Police Integrity Commission requests PG prosecute former Deputy Commissioner Rishwan

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) has concluded its investigation into complaints filed by several individuals claiming they were unlawfully arrested and mistreated in custody in July 2010, requesting former Police Deputy Commissioner Mohamed Rishwan be prosecuted for alleged violation of the Police Act.

According to local media citing the PIC investigation report, Rishwan admitted to giving the order to his subordinates to cut the hair of several individuals arrested during a special operation, including minors.

PIC Chairwoman Shahindha Ismail did not respond to Minivan News at the time of press.

Rishwan meanwhile resigned from the post of Deputy Commissioner on July 12 this year, informing local media that he wished to spend more time with his family.

In July last year, police and the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) arrested almost 60 people, including children, in a joint special operation launched to curb the rise in gang violence.

Many arrested at the time claimed that their mobile phones and personal belongings were confiscated and not returned when they were released.

Almost everyone arrested in the operation was released without any charges.

A number of those arrested claimed they were mistreated and abused in custody, including being forced to remove their clothes, blindfolded and beaten.

“I was arrested while I was on the way to Dharumavantha Scool to get a document,” one of those arrested told Minivan News in July 2010. “While I was waiting near the traffic lights on Sosun magu, two policemen and two MNDF officers told me to be freeze, came up behind me and handcuffed me and my friend.”

“I asked them on what charges they were arresting me, and where they were taking me, and they said they needed me to clarify some information.”

He said the officers pushed him into a police bus and blindfolded him with his hands tied with clips.

“They took me to a place and removed my silver ear-rings, my bracelets, necklace and sunglasses,” he claimed. “Then they took me to a place and removed the blindfold on my eye, and ordered me to remove my clothes. I refused, but I had no other choice so I did, and they told me to bend over. They harassed me verbally and physically.”

He said the officers were covering their faces.

“After checking me they blindfolded me again, and then took me to somewhere else. I asked them where they were taking me, they said that I should speak only when I am spoken to,” he said. “They pushed me into another room, where they trimmed my hair. When I tried to refuse, they hit beat me.”


9 thoughts on “Police Integrity Commission requests PG prosecute former Deputy Commissioner Rishwan”

  1. given the situation at that time...i am gonna stand behind the police on this one. i have had enough of these partays and the soft liberal high-society a**h*** wannabes defending their so called rights. the murder rate seem to have dropped but i am still looking for a time like back in the old days when i could walk around male' not even without a thought about criminals and crime.

  2. Feb 28th 2011, Minivan news

    The Deputy Commissioner of police Mohamed Rishwan has been reportedly suspended for allegedly disobeying an order from Home Minister Hassan Afeef concerning the Thulusdhoo atoll office, reports SunFM.

    SunFM reported that the Home Minister ordered police to take over the Atoll Office in Thulusdhoo and that the Deputy Commissioner had refused to do so without a court order.

    Not defending Rishwans orders to shave heads if he did so. But we all know what the ruling party politics is. Now that he has retired after several episodes of not obeying unlawful orders, I am not surprised by this.

    One question though, When did PIC have the authority to ask PG? Isn't it that PIC have to report to Home Minister and he will decide to send case to PG?

  3. Minivannews, you've made a mistake. Those kids were actually arrested for sporting illegal haircuts. Their heads were restyled during detention, so that they can be released without criminal charges. It's just like catching a murderer, undoing the murder, and then releasing the ex-murderer. Minivannews has no idea about real police work.

  4. Why is Gayoom and his children above the law. When they are asked to go to the police station they need ample time to think. We did not have that liberty under Gayoom. Drag the b"£$%*$ds and feed them to the sharks.

  5. Can we get rid of Gayoom and clan. Unless they are gone this country will never see any progress

  6. well said @drogey.better PIC investigate the so called investigations that could not get any conviction in the courts.

  7. If we consider this from a human rights angle then there has been a breach of the rights of those young persons. There would be no two ways about this. The police do sometimes get out of hand when it comes to questioning people on the streets or taking them in for questioning.

    I have seen fine upstanding young men I know being harassed by police officers and asked to show identification based merely on the style of their dressing.

    This has a lot to do with the cultural background of a lot of junior police officers who hail from the outer islands and also the exasperation that law enforcers feel at being unable to convict known criminals. However the law is there for a reason and it is best that the Maldives Police Service learn to deal within legal limits.

  8. ' They took off my silver earrings ! ' said the victim.

    note : The victim happens to be a boy.

    I dont see anything wrong in that

  9. Maybe the PIC should investigate on who gave these orders plus a few more that was unconstitutional and not carried out by oficers like Rishwan... Unlike some, Rishwans integrity is intact..


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