MDP launches own investigation into transfer of power

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has launched an investigation into the February 7 transfer of power, claiming President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s inquiry into the change of government is not independent.

President Waheed instituted a three member Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) following ousted President Mohamed Nasheed’s allegation that he was deposed in a coup d’état orchestrated by remnants of the former dictatorship, funded by several resort interests and carried out by mutinous police and military units.

However, the Commonwealth has challenged the CNI’s independence, and on April 16 warned of “further and stronger measures” against the Maldives should the country fail to review the composition and mandate of the commission within four weeks.

Speaking to the press on Monday, former Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam said the MDP had decided to initiate its own inquiry because “we do not trust the current administration’s inquiry to be independent.”

The MDP investigation aims to establish the truth, and learn lessons from the change of government to ensure a coup d’état does not take place in the Maldives in the future, said Aslam.

MP Mariya Didi said the MDP will seek justice based on the evidence they obtain.

“When the investigation is complete we will decide whether to file with a Maldivian court or if necessary with an international court,” she said.

However, Aslam said the MDP did not trust the Maldivian courts to deliver justice.

“It is very clear to us what will happen if we conduct an investigation and file the findings with a Maldivian court. We do not trust the courts to deliver justice on any investigation, whether it is carried out by us or another party,” he said.

“Nevertheless, the ordinary citizen knows what transpired on that day. A day will come when this case will be tried in a court of law and we will obtain justice,” he added.

Aslam said the party has been collecting statements from senior politicians, ordinary citizens, and members of the police and military, and appealed to the citizens “who saw and heard what happened to share information with us.”

Statements obtained so far suggest “this did not happen by chance,” Aslam said. “This was planned in advance, with the participation of senior political figures in the country. Moreover, the two institutions that Maldivians depended on for security have failed.”

Mariya said President Nasheed had requested the investigation and had pledged to cooperate with other ongoing investigations.

“He has given a statement to the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), and will very soon submit a statement to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) on the actions of the police on February 8. Police action on the day violated the respect that must be given to a former president,” Mariya said.

Videos from an MDP demonstration on February 8 show police tear gassing and beating unarmed civilians in front of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) building, and show police in riot gear verbally abusing Nasheed as they dragged him out of a shop.

The HRCM and the PIC have previously told they will respectively investigate human rights violations and police actions before and after February 7, but said the commissions do not have the mandate to look into the circumstances surrounding the change of government.

The MDP will seek international assistance in its investigation, Aslam said.


9 thoughts on “MDP launches own investigation into transfer of power”

  1. i thought MDP has already come to a conclusion that this is Coup. What i do not know is what they are trying to Investigate. Yes! there are questionable actions from MDP administration on 6th and 7th Feb. well the ill effect of this investigation has no means. once again I call for the people of this country to not to follow, a person and follow a philosophy of democracy. Anni as a president is the best. yet he is not a victim, he is just a failure

  2. look, i dont care if it was a coup or not, it cant be proved either way.

    only thing i know is that the mdp scum are running around chopping up everyone with their stupid marches and are greater terrorists than any dictator ever was to us.

    i prefer maumoon to mdp and wish the army would start rolling over them with enormous jeeps, because they are scum and i hate them very much.

  3. Good move by MDP. We have a right to know what happened on 7 February
    That the CNI has passed the buck to President Waheed regarding the recommendations of CMAG is a clear statement that the CNI is not serious about the work it has been entrusted with.
    @ Yasir where did you see the MDP chopping up people? You must be hallucinating.
    And why are you calling us scum? We are ordinary people who wanted justice and freedom. if we are to be called scum because of that then my dear friend, leer us be proud to be called that.
    The real terrorists are those who wearing uniform beat up unarmed citizens and the judges in our courts who failed to deliver justice to our people.
    I have read many such comments from you, all I see from every comment is…. MDP is scum I hate MDP. How old are you? 3 years old? That’s what toddlers say when they can’t get what they want or they don’t like someone. Grow up, Yasir.

  4. This Yasir doesn't doesn't the role of the armed forces and their professionalism he only saw them rebelling against the government which they have taken oath to be faithful. He would only know the professionalism of the armed forces when he or member of his family are in trouble. If u don't know how unlawful it is for the police in rieot gear turning against the lawful government and that this is a coup the you must be baby then.

  5. A corrupt dictator like Nasheed cannot oversea such an investigation

  6. Whether the investigation would lead to anything or nothing, it does not matter. What matters is how miserably Maldives Defense Force and Maldives Police Service have failed (and continued to day) to bring to justice all those who openly attached the Head Quarters and vandalized property of most secret of national institutions. It was all over the news, in front of ordinary eyes! Yet the medal clad officers still are unable to make the perpetrators accountable. So much for your Rambo looks, fat salaries and others an average Maldivian has no access to. Complete farce, repulsive, yet still walking around with heads high (and with all sort of embroidery work on your solders!)

  7. the oath the people from the army or police does say that they need to follow unlawful and illegal orders from the president.

    Anni has taken the laws in his hand for last two years and he started to rule the country without looking at what is written in our constitution.

    Guys Anni got only 24% of the total vote and in his second round , he told " people of Maldives had given him a clear message that he himself can not win the election and he need the rest of the people , zDQP, gaumyy Party, and Adhaalthu party" to win the election " .

    What happened to that coalition ? Anny is a big lier and corrupted idot.

  8. This is the right thing to do! No one can trust the new regime to be honest and fair,


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