaminee Yamin, Bandos Waheedheen and Sultan Thasneem or we Maldivians prefer Proper governance.

  2. Haleem, the numbers in the crowd (sought, bought or brought) are not necessarily proof of popularity: The numbers in the ballot (if unadulterated) are definite proof.

  3. Women have rights and a vote too!
    Can not wait to see them out number the illegitimate government!

  4. baghee waheed, what else u tried to defend? UN, CMAG, all they urge for early election...

    i wonder why these bandits are so affraid to call for election seriously??

  5. @nina on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 5:54 PM

    "i wonder why these bandits are so affraid to call for election seriously??"

    I can help you with that. If elections are called tomorrow, you'll have Yamin, Gasim, Thasmeen and possibly others trying to get the Presidential vote.

    Their new found love for each other (which is rather shallow and artificial to start with), will disappear overnight. None of them have a cat in hells chance of being elected.

    In that scenario, they know full well, that President Nasheed will be elected with a landslide vote. That simply is Dooms Day scenario for them.

  6. To let a woman out of her house is complete madness. They are frivolous creatures whose time is best spent on quiet devotion and the breeding of pious offspring.

    I urge all decent Maldivian womenfolk to refrain from making a display of themselves by overturning these time honored gender norms. Do not participate in these political rallies, and besmirch your reputation thus. It is not a womans place, and will only lead to the further corruption of our national moral fabric!

  7. It was an accidental power transfer rather than a planned coup. Such accidents are not uncommon in these islands.

    Lets face it. Maldavians do not have the brains to plan anything, even a coup.

  8. dhivehi hanguraama likes playing god i guess. Maai beyfulheh keke.

    His belief and thinkin for women is even more brilliant..

    He says anhenunnakee dharin vihaa machinu thakeko.

    This guy really should be put in a no holds bared cage fight with couple of strong women..or mayabe he shud preach his holy words right at all the women whose gonna be there in the protest.,face to face with them......................................... now ladies n gents can u imagine howd dhivehi hanguraama wud look like after 5 mins of his preaching face to face with tomorrows women crowd??

  9. in the previous elections all of these parties were supporting mdp and opposing then govt. question mdp supporters should put to their leadership is, why did the mdp lose all the support from these parties?

  10. I agree with Dhivehi Hanguraama. Let's all go back to the morals of the Victorian era.

    Or perhaps post 79 Iran might be more up his alley (though their birth control schemes might upset our good friend).

    Where else to, but the ramblings of Khomeini, should we turn to for our collective spiritual well being?

  11. Women should participate on every step of the political issue in the country. Because Women are mother of the nation. Without women a how can the leaders of the country born. At the end of the day no matter what religion you are we all are human being. Instead of discriminating women why can't you just simply cheer them up for the society.....

  12. This attitude we can never overcome, absence to negotiate, with interest of a few, this country has grounded our life into insane. More than the blood we assume an undiscovered reality to overcome depression or hope. what is this interpretation between us. Lets fade the impersonal for the name of democracy of what you call and to all Bagee vs kaafaru

  13. @dhivehi hanguraama, are you for real!?!? HAHAHHAA!

    Never fails to amaze me when men make comments like this... it must be hard being you, constantly feeling threatened by the power of women, and it must be so tiring for you watching over them constantly...

  14. Salaam Brothers
    My question to you who have join the illegal government, we Maldivian did not gave vote to Whaheed DDR.and Gasim Ibrahim and businesswomen man who only think for there benefit, so we elected Mr.Nasheed as president of Maldives,

    I call all of you to fear Allah, for you wrong doing, you have to pay for this if not in this world life.of course after you death, that will be Much harder painful remember this , Yaa ALLAH PLEASE SAVE OUR NATION FROM THIS CRIME'S AND WRONG DOERS, AMEEN


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