MDP National Council appoints ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik as acting chairperson

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has appointed the party’s Parliamentary Group leader MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik as the party’s acting chairperson for a year, replacing Mariya Ahhmed Didi.

Mariya had previously resigned from the role in anticipation of being appointed Parliament’s representative on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), however she was last week beaten to the post by Jumhoree Party (JP) leader and local business tycoon, Gasim Ibrahim.

The MDP said that 97 out of 99 council members present voted in favor of appointing Moosa as the acting chairperson, during the party’s 91st national council meeting held at Bandos Island Resort.

The council meeting started yesterday and was initially chaired by the party’s newly-elected Deputy Leader and MP Alhan Fahmy, until the decision to appoint Moosa as the acting Chairperson was made.

Following the decision of the national council, Moosa announced his resignation from his position as the leader of the parliamentary group.

The MDP council discussed the payment of a salary for the party’s deputy chairperson, but resolved not to pay any person at an elected post.

Full details of the national council meeting were not provided and no media outlet was invited to attend the meeting.

Deputy Leader of MDP and MP Alhan Fahmy told Minivan News that the national council meeting “concluded successfully”.

‘’All went accordingly to the party’s charter and rules,’’ Alhan said. ‘’There are no internal issues within the party or the leadership regarding any decisions made.’’

Local media have reported that MDP leader, former fisheries minister Dr Ibrahim Didi, was unhappy with the decision made by the national council to appoint Moosa as the acting Chairperson for one year.

Online newspaper Sun Online reported Didi as claiming that the decision violated the party’s charter and regulations and that he would seek legal advice to clarify whether it was possible.

Alhan however said that he has no information about the remarks made by Dr Didi, and MDP Parliamentary Group’s Media Coordinator MP Mohamed Shifaz did not respond to Minivan News.

President Mohamed Nasheed also attended the national council meeting.


9 thoughts on “MDP National Council appoints ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik as acting chairperson”

  1. ‘’All went accordingly to the party’s charter and rules,’’ Alhan said. ‘’There are no internal issues within the party or the leadership regarding any decisions made.’’
    Really?! Alhan, is that you who said this ?! These people are DEVILS IN DISGUISE

  2. I believe reecko is a liar..he should not have been elected to that post..the whole thing is a fraud...this isnt democracy ...There are a lot of people who supports Dr.Didi ...they will show reecko whos the boss...

  3. When MDPs asaasee qawaaidh does not have any role for the President why is Didi taking all these powers to himself and making decisions like appointing envoys, which he clearly cannot do. Didi has no mandate to call upon Government Ministers for questioning. MDP Gaumee majlis should take Didi to task for acting outside his mandate.

  4. And so it begins. Another factional fight within the MDP. The younger members might think my statement an outrage but we the elder ones (if not in Anni-induced denial) will know what I am talking about.

    The freshly bought idiots who were Qayyoom sycophants only a few days ago should know that Anni v Munavvar, Anni v Ibra & Anni v Gogo were actually factional fights that were very real and heavily publicized.

    Most ended with Anni as the clear winner, and hence the denial that has wiped them from the collective memory of the general public.

    Didi may also become a myth or worse, a besmirched and benighted individual if this plays out as it did before.

  5. this joker Reeko should be kicked out of the party immediately. He is only good to drive dumber after mariyam nisha. Anni dhen mee thankoleh boduvaru.

  6. MDP is not a political party, its a cult, they will be always roaming around the cult leader.

  7. MDP come on, give me something more than the iconic 30 years to distinguish yourself from DRP.

    I have two issues: scrapping deputy charipersons (admin) authority (while its clearly stated), and the attempt to undermine the role of partys president and vice president (if the post are only nominal why should all members have to vote them in).

    What surprised me is when a staggering 97 members in Gaumee Majlis have not found a foul with the whole issue. Interestingly some of the cowards in the sitting later speaks out that the counting itself was done wrong.

    Now we are hearing is that partys article of association thats being uploaded in the website has also been manipulated. Some of the articles that were passed in Congress has been omitted, and some of that failed has been included?! what?

    So why should the role of partys President should be diminished now? If the elected president was royal of faamdheyri family of Male', will we be seeing the same? I doubt it. This is just racism.

  8. Maldives have always been ruled by "dynasty's" or henchmen of the latter be it Amin didi, Maumoon, Anni. Reeko is such a henchmen.(Notice how anni in his speeches is nostalgic and romantic about our past rulers who are often brutal to Maldivians eg Nasir). So clan rule isn't likely to change for a long time.
    Democracy is NOT if it is NOT in spirit. democracy is de-mockery if it is just a platform to get power.


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