MDP decides to stop following court orders until judicial system is reformed

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has released a statement saying it will no longer follow any orders given by the courts of the Maldives until the changes proposed by international entities are brought to the Maldivian judicial system.

The party said the decision was reached as to date, they had observed no efforts to improve the judicial system based on the recommendations put forward in reports released by numerous international organizations.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Naseem proposed a motion regarding the matter at the party’s 128th National Executive Council (NEC) meeting Thursday, which was seconded by Former Minister of Environment and Housing Mohamed Aslam.

The motion stated that the party believed the increasing number of arrests and allegations of serious crimes like terrorism against a large number of citizens, parliament members, city councillors, and other elected political leaders were politically motivated. It further stated that this was unjust manipulation of the judiciary by the government to weaken political competition, and an attempt to prevent Nasheed from contesting in the upcoming presidential elections.

The MDP also states that with reference to the reservations put forward by former President Mohamed Nasheed’s legal team on Wednesday, it does not believe any of the existing courts would be able to give Nasheed a fair and just trial.

MDP furthermore intends to go ahead with the trips to the atolls planned to commence on October 1, after the motion was passed unanimously at the NEC meeting.

The Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court has placed Nasheed under island arrest effective from Tuesday, with regard to a case concerning the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed last year.

In reaction to this, MDP has also announced its intention to conduct a nationwide protest on Friday.

A number of international actors, including the UN Human Rights Committee, Amnesty International, European Union and the United States have previously emphasised the importance of judicial reform in the Maldives.


14 thoughts on “MDP decides to stop following court orders until judicial system is reformed”

  1. Sigh!

    Reform of any institution is a continuous process. It should never stop and needs to change with the times.

    If we were all to demand a certain change and refuse to recognize the law or the authorities until that change comes about, that is anarchy.

    The State then becomes paralyzed and we are thereby encouraging others to rebel against the laws of the country and the system of justice.

    The MDP really must learn to act as a political party rather than a rebel movement.

  2. hahahaha!!! seriously? is this not a joke? Show me one country where people do not have issues with the judiciary. It should not be an excuse to break law... It is true that judiciary needs urgent reform... but not following court orders? that is why I cannot support these thugs. No civilized society would accept such BS!

  3. The Gayoom junta never respected the law, why should Anni?

    Maldives has been a lawless nation since February 8.

  4. "No one is above the law. Not even the ex-president from MDP."

    Well that depends who OWNS the law now doesn't it? Certainly not he public citizens of the Maldives.

  5. The problem with MDP is short-shortsightedness. The leadership clearly needs better ideas than this.

  6. Where as president Nasheed is concerned its like personal vendetta. The corrupt judiciary of Dictator Maumoon still rules." Can't help but makes one feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game."

  7. The problem is that a lot of people do not understand democracy at all. Added to that the stupidity of some of the laws of the constitution it is no wonder that the state of affairs has come to this stage.

    The Judiciary is appointed by the Judiciary Services Commission whose power lies with the Majlis.
    It is the people who elect the Majlis. So if the people elect members who are hostile to MDP or a certain party, it is the peoples decision.

    It is no point screaming at the JSC, when it is the people of Maldives who elect these members to the Majlis.

    Look at the stupidity of electing Gasim Ibrahim to the JSC.
    A man who has no clue about law, and who probably cannot read and write properly, on the JSC?

    If we are to change for the better, it is pointless going on the street and rioting. The only way we can change is better education and also electing better members to the Majlis.
    I do not mean educated people but better people. Education alone does not make a man. They make monkeys out of men as we have seen in our Majlis.

  8. Anni had rule the country under a different constitution and Maumoon rules this country in a constitution where all the powers were given to him.

    We the Maldivian changed Gayoom and the constitution for a reason and not that we want Anni to follow the old constitution.

    If we were happy the way Gayyoom and the constitution , then why did we forced Gayyoom to change it and remove the Gayyoom from power.

    Truth of matter is that Anni did not know how to rule the country within the democratic means and he thought he was given the power to run the country the way he wish.

    We all need to learn from the history and need to give deep thought on what we want ? Whether we really want a democracy or we want to go back to communist era?

  9. Anni should have had people like 'abulho' put to death by firing squad. That is a proper punishment for child abusers.

  10. As the poet says, it is truly a shame to live in a place where justice is a game!

    Fact of the matter is that judiciary and parliament in the Maldives needs major overhaul! Everyone know this! However, are hypocritical when it comes to decision making!
    This, is the bare truth!

    The judiciary, and parliament never wants to reform themselves and let there be a system of good governance for the people!

    However much it may look odd, or is out of fashion or practice, this does not seem unfit!

    Where there is no Rule of Law, there cannot be a call to follow it!


  11. A good move. Judiciary system needs to be reformed.

    It MDP who came up with;

    - Democracy
    - Nation wide transportation system
    - Health care

    and now even without the being the ruling party MDP has the power to reform judiciary.

    We are proud of MDP and MDP is proud of us. Its Maldivian Democratic Party

  12. My god in heaven Shinaz, now there's one for the history books.

    "MDP came up with HEALTH CARE".

    LOL! ROFL!!!!! Pakaaaaaaaaas!!

    Call the Nobel Foundation. Alert the presses.


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