MDP calls for justice for 17-year-old injured outside Endherimaage

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has condemned “the uncivilised, cowardly and inhumane attack” on 17-year-old Hussein Hassan, Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo Semy, who was struck on the head with a wooden plank allegedly thrown from Maafanu Endherimaage, residence of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

An MDP protest against the judiciary last Thursday turned violent outside Endherimaage after the 17-year-old was injured from the object, which eyewitnesses claimed was hurled from the second floor balcony of the building while the protesters led by MDP MPs and senior officials were passing below.

In a press statement released today by the MDP parliamentary group, the ruling party said the left side of the boy’s brain was not properly functioning and he could not recall past memories as a result of the injury.

“The Maldivian Democratic Party urges all relevant authorities of the state to bring everyone who took part in this lowly, inhumane act to justice,” it reads. “MDP will be watching how the investigation is progressing very closely and the party would like to assure the family of the injured boy as well as our members that we will take all necessary legal action in this case.”

Minivan News journalists at the scene on Thursday observed gravel, stones, hot water and sharp metals raining down on the protesters from Endherimaage.

The protest quickly turned violent after the boy was rushed to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) by MDP MPs on a passing pickup near Athena cinema. MDP activists threw rocks at Endherimaage, smashed a window and attacked Gayoom supporters blocking the entrance.

Speaking at the MDP Haruge Friday night, former Chairwoman Mariya Ahmed Didi, who was in the front line of the protest march, said the wooden plank that injured the boy was with the police.

“They still haven’t apologised to the people for this,” she said. “This happened in broad daylight from that house [Endherimaage].”

Meanwhile, MDP MP Mohamed Musthafa called on Home Minister Hassan Afeef to resign from his post claiming the Home Ministry and law enforcement agencies were “failed institutions.”

“A wooden door was dropped from the building where former President was living, and Gassam Maumoon was summoned to the police headquarters and was allowed to walk away freely,” Musthafa said. “Letting him get away with it has showed us that the police and the Home Ministry has failed.”

Musthafa, who beat the former President’s son to win the Thimarafushi seat in a re-vote ordered by the High Court, alleged that Gassan was arrested in the UK for a hit-and-run accident where a British citizen died.

“There should be no protection or immunities for any son or daughter of former president because all of them are above 18,” Musthafa said. “Hassan Afeef was afraid of former President, he fears that he might lose his job or something.”

After Musthafa circulated a text message to MPs and Police Commissioner calling for Afeef’s “immediate resignation,”  he said Afeef later sent him a text saying “get lost.”

Afeef told Minivan News today that did not wish to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, local daily Haveeru reports that according to the former President’s lawyer Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim ‘Wadde’, Gassan has been sent a summons chit to appear at the police headquarters at 10:00am tomorrow for further questioning.

Waheed claimed the wooden plank that injured the 17-year-old was thrown by an MDP protester.

After responding to the first summons, Gassan Maumoon told reporters outside police headquarters Saturday afternoon that he exercised the right to remain silent after “it appeared from some of their questions that they were accusing me.”


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  1. Passing below?

    Now that's what I call propaganda.

    As if no other news media exists in this country and assuming that the MDP mob had not tried to charge into personal property.

    I fear for the future of this country if Minivan is allowed to become our only portal to the outside world.

  2. Comon! I believe Maumoon would have raised his children better. This is a false allegation!

    I remember a time when my country was a peaceful and a heavenly place! Look at it now! Its all done because of illogic arguments! Thank you all for stealing it from me!

  3. this Ghassan buggar is the guy who ran the hate website with boh mondhoodh guy. I mean this guy was even previously accused of running over somebody while in UK. He is now accused of hauling that log out Endherimaage second floor. He should be brought to justice at any cost!!!

  4. Look at the nails and the bands of his hand. Maybe he got high with heroine and was in "vaanuvaa"

  5. In a way I'm glad that Gayyoom's family don't live in Alivaage but I think I should have kept this boy (Ahthaanu) with me. He's not stable. After the Uk car incident we should have been more careful to let him loose. If Hassan Hussein dies there'll be no Arif to protect Ahthaanu.

  6. parliament members and government officials together with criminal elements in a mob gathering is extremely disturbing. the government and ruling party is responsible for this and the ultimate demise of this country. i pray that the common maldivian sees through this bullshit and stops these politicians form brainwashing and using them as pawns

  7. and the meantime the government continues to dispose of our resources left right and centre (and very soon 99 years lease will be passed)


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