MDP holds series of protests as Dr Waheed’s government marks two months in power

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) held two protests on Saturday, continuing the party’s call for early elections and the resignation of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

Both protests began from ‘Usfasgandu’ behind Dharubaaruge, the party’s new protest hub following the government’s recent closure of the MDP’s permanent protest site near the tsunami  monument.

The first protest started at 5:30pm from Usfasgandu, and concluded at Sultan Park near the Islamic Centre at 6:30pm.

Former Education Minister Shifa Mohamed, former Home Minister Hassan Afeef and former National Security Advisor Ameen Faisal were seen in the frontline of the protests.

The protest was peaceful and there were no reports of police confrontations or arrests. However, angry protesters had some verbal arguments with the police.

The second protest started at around 10:00pm from Usfasgandu. The protesters marched their way from Sosun Magu, passing the parliament and towards President Waheed’s residence, Hilaaleege.

The protesters made their way in front of Dr Waheed’s residence at around 11:00pm.

Surprisingly, only a handful of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officials were on guard at the time when protesters arrived.

Some of the protesters sat down in front of the presidential residence, and continued their call for resignation of President Waheed and his government, and called for early elections.

Spokesperson for Dr Waheed, Masood Imad, said the protesters called for President Waheed’s death, and accused the party of “inciting fear”.

MNDF officials later dispersed the crowds from the premises and closed routes leading towards Dr Waheed’s residence.

The protesters peacefully retreated several blocks and there were no reported confrontations.

After the MNDF had blocked all the routes to Dr Waheed’s residence, protesters headed towards current Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim’s residence.

The protesters gathered outside the minister’s residence and reiterated their calls for the “coup government” to step down and hold elections, and then headed towards artificial beach along Majeedee Magu.

During the protests, a recording of former president Mohamed Nasheed stating that MDP “would not sink” was played continuously, with crowds roaring in support every time the recording was played.

MDP’s women’s activist Aishath Aniya led the protests while former Ministers, Shifa Mohamed and Dr Musthafa Luthfy, and MDP MP Rugiyya Mohamed, were seen in the frontline of the protest.

The protests concluded back at Usfasgandu, and MP Rugiyya handed the MDP flag to its flagman at Usfasgandu.

Shifa addressed the crowds at Usfasgandu and said that the government needed to hear the people’s voice, and the call for early elections.

“Today marks two months after the democratically elected president was brought down by a coup. We will not stop until democracy is restored,” she said.

MP Rugiyya and Dr Luthfy also spoke to the protesters at Usfasgandu, and thanked them for their determination.

The protests ended with a prayer from Mohamed Hafiz, the head of MDP religious affairs council.

A police media official confirmed that there were no confrontations or arrests during the protests. The MDP is to hold another protest tonight.

The MDP has been holding series of demonstrations after the transfer of power that took place on February 7, claiming that the government was brought down illegally in a coup d’état led by rogue police and military personnel, and funded by several local resort owners with political interests.


18 thoughts on “MDP holds series of protests as Dr Waheed’s government marks two months in power”

  1. Please dont forget the extreme Islamist element. They began the "numbers" game by hoodwinking a lot of people that the whole thing was about Islam on Dec 23. Their people helped the continuous unrest of about 2 or 300 people that represented the 13 parties of the alliance in the run up to Feb 7. Their people demolished about 12 ancient carvings in the museum the same day. And Pretender Waheed gave them 3 Ministries and a few deputy minister posts. Fen-fulhi Shaheem, Faahish Ilyas and Fahari Imran should be named and shamed..And now there's talk of Sheikh Gasim leading the Islamic Republic of Paradise Islands. Tks.

  2. And the Judges..who also revolted in the name of Islam. Pls get photos, statistics etc frm Madam V and name and shame them. All these nearly 130 Judges took their oaths unconstitutionally just 6 days before the Law came into effect. Be brave and say the words.. This is an illegitimate government and now they are talking of a VP who is doubly illegitimate.

  3. Here are the numbers. About 6000 mutinous security people say multiplied by 7 for voting family members about 130 judges..40 MPs 9 Sosun Villa Mafia..300 protesters plus Umar Naseer and the like, all that riff raff doesnt add up to the 97000 Maldivians who voted for Mohamed Nasheed. We'll get them, and posterity shall be the final judge.Tks.

  4. Waheed is no saint.
    He is a traitor.
    And what can a traitor deserve?

  5. Its wonderful that there is no let up in protests. I hope that this episode does not get written in our history without its lessons learnt. Previous coups in the 30's and 50's were accepted and forgotten by our grandparents and parents; we must not let this pass.

    Traitors must realize it is but too cumbersome to preside over a populace which refuses bow down to illegitimate authority.

    Power is derived from the people and governments must fear the people, not the other way around.

  6. Be informed that hard core atheists have voiced enough and acted enough to bring alien cultures and ideologies to Maldives which already have spoiled the social fabric of our beloved community. Most Maldivians prefer Islamists and Muslim fundamentalists over hard core atheists closely connected to Zionists. No wonder!! a psychopath like Nasheed will gather some morons of his style, especially when he is desperate. As he goes on pressuring the current GVT for an early election, supporters of GVT will go on pressuring it for taking legal action against Nasheed for his wrong doings. May Allah curse upon these Atheists who pretend to be pacifiers !!

  7. A. Ahmed,

    If you truly believe that most Maldivians prefer Islamists and Muslim fundamentalists then why are you opposed to an early election?

  8. @peasant
    Because according to the constitution the election should be in 2013.

  9. Because according to the constitution the election should be in 2013.

    Ah, the constitution again, not really answering the question though is it, you don't want an early election because you might get turfed out by your ear. If you have the popular 'vote', then why no early election, but 2013 is not too far away, so not too long to live under a dictatorship. This government, and its ministers, have no democratic validity.

  10. Perera are you blind to see those people who have gathered on 23rd ? For sure it was more than 300 people ?

    Anni is the culprit and he himself and Maumoon are the people who had done all this things and spoiled our people

  11. I think MDP should keep themslevs busy with these activites until 2013 July or August.

  12. Mohamed,

    According to the Constitution?

    The same Constitution which legitimizes a regime formed after mutiny and high treason by the Armed forces?

    People who live in glass houses must not throw stones.

  13. Alhamdulillaah! Brother A.Ahmed is truthful and wise. Pay no heed to the Peasant. He is no more than an amteurish lunatic of inferior breeding in comparison to us; a foolish pauper whose discordant and insane spoutings will one day earn him the wrath of Allah (swt), may his enemies be garrotted on the spot.

    Anyway, I am a scientist, and from my knowledge of facial physiognomy, and from my observation of many an MDP "protester", it is evident that a significant number of them are semitic, both in visage and charachter!

    See them their in effusive displays of gratitude towards their master, shaitan!

    Truly modesty and purity are forts that are opposite the designs of the zionists, and yet see them make displays of their "opinionated", lustful harlot women.

    What a travesty upon our Nation!

    See them and rage brother, as they deserve our most austere condemnation!

    May they be doomed to a great pit of fire!

  14. "Anyway, I am a scientist, and from my knowledge of facial physiognomy...."

    Oh you verbose scalawag, put the bong down, its too much for one evening.

    Now please O esteemed Professor, in the name of the Ayatollahs beard, please tell us what you're smoking.

  15. One who is swayed by the false cults of neurologism and evolutionism, those vile fabrications, that have been made into totems to be worshipped by the madmen that comprise Western "academia", will not appreciate the knowledge and insight of one who is truly learned.

    So simmer in your ignorance, Peasant; for enlightening you, is a task not unlike forcing virtue and modesty on our harlot women; it is beyond my talent. A task which will have to wait until the rule of God is implemented!

  16. "Anyway, I am a scientist ..."
    A mad scientist.
    But I thought you are a scholar.

  17. What mutiny? What coup? Its only one phsycopathic Nasheed who claims a coup and his cult followers who believe so.

    All Nasheed has to do is submit his claim to Suprem Court and if its proven right he will be reinstated without an election. Why is he stopping in doing so.

    Bcos he is sick and keeps forgetting what actually happened on the day he resigned.

    Nasheed is suffering from Antisocial personality disorder
    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

  18. Astonishing to see "religion" used as a tool in such a way by the new order. With the new regime, the ends always justifies the means....?This means the use police brutality, curruption, bribes, judicial injustices and threats and the return of cronyism. These are the hallmarks of all dictatorships and they use religion to package this evil totalitarian philosophy to the unsuspecting masses. Not anymore!

    Democracy, freedom of choice and election allows common sense and fairness to rule.
    Early election now is required save he nation. MDP must keep the peaceful protests up in the meantime.


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