MDP misleading citizens over the extent of support for the party, claims DRP MP Mahlouf

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Mahlouf, of the faction led by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, today accused the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of “misleading the public over the extent of their support” and “attempting to lure more citizens to the party.”

”In all the elections held so far, be they Local Councils Elections or Parliamentary Elections, the citizens have said they oppose the current government and its party MDP,” Mahlouf claimed. ”So today what MDP do is gather all the supporters they have all around the Maldives and buy MPs, trying to show the rest of the country that they have more support than the opposition.”

Mahlouf alleged that MDP was attempting to “psychologically play with the minds of the citizens.”

”They do have some supporters in Male’, and what they do is gather all their supporters to one place, take pictures and show them to the other citizens, trying to make them feel that MDP has more support than it does,” he said. ”In the Local Council Elections MDP won only 379,494 votes while the opposition won 565,919 votes.”

Mahlouf claimed the MDP would not have won the Presidential elections “without the help of Jumhoory Party (JP) leader MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim, Adhaalath Party leader Sheikh Hussein Rasheed and Dhivehi Qaumy Party (DQP) leader Dr Hassan Saeed.”

”But they all have turned their backs against this government now – they all want to change this administration,” said Mahlouf. ”It is really a foregone conclusion that MDP will not win the next presidential election in 2013.”

Mahlouf’s comments followed the defection of two DRP MPs, Ali Waheed and Abdu-Raheem, to the ruling MDP, granting the party the largest voting bloc in the Majlis.

MDP MP Mohamed Shifaz said that both Mahlouf and the DRP had “failed”.

”It is regrettable that someone as young as Mahlouf declined to accept democracy and rather decided to follow a single person,” said Shifaz. ”The entire party failed because some among them wanted to follow this one person.”

Shifaz said that regardless of Mahlouf’s figures, 75 percent of the Maldivian population supported the MDP.

”There are unregistered persons who support the idea of MDP,” he said. ”All the MPs who joined MDP, only joined because they wanted to do so.”


10 thoughts on “MDP misleading citizens over the extent of support for the party, claims DRP MP Mahlouf”

  1. [”In the Local Council Elections MDP won only 379,494 votes while the opposition won 565,919 votes.”]

    Say what?

  2. Only if the bloke sat and got good grades in O'level then he would at least have a mind mature enough to not follow such a lost group of people.

  3. @al.....Your majority leader Reecko Moosa what qualification does he have? did he even complete grade 5,...and you are lost my friend followinf them..

  4. Anyone with a comatose brain (read "bolu rodhi") knows not to cumulatively add votes for the local council election. Cumulative addition will not give the picture of an election where the voters voted for any 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 persons with nominees reaching from 4 upto 29 candidates.

    Personally, I did do a statistical analysis of the atoll council votes where the variations are minimal - approximately 2+ candidates per seat. With all 19 atoll councils DRP tops MDP by about 900+ votes. But at the 2 city districts MDP won outright majorities with about 5400+ votes more than DRP. So you can do the difference. The raw data is available from for anyone to do their own analysis.

    It gets interesting if you count JP and/or throws their lot with DRP. There are no other parties that can gather even fractionally significant votes.

    Also, the more people vote from the atolls, the more likely that DRP will pull ahead of MDP in a general election.

    From a population density POV:
    Male' - MDP
    Addu - MDP
    Kulhudhufushi - MDP
    Foahmulah - Split
    Thinadhoo - MDP

    So after all these - it only shows Mahaloofs ignorance. Its also sad that the news anchors are so dumb that they are unable to question such foolish numbers that Mahaloof quotes.

  5. "In the Local Council Elections MDP won only 379,494 votes while the opposition won 565,919 votes."

    Um? How many of us voted in the Elections again?

  6. @yaamyn we all wonder. but apparently @Nars (who claims we are foolish not to say "AYE" to mahlouf's every whim) thinks even those figures are dandy because mahlouf said so. ha!

  7. Mahloof is just a big mouth shooting off with nothing to back his claims. One could say it is he who is trying to psychologically influence people's minds and acting delusional.

    If a Presidential Election were to be held even today, DRP and the so-called Zaeem Faction has no viable candidate to oppose His Excellency President Mohamed Nasheed.

    Let us look at potential Opposition Candidates and what they represent:-

    1. Maumoon - 80 years old and in frail health. Ruled Maldives with an iron fist for more than 30 years. accused of over seeing torture and looting millions of dollars from the State. Manipulated Interim Supreme Court to contest in the last Presidential Elections although the New Constitution clearly stipulates that no single person can rule for more than 02 consecutive Terms. Highly unlikely that any attempt by him to contest again will go unchallenged in the Supreme Court as it would be unconstitutional.
    Has no support in major population centers. Even those who are against the government are more against the prospect of the country going back to its dark past. Either way, this guy is check-mate.

    2. Yameen - Highly unpopular character accused of massive corruption and embezzlement of funds during his years as Minister of Trade and Chairman of STO. Amassed huge wealth through corruption and hated by a vast majority of the public. In fact, one main reason for Gayyoom to loose the last election was the fear of the public that Maumoon had made a power sharing pact with his half brother Yameen. The prospect of his candidacy raises the heckles of the vast majority of the public. He will never win a nation wide Presidential election. In fact, this is the reason why, Yameen supported a Parliamentary system as it is the only potential route for him to come to power as a Prime Minister.

    3. Gasim Ibrahim - failed Business tycoon. His business is nearly bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. Had almost bankrupted the State during his time as Minister of Finance. The country is still in a deep budget deficit mess due to Gasim's erratic and dangerous policies. Egomaniac but a generous philanthropist. While he has his die-hard followers, certainly not a man that the public will trust to be the President of this country. The number of votes he received during the last election is enough proof.

    4. Umar Naseer - Eccentric former MNDF Officer. Bizarre loud mouth taken seriously only by his family and not even by DRP members. If DRP ends up fielding Umar as their Presidential candidate, an appropriate running mate would be Reekoa Ibrahim Manik. Good luck to this pair!

    5. Gassan Maumoon - Prodigal son and Nasreena's dream for him to rule this country. Apart from the fact that he is the son of a Former Dictator, there is nothing particularly special about this boy. Fortunately, this is not India and the people of this country have no interest in creating a Maumoon Dynasty to rule this country.

    So, tell me dear DRP/Zaeem apologists. IS there even a remote possibility for any of these clowns to mount an credible challenge to HEP Nasheed? NO way! President Nasheed will win the next Presidential Election during the first round with a clear huge majority of votes.

  8. "In the Local Council Elections MDP won only 379,494 votes while the opposition won 565,919 votes ....."

    Umm.... on that basis, our Total population would have to be around 900,000 right ?

    How the heck did our Population go up that much ? Last time I counted it was around 3 Lakh something right ?

    What happened guys ?

  9. Guys, i am surprised...
    use your gizzards

    i am not a DRP supporter
    but the fact that these figures
    565,919 / 379,494
    came about is that the maldivians got to vote for any 5 members of the local council elections

    therefore the total divided by this figure 5 gives actual number of voters..

    people this is simple mathematics...
    guess who needs to go and study O levels again huh


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