DQP alleges MDP involvement in judicial obstruction

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) led by former Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed has today issued a statement condemning the alleged attempts ”of the ruling” Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to obstruct the judicial system and threaten judges.

The party said in a statement that the alleged action of some MDP MPs within protests that barred entry to Male’s Justice Building was a constitutional violation. The protests had been held in opposition to a ruling by the Civil Court that Addu Atoll did not fulfill criteria to be considered a city.

”By the hard work of the citizens, the judges have become independent according to the new constitution. And we call on the police and the chief justice to take immediate actions against those who attempt to obstruct the judicial system,” the DQP said in the statement. ”This is an additional circle to the series of attempts by the MDP’s government to challenge the constitution, obstruct judicial administration, mock the judges and to create civil unrest.”

The DQP said it was the lawful duty of the police and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) to uphold the constitution ”as you have swore by god to uphold the constitution.” The party also called for police and the MNDF to take action against those trying to influence and threaten the judiciary.

The criticisms made by the DQP follow similar claims made this week by the People’s Alliance Party (PA), which is led by Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, has today condemning attempts to ”influence and threaten the judiciary”, following the protests in Male’.

A PA statement said “reasonable grounds” existed to believe that there were political links in the attempts to block entrance to the cour, based on media reports comments made by MDP MP Alhan Fahmy that Adduans ”would not let courts in Addu open.”

Some Maldivians have reacted in anger to the Civil Court’s ruling that the Local Government Authority established by the government to determine the criteria of cities was incomplete and that the Local Government Authority’s determination that Addu meets the requirements to become a city was invalid.

This resulted in similar protests to those seen in Male’ also being held in Addu Atoll, where people allegedly chain locked the main door of Hulhudhoo court.


10 thoughts on “DQP alleges MDP involvement in judicial obstruction”

  1. how long should one refer to him as 'former attorney general'? Even 20 years from now, would minivan news still refer to him as 'former attorney general' (perhaps even after god knows how many people would have filled that post from now).

  2. ”By the hard work of the citizens, the judges have become independent according to the new constitution."

    That's one huge lie! By the hard work of Gayyoom's cronies, they have managed to hang on to the independent instutions and judiciary of the country.

    The old regime was given too much time to lodge itself deep in these instituions. It will take generations to get rid of these people.

    Jameel is just a two faced liar.

  3. These Gaumee Party Rulers are so intelligent and over flowing with ability this Jameela or Jameel Moron accepted the position to run the Civil Aviation Ministry of Maldives.

    I still can laugh my gut off when I think of that.

  4. Crazy party needs to be abolished. They took peoples money and take big salary from it and make our life difficult. The 2 PHD holders need to serve the country rather than think of personal intrest and destroy our country.

  5. It seems that DQP leadership is not bothered about the aspirations of Addu people. Besides, Addu is to host next SAARC summit in November and these people are playing politics - not bothered about country's image. What sort of politics is this.

  6. Can I have a kilo of whatever 'off the planet' stuff this guy is on please - our judges or at least the old dictator's judges are neither transparent, fair, trained or even decent, anyone who thinks otherwise is total idiot.

    I'm fed up with these two Post Hormonal Dickheads popping up every so often and raising stupid so called issues, they both failed as cabinet ministers, shut up and go back to academics, they might be impressed, we want people who can run the country not just rip everyone else down.

  7. Let him bark a bit more.

    He is a nobody.
    Nobody will listen to him. And certainly nothing will come out of it.

  8. DQP should be referred as "lava party". Hassan Saeed needs a facial and good set of make-up set complete with mascara and eyeliner (dark).
    We are seeing beginning of disintegration of a political party. No support from Addu now.


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