MDP looks to work within Majlis to secure early elections

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said it will now begin working through the Majlis to achieve early presidential elections, after President Mohamed Waheed Hassan succeeded in inaugrating the parliament today.

MDP MPs heckled Waheed, preventing him from delivering the constitutionally-mandated presidential address on two occasions, claiming he had come to power through a coup d’état.

Waheed succeeded in addressing parliament only on his third attempt, amid MDP MPs continued shouts of “Traitor” and obstruction of Waheed’s face with a banner condemning him as a “Coup Boss.”

Now that Majlis has opened for the year, the MDP will work within and outside the Majlis to obtain a date for elections, MDP Spokesperson and Malé MP Imthiyaz Fahmy said.

“But I don’t think it will be possible through the Majlis,” Fahmy said. “A lot of MPs in the parliament supported the coup.”

The MDP said that it did not take pride in attempts by its MPs to obstruct the Majlis opening, but Fahmy said he felt they had been left little choice due to the party’s concerns over Waheed’s legitimacy.

“We do not take pride in such actions. But as a coup-sponsored leader, we believe his presence violates the integrity of the parliament,” Fahmy said.

Fahmy said the parliamentary group had given the Speaker the opportunity to inaugurate the Majlis, but “started protesting only when Baagee [ translated as traitor] Waheed entered Majlis.”

Fahmy also said that the MDP does not sanction violence.

Clashes nonetheless broke out between police and MDP protestors demonstrating a few streets away from the Majlis building. Over 60 were arrested. Police used tear gas and, according to some eye witness accounts, rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Police are presently unable to confirm to Minivan News whether rubber bullets had indeed been used.

“Supporters of the current government or even police themselves may have started violence in order to attack the protestors,” Fahmy claimed.

The MDP had been organizing peaceful protests at Raalhugandu (Surf Point) for over a month. “But we haven’t been violent. We are calling for elections. Not for a violence or a coup,” Fahmy said.

The MDP alleges the controversial February 7 resignation of former president Mohamed Nasheed was a coup d’état, and has called for early general election. The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) has supported the call.

Monday’s parliamentary sitting saw Speaker Abdulla Shahid deploy the Maldives National Defense Forces (MNDF) in an attempt to restore order to the chamber. Scuffles broke out between MDP MPs and MNDF personnel, and two sustained injuries, as the MNDF tried to remove protesting MPs.

In the chaotic atmosphere of today’s Majlis session, President Waheed said he would honour early elections calls backed by the MDP, as well as bodies including the EU and Commonwealth, if such as move was “required”.

Waheed pledged via a statement after giving his speech to bring together all political leaders to discuss constitutional amendments required for fresh elections.

“This is the time for all of us to work together in one spirit, the time to bring political differences to the discussion table in order to formulate solutions,” claimed the president. “I fully assure you that I will not order anyone to act against the Constitution or laws of this country”.


21 thoughts on “MDP looks to work within Majlis to secure early elections”

  1. MDP can keep on looking.
    We will have elections next year. That too, if the conditions ideal for an election prevail.

  2. Its ridiculous that people allow a ruthless gang that grabbed power via a coup to turn the tables on the lawfully elected government, destroy their headquarters, smash up the innocent public, destroy independent TV stations and then buy their delay tactic of "conditions having to be right" for early election.Why aren't conditions "right"? Because this lot upset them in the first place! For crying out loud, this is what happennned and is happenning. They were mobbing over a corrupt, rotten judge (a pure excuse), inciting violence for 22 days and when that didn't work they just bought and bribed who they needed to grab power. Its almost as stupidly simple as that: that is why even the lowest common denominator in the country (unless you stoop as low as this lot) gets it. When people protest they get accused (by those paid to post on this site and the crazily interested few) of being uncivilised. Who is really uncivilised? The (largely ageing) Maldivian mafia that is clinging onto power. Your days are nearly over, whether you like it or not.The Maldivian people will maintain their dignity and will pursue the path to freedom. Throw violence in their way but sooner or later it will rebound on you like a black magic curse. And a lot of you superstitious bunch that you are instead of believing truly (for can you face Allah in the knowledge of the crimes you are perpetrating?) know all about that of course.But don't worry, democracy will have its day (again),the majority are sick of this hypocritical charade of brutal mob rule and banana republicanism. This is way over its sell by date (30 years was disgusting as it was) ..yet the middle aged cronies left in the world (led by Mugabe) are in denial about this. Their time is well up, the trade off of freedom for stability, at least in the Maldives, is on its last legs..a bit like some local dictators we know, (even if they don't know it they are mortal).Enough delusions of grandeur such as lambasting CMAG etc. Early elections - and its not a concession.

  3. MDP parlimentary members has acted against the Constitution and the laws of this country. No doubt MDP supports violence in this peaceful beautiful country. The Maldivian people are behind the police and MNDF forces to protect and serve our ordinary people. Long live president Waheed.

  4. Pipi et al. Parrot away about constitution and peace. Then look at how these guys came to power (since when is a coup constitutional) and the police behaviour, destruction of places and people and then know what violence is. Stop falling for the propaganda, use your brain and stop branding MDP for what the rest do. Its not just the MDP its all thinking ordinary Maldivians not just Male folk. They are also Maldivians and have their rights. Just wake up and smell the coffee. You may fool yourself but you don't fool most of us.

  5. Is this the lead up to the Civil War that Dhunya Maumoon proclaimed?

  6. Better a Civil War than unelected traitors holding on to power!

  7. Zaheena! Its amazing you of all the people defending the corrupt cronies such as Rekko Moosa, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki and Mariya! Why did MDP government fell??? Look deep! It was because Mariya and these corrupt individuals got too greedy and got on top of Nasheed!! They distroyed Nasheed!! Reflect back before MDP stands up for next election! Arrogance, voilence and vegence will not achieve anything!! Mariya and Rekko is all about MONEY MONEY and vegence!! Poor Nasheed's image is now distroyed!! You know people around dictator Gayoom also continued buttering Gayoom till the end of elections in 2008, but then poor fella realise even Thasmeen and Yameen was fooling him!! So Nasheed is still dreaming!! Politics is never just learnt from liverpool and few days of jail!! Loved Nasheed as a hero, but now lost all the trust in him!!

  8. By hook or crook, the guy has delivered the words of wisdom his supporters were long waiting for.The floor is seemingly open for business now.Hope the opposition use the opportunity to work within the chamber tactically. Probably there is no option before them, except moving a No Confidence Motion against the 'clandestine president'.
    The constitution allows impeachment of president. Can the opposition muster enough support within and outwith the majlis for this? or would they have guts for such a move?

  9. I can say, the beginning of the end of coup regime has begun.. Good Luck Coup leaders..

  10. May be civil wars and violence is better for thugs like Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb. But for ordinary Maldivians these so called protests has been a nightmare. The people on the front line are thugs and gangs. They are not ordinary civilians, they are criminals. This criminal behavior must be stopped. The monkeys must b taught how to resolve problems without resorting to violence every time! Use democratic means and democratic institutions to bring change! Protests even while in power, protests even while out of power. Every time the then opposition protested while MDP was in power, MDP supporters would come out and confront them. Do we see that now? Stop the madness now! Police and MNDF, please u guys are paid to maintain peace. Please do your job!

  11. Yes we need early elections but not presidential.MDP members on 1st March and 19 March has shown they are not fit to be lawmakers. Its disgusting and shamefull.
    We need early election of Majlis.

  12. Tox.lalala Male'ens think you can rule. Do you know the population of MAldives. lalala. Ex-P chicken out and resigned and you call it a coup. lalala. Be more realistic and look at a braoder picture and believe the truth. EX-Pee RESIGNATION was not at gun point. He betrayed his own supporters lalala

  13. DMAG (Dunya Maumoon Abdul Gay-yoom) says CMAG is a branch of MDP. It has so much money to buy CMAG!!
    Way to go leggibaburuge dhonseedheege abdul gay-yoom ge dhunya!

  14. @reality
    CMAG does not need money, but they will pay money to any party/organisation who will work towards introducing religeous freedom in this Muslim state. CMAG knows that Anni is the guy who can and will help them to achieve this objective - Islam loving MDP members please use your brain to think, do not think from Annis mind, Annis closest associates are Ziyattey, hoarafushi ibbe, zakee - just think when anni, ziyattey and hoarafushiee ibbey, zakee in a room what will they do - think guys

  15. Ganjaboa ge follower reethi kulhivareh dhakkaifi! emeehunge fenvaru eheree. Evaru baeh ge athun gaum salaameh vee kan rangalhu.

  16. any one who does not support Anni is Baghee ? When did Anni and MDP became the owner of Maldives ? I do not belong to any political party but i do not like Anni and hate this bugger for ruining our nation. I hated Mauomoon also but this Anni was even worse than Gayyoom.

    Anni is the real traitor and he deserve a capital punishment for what he'd done to this country when he was in power. He has drag us back and moved our country 20 years backward.

  17. Nasheed is a sick man he is suffering from Antisocial personality disorder

    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

    A person with antisocial personality disorder may:

    Be able to act witty and charming

    Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions

    Break the law repeatedly

    Disregard the safety of self and others

    Have problems with substance abuse

    Lie, steal, and fight often

    Not show guilt or remorse

    Often be angry or arrogant


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