MDP files no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker of the Parliament

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs have filed a no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker of Parliament and People’s Alliance (PA) MP, Ahmed Nazim.

MDP Parliamentary Group’s Spokesperson MP Mohamed Shifaz confirmed that MDP had filed the motion today.

‘’We have finished all the documentation work and today we handed it to the parliament,’’ said Shifaz.

Shifaz said the party there were many issues with Deputy Speaker Nazim.

‘’First of all, he has many legal cases filed against him in the courts, and there are many issues regarding his integrity,’’ Shifaz said. ‘’Most of the MPs believe that he has to be dismissed. If that happens, it will benefit the work the government is doing to ensure the independence of the judiciary.’’

Shifaz accused Nazim of deliberately delaying work sent to the parliamentary committees in which he has influence.

In retaliation, the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) filed no-confidence motions against Home Minister Hassan Afeed and Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz.

Shifaz claimed that although the opposition filed no-confidence motions against the cabinet ministers, they would not be able to get the numbers required to dismiss them.

”They are dreaming if they think they can dismiss any of the ministers,” he claims..

DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf meanwhile said that if parliamentarians continued working like this, the parliament would prove dysfunctional.

‘’We can’t work like this. One day MDP will file a no-confidence motion against the Speaker, the next day the opposition will file a no-confidence motion against a cabinet minister and if it continues like this, parliament’s responsibilities will be left undone,’’ said Mahlouf. ‘’I have decided to speak with the political parties myself to let them know that it is not right.’’

Mahlouf acknowledged that during the recent protests over the economy, some MPs including Mahlouf himself had signed a no-confidence motion against Finance Minister Inaz.

Nazim did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


12 thoughts on “MDP files no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker of the Parliament”

  1. Mahloof! and rest of zeddey gang will realize how things will move in a future.. the people of maldives will never let opposition MP's to disturb parliament works. When the opposition take no confidence motion again cabinet ministers and when the opposition members disturb government and its programme through amendment of bills dont you think that, one day all these fire back?? today the people of maldives can proudly say that parliament is in our hand.. we will take this country at highest level

  2. This guy is a crook. He doesn't belong there. We have to remove these thugs one by one. The sooner the better.

  3. Parliament should seriously think about dismissing Ahmed Shareef Adam (former secretary general of PA) from Elections Commission (EC). Since he was appointed the EC data base has shown that some members of independent institutes registered in MDP. Today another data base that includes information of all Maldivians above 17 years have been leaked. I suspect that he is playing with the Data base for the benefit of PA and to the disadvantage of MDP.

  4. Im not sure if Mahloof is immature or just playing naive. When opposition had a stronger stand in the Parliament they have only attempted to strip the Government of its authority. To diminish the governments capacity to deliver anything meaningful.

    Parliament attempted to overtake executives authority through parliament committees, amended acts as to weaken the role of the president (such as amendment to finacial regulations act), started to act as a recruitment agency (such as changes brought to MBC). Nobody can be as irresponsible as what the opposition has been.

    Now that the government has some weight in the parliament, they should attempt to undo many of the things thats been done. So regardless of the time it takes the house should be set in order.

    As for Nazim, people who knows him will understand the man is a dangerous person. He will not let go that easily. He will not hesitate to do anything to achieve his objectives.

  5. When is this parliament functional? People see the greeds at the parliament yelling like animals
    .... do you think they have been doing their function?

  6. Inaz and Afeef can always be replaced! try replacing Anni! DRP and Yameen crime gang is just naive in politics!

  7. Hope Mr Pants gets booted out this time. Crooks like him do not belong even in a zoo like our Parliament. It's not that the standards of our Parliament are anything to write about; but people like Nazim prolong the zoo culture in there.

    It amazes me that people like Nazim side step the laws of the country without much effort. Goes to show who runs the country. Crooks!

  8. It's hilarious that Mahlouf thinks parliament is "dysfunctional" when things look gloomy for his lot. I hope MDP would not take him even if he's trying to show different colours; with very limited choice.

    As for J pants, well we all know where where he belongs!

  9. How??? Seriously?!!??!?!

    Are you both listening to yourselves???

    I hate to sound hysterical but HALF the people in Parliament have criminal records (might be an exaggeration but a heckuva lot of them DO!!!).

    Is Nazim the worst? Seriously, is that the ONLY justification for having him removed? Then by all means, remove Qafoor, Musthafa, Bonda etc. etc.

    For god's sake, white collar criminals form most of the political class in just about every country. A large share of the MDP's powerbrokers actually have REAL criminal records. So does the DRP. If we plan to rid our country of people who have ever committed a crime then get ready people because having sex outside marriage itself is a crime in this country.


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