PIC to investigate allegations of police violence

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) has launched an investigation into accusations levelled at police from February 6-8.

President of the Commission Shahinda Ismail said the period included the conduct of police during the protest on February 6 in which police sided with opposition demonstrators, the attack by police on the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) headquarters, their involvement in the demonstrations that led to Nasheed’s resignation on February 7, and the crackdown on demonstrators on February 8.

Allegations of excessive force used to make arrests in other parts of the country would also be investigation, Shahinda said..

“Every accusation against the police will be investigated. The whole committee has diverted all its attention to carrying out this investigation,” local newspaper Haveeru reported her as saying.


2 thoughts on “PIC to investigate allegations of police violence”

  1. 98% of maldives police force consist of very poorly educated or in some cases un educated men and women. These people are uncivilized and lack general knowledge wich leads to lack of discipline and responsibility.

    Some police men who became barbaric told mr nasheedh left them on the streets to control the 13 nights of protest of ppm and drp. During this time whole force was on alert n they had to be on duty most hours a day. police blamed nasheedh for forgetting they had families and needed free time...which led hatred and anger in these medieval under developed police thugs who joined the protest later on to overthrow nasheedh as president..

    I wonder why they got mad for bin on the streets several hours everynite doing there duty. They arepaid with the peoples money to do this job. Whats the meaning of riot police???

    Its time the government started literating these medieval barbarians.
    At least some standard of dignity should be present in a policemen anywhere in the world.

  2. At least some standard of dignity should be present in a president anywhere in the world.


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