MDP submits case of police brutality against MPs to IPU

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has submitted a case alleging police brutality against their parliamentarians to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The case has been filed with the IPU’s committee on the human rights of the parliamentarians, in the ongoing 126th IPU Assembly held at Kampala, Uganda.

MP Eva Abdullah, one of the delegates representing the Maldives in the conference earlier said that MDP would submit the case of police brutality that took place between February 7-8.

She had also said that apart from the police brutality that took place in February, she would also highlight ongoing police brutality against ordinary citizens in Male’.

The delegates participating in the IPU Assembly include Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Shahid, MDP MP Eva Abdullah, MDP MP and the party spokesperson Imtiyaz Fahmy, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Yusuf Naseem and MP Ali Arif from Progressive party of the Maldives (PPM).

Speaking to Minivan News, MDP Spokesperson MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said that the MDP has been communicating with the IPU regarding the ongoing political situation.

“We have been regularly sending updates to the IPU. Eva and Imthiyaz who are the two delegates representing the MDP will speak on behalf of MDP.” Hamid said.

Local Newspaper Haveeru News reported that the case filed by MP Eva Abdullah has been scheduled for discussion on Sunday.

It also reported that IPU has invited the Maldivian government to participate in the discussions. Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Abbas Adil Riza, will set to represent the government in the discussions.

IPU delegates have visited the Maldives twice since the transfer of power that took place in the Maldives on February 7.

The organisation last visited the Maldives on March 17. MDP MPs prevented President Mohamed Waheed Hassan from giving his presidential address on the opening session of parliament on March 1.

During the visit, Martin Chungong, Director of Programmes for the IPU, told the gathered media that it was vital for parliament to preserve its integrity by continuing to function correctly as well as calling on all parties to avoid inciting or committing acts of violence during the session amidst the “political stand-off”.

The IPU is the world organisation of parliaments and was established in 1889. It works to foster coordination and exchange between representative institutions across the globe. The IPU also offers technical support to affiliated nations. The Maldives has been affiliated with the organization since 2005.

The IPU assembly is the principal statutory body that expresses the views of the IPU on political issues. It brings together parliamentarians to study international problems and make recommendations for action. The IPU assembly takes place once in every year.


8 thoughts on “MDP submits case of police brutality against MPs to IPU”

  1. IPU is laughing.
    Thye have seen the drama that day.
    They know who danced and who didn't.
    They know who behaved like monkeys that day.

  2. MDP probably paid police to be brutal so they can be beaten up and look good to the international communtiy. SHAME ON MDP!!!!!

  3. That's right @Bo halaaku, @Maldivian and @yasir. They clearly manipulated all those 100s of videos out there of police brutality that day, frame by frame. There's no way the police could have done all that. And the blood? Well that was tomato sauce for sure. They said on Dhi TV and VTV that it was sold out that day, bought by these yellow terrorists. And I believe them. Well, if they say it on TV then it must be true right? They have proven themselves time and time again that we can rely on them to protect and serve us, that's for sure!

  4. Feb 7th and 8th has nothing to do with MPS, it was only on 1st March and 19th march a children's concert was orchestrated in the parliament by MDP MPS for the first time in the history here. IPU has this knowledge already. It does not need MDP to file a case against police!!!. What ongoing brutality against ordinary people by the Police here?? Eva!! what lies you are telling?? It is the other way round . It is brutality against our Police by your hardcore activists. Woo to you!!

  5. @ Yasir and colleagues, the same hard core group of new regime idiots working together as a team to corrupt and block the truth.
    The old brutal, evil regime is back, may justice be delivered and may they rot in hell.

  6. @ Yasir,
    You are far out!
    It is very clear you cannot live without
    MDP. As far as I am told you paid MDP who pay the police to carry on what they are doing right now.
    You are indeed clever!
    You suck man!

  7. no worries truth always comeout like today peaope are not afraid to tell what they were ordered to do by PPM gayoom , lying on ballot boxes those days, prevented from voting according to own wishes......... these guys will tell themselves allout sooner......who robed 8oo mil dollars.......300 mil to Gasim and 200 mil to Yamin.......who has rest of the money?........... with the somalian pirates or with DRP?


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