MDP calls for compromise amid ongoing political standoff

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is open to compromise in its position on the opening of parliament, the party has said, in its pursuit of an early election date.

“[The MDP] have to compromise as well. It should not be expected that during negotiations that only one side will make all the efforts to compromise,” said the MDP’s Parliamentary Group Leader Ibu Solih yesterday.

In a conciliatory statement, Solih said: “Just look at what happened last week. [The government] said that a date for an early election will not be settled until the parliament is opened, while we maintained that the parliament cannot be opened until a date is set. Both sides wanted their way.”

He continued to posit national welfare as the paramount concern during the current political upheavals: “Finding a way to co-exist should be of fundamental importance right now.”

President’s Office Spokesman Abbas Adil Riza said that the all-party talks would continue when the convener Ahmed Mujuthaba returns next week. Riza himself represented the Jumhoree Party (JP) of resort owner Gasim Ibrahim at the recent round of talks, and spoke of the need to find common legislative ground before fresh elections.

“Let parliament function and politicians be politicians,” said Riza. “We cannot allow extreme elements to take control.” Riza stated that the JP wanted assurances that the democratic processes that many people had worked hard to cultivate “would be allowed to function properly before it could support fresh elections.”

“We must not return to square one,” he continued, as he emphasised the need for clearer methods, situated on common ground, to resolve procedural deadlocks. He cited the PPM’s displeasure with the Electoral Commission and the MDPs unhappiness with the Judicial Services Commission as examples of this systemic conflict.

“Having nearly brought the democratic process to a standstill… let us legitimise the process,” he said.

Committee of National Inquiry (CNI)

Transparency Maldives Project Director Aiman Rasheed reported that a meeting between NGOs and the CNI today was candid and contained much “positive energy”.

Today’s meeting was attended by a number of local groups including the Maldivian Democracy Network, the Maldives NGO Federation and Democracy House.

“The inquiry is an opportunity for unity… It is a collaborative civil society effort,” Rasheed said. He emphasised the popular theme of better dialogue between parties.

Several parties on the side of the new government, the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and the Adhaalath Party (AP) last week walked away from the India-mediated roadmap talks  after MDP MPs blocked the entry of Parliamentary Speaker, Abullah Shahid, to the People’s Majlis. The CNI has been presented by India as an important of  path to political reconciliation in the Maldives.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan earlier in the week wrote to all parties urging a renewal of their commitment to the all party talks “in the best interest of the nation.”

During the meeting between the CNI and the representatives of Maldivian civil society,  the issue of time constraints on the newly formed investigative body were also highlighted. Whilst time is needed to adequately staff and establish working procedures, Rasheed said he believed time was “a luxury” that could be ill-afforded.

The CNI has asked the Foreign Ministry to expedite its normal procedures in contacting the United Nations. International participation has been strongly advocated both domestically and internationally to safeguard the transparency of the inquiry process.

Following the MDPs recent claims of witness intimidation – including of police officers willing to speak to the inquiry – CNI members were candid about the challenges faced, acknowledging that witness protection would be an important issue.

The President spoke to local television station DhiTV this week, stating his intention to work tirelessly to unite the divided country.

In a subsequent statement on the President’s Office website, Dr Waheed said “satisfactory results could not be achieved if I attempted to work alone.”

“What we have witnessed over the past three years was the decisions of a single individual being imposed on all,” Dr Waheed claimed.


6 thoughts on “MDP calls for compromise amid ongoing political standoff”

  1. Several Parties are on the side of the government at gun point. The reality is 1. Maumoon & Yaamin are ruling.
    2. Waheed is the face. He cannot get out of this as an ally to the coup.
    3. Thasmeen has no way to go but support because he has a pending court case. Both him and Ali Azim (MP for mid Henveiru)will loose their seats if convicted.
    4. Gasim - On the same boat. say no to Maumoon and his file will come out
    5. Abdulla Shahid - Gemanafushi Ilham has already said that they are searching for Shahid's file.
    6. Hassan Saeedh - of course is a unique case.
    7. Jabir - too much to loose.
    8. Sun Travel Shiyam - too much to loose.

    Only those who have nothing to loose are coming out against the coup and defending Human Rights.

  2. It is bcos of MDP parliament is obstructed. We have seen the quality of MDP parlimentary members. Their behavior is unacceptable on 1st March. These members thot that was fun but to the world they are disgrace. International community now knows these fellows are nothing but empty heads.You all will fail in the next parlimentary election. Lets see

  3. Abbas Aadhil Riza has the nerve to talk about democratic values sitting as the spokes person of the coup lead government. You are the ones who have put back 20 years this democratic process. People like you and Gasim from your party never wanted democracy. Gasim just wanted a way to get more wealth and people to go begging to him.

  4. I'm sure that the International Community would have seen more drama in other parliaments than ours.

  5. MDP: Don't you dare give up or compromise!

    By compromising you are giving up the opportunity of experiencing what is generally the most deficient in the society.


    Why else do you think that loads of women and young men take to the streets? Is it really to support Anni personally? No. Absolutely not! Anni, himself, would not want dogged licking.
    Anni is just a means to an end.

    The reasons are
    a) Conflicts gives most, some form of entertainment in this bitter and tasteless country.
    b) Anni is the only politician who has the guts to call as it is.
    c) Anni is the only one (from all current politicians) who would facilitate some form of entertainment to the young. The rest are just hypocrites.


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