MDP condemns Elections Commission over Addu City Council cancellation

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has condemned the Elections Commission “in strongest possible terms” for canceling the Addu City council election.

The Elections Commission announced that the Addu City Council election was canceled after the Civil Court invalidated the criteria established by the Local Government Authority to determine cities.

The Local Government Authority was established when the Civil Court recently ruled that president does not have the authority to declare Addu as a city before a Local Government Authority was established, and before the Authority determines whether Addu meets the requirements to be a city.

”In the public referendum held, Addu citizens in Maradhu area have already decided that they want to hold the Addu City Council elections,” said MDP’s Maradhoo branch in a statement. ”The citizens of this area were extremely concerned when Elections Commission announced that Addu City Council elections were canceled.”

MDP Maradhu referred to article 4 of the constitution which states that all powers of the state are derived from the citizens and remain with the citizens.

”We are very concerned, disappointed and condemn this in strongest possible terms for the state institute has disregarded the decision of the citizens,” said the statement.

Many Addu citizens believe the development of Addu is linked to the establishment of Addu City.

”As a result, we call on everyone not attempt to work against Addu City council elections and remember that the people of this area are willing to sacrifice anything to come out against those who work to obstruct this,” said the MDP.

Vice President of the Elections Commission Ahmed Fayaz Hassan said that all members of the commission were working according to the constitution and laws.

”We have taken an oath that we will follow the laws and the constitution, and we are keeping our work to the constitution and laws,” he said, adding that he had no further comment on the issue.


8 thoughts on “MDP condemns Elections Commission over Addu City Council cancellation”

  1. MDP also get ready to resign with Mubaarak in September, both MDP and Mubaarak failed to fulfill the duties they have in their shoulder

  2. I am both MDP member and an Adduan. MDP must follow the law and regulations. Yes, I want Addu to be a city, but it it should be done followed by proper procedures.

  3. When what ever election takes place in Addu these opposition will beg us for a vote. Our revenge will put chili and salt on their wound. We know the real people behind the delay in forming Addu city. The opposition controlled Majilis makes flawed laws but our rights can't be taken using a stupid clause.

  4. @ahmed

    you would follow the law if you were forced to be gay also ? or would you follow it if the low forced you to jump off a cliff ? some laws need to be changed according to the citizens needs rather than having a law for just namesake

  5. Question to be answered by ALL PARTIES, GOVERNMENT,POLITICIANS,COURTS AND ALL CONCERNED INSTITUTES.Why the hell on earth we had an election to decide a CITY or whatsoever before the the council election.WHY THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA OF ALL THESE NONSENSES TILL NOW.WHY NO CONCLUSION WAS MADE BEFORE THE ELECTION.Who will take the responsibilities?
    Now i know that the government,all parties,politicians,institutes and courts acting now are nonsenses.Non of them is working accordingly.So greedy and selfish, works only for their own benefits.
    This is time to stand up and work for a better Maldives.WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER MALDIVES.We need to have body or a party to be registered to solve all these useless colors.We have flag it SHOWS the colors of nation.
    I kindly request from Dr.Munawwar to come out,register a party and try to solve all these probs that our nation is facing.We will support it and grow it by the people and for the people.If we look into any corner of this country we can see the darkness ahead of us.there is no light at all.No parties are working for the nation.They all works for their own benefits.
    If Adduans are not eligible to vote then the rest of Maldives too.It clearly shows that laws,rules and regulation is not by the people and for the people.

    Its the majority of Adduans, who decided addu to become a city.So all should support it and make it happen before this election.But every single person try to create problems into this matter .No one supported to have it solved. What a nonsenses they all have created and they all have failed.
    We know that there are lots to be done in addu to become a city.Still we can go forward and build it with they way that adduans need.Improve health care,education,running water,sewage,roads and create jobs.Thats first Aid or basic needs to begin with.Lets built it all Maldivians get the benefit from it.We(adduans) are in reality in a worse condition then ever before.Lets have action before the words."Yes we Can"

  6. More than 30 thousand people live in Addu; also has international airport; government is keen to hold next SAARC summit there; Adduans are also keen for 'city' tag - but, the opposition parties are hell bent in opposing anything that govt wants. This is becoming too much now.

  7. I personelly dont think that ADDU has got all the features that it ought to have!

    As far as I know from my EXP...addu cant be called a city unless it has got all the facilties that a city ought to have now for getting a CT scan Adduans have top go jump from their land to Male. what is this even an epicle x-ray what the heck!!

    Do u all Adduans need a name tag...if so that would be the stupiest thing ever they want...even the small intel kid can see whats beneath it!

    Adduans needs not a name tag "so-called city" as a name to fly high down and crash...

    they need the reality not the halucinations or dreams.

    for all the good it will happen

    Adduans find the reason of your blockades and cease-back when u all are united in thoughts and wills

    U have the power prove it


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