MDP submits no-confidence motion against President

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has submitted a no-confidence motion in parliament against President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik.

According to MDP, the no-confidence motion was submitted to the parliament in response to orders from by Waheed to attack citizens and MDP MPs, and to carry out acts of inhumanity on February 8 which were executed by the army and police.

The MDP alleged that President Waheed had destroyed the sensitive economy of the nation and that his handling of the economy has destroyed foreign investor confidence in the Maldives.

The MDP also noted that Dr Waheed’s government had not taken appropriate measures to curb gang violence in the country.

The party also raised the government’s recent loan of MVR 300 million (US$19.5 million) from the Bank of Maldives (BML) without the consent of the parliament as legally required.

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Ahmed Nihan told Minivan News that he was “very confident all PPM MPs are with Dr Waheed and this no-confidence motion vote will fail in parliament.”

Nihan said the MDP’s objective was to obstruct parliament from conducting its work, to waste parliament’s time, and to disturb President Waheed.

‘’MDP also have it on their agenda to split the coalition parties,’’ he added. ‘’They are doing this just to pressure the parliamentarians at a time when the people of the nation are in need of the parliament.’’

Nihan reiterated that many of the important bills submitted to the parliament by MPs have been sitting in parliament for ages without being passed.

He also criticised the MDP for saying that Dr Waheed had destroyed the economy of the state, and said that MDP was responsible for ‘’bringing [Indian airport developer] GMR to the Maldives, and selling Dhiraagu shares to Cable and Wireless.’’

Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) MP Dr Abdulla Mausoon said the party had not discussed the matter, but said the DRP would not follow the MDP.

“Although we haven’t officially decided on the matter our view on it is already known. We will not support any irresponsible issues created by MDP,’’ Dr Mausoom said. “All the DRP MPs that have already met me have joked about this. We will not dance to the beat of the MDP,’’ he said.

He also said he believed the MDP was trying to drive media attention away from former President Mohamed Nasheed’s ongoing trial.

Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Alhan Fahmy recently said that he would submit a no-confidence motion against President Dr Waheed Hassan and said he was receiving cooperation from MDP and other parties in parliament.

Later his party’s leadership dismissed the comments he made and said the party was in support of Dr Waheed.

Parliament figures show that MDP has 30 MPs, Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) has 13 MPs, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has 17 MPs, Jumhoree Party (JP) has 5 MPs, Dhivehi Qaumy Party (DQP) has one MP, People’s Alliance Party (PA) has 3 MPs, while 7 MPs remain independent.

It takes a two-thirds majority to win a no-confidence motion against the President or Vice President.


28 thoughts on “MDP submits no-confidence motion against President”

  1. I would say that all Maldivian who knows the right thing to do and who have the right mind set will be with MDP

  2. I will say that all crazy schizophrenic drug addicted Maldivians will have their mind set on the seyku parties verdict; meaning -MDP

  3. Hello Maumoon, You can become president earlier than you thought. Kick Waheed out.

  4. I would say that all sane Maldivian would be on MDP's side on this one.. Dr Waheed is suffering from a delusion and is presently a danger not only to the Maldives but to the world.. his six months in office is the most violent in Maldivian history and socially most disturbing with most number of, scared of extremists, he is proposing death penalty to appease Islamists who are part of the government

  5. Very good move. Typical self destructive trend seen and expected from the moronic Maldivians.

    Make sure nothing of any value ever gets past throught the parliament doors. Ensure all your times are spent uselessly.

    Thank you, thank you, gold bless you all, our beloved parliamentarians.

  6. @maldivesadd really, u think so? Then that's what u think. This is still a major prob in MDP supporters... just cz u see a lot of heads in ur gatherings to mock everything u don't like in the name of democracy (I.e, or protests) doesn't mean all Maldivians are with u.

  7. @kutti the lawyer Nasheed

    i just can't understand why the seyku MDPians have such negative reaction against people who likes to abide by the Islamic rules when they themselves calls for the hanging and death of our president Dr. Waheed and others of the current govt.

    meaning; the seyku party themselves are admitting to my claim of they being crazy and dimwitted ignorants

    PS; you're delusional cuz you think seyku nasheed is still in power.face with the reality, will ya!!!

  8. This is MDP expressing their lack of confidence in the current regime. Regardless of the effect this might have on the Coalition- it's up to the Coalition to resist or not- MDP will and must express their absolute lack of confidence in Waheed, in every avenue, with every means possible. PPM, DRP and even JP might vote against this motion, but I dare say non of them will actually have any confidence in this man. Who does?

    And DRP MPs should not be so quick to dismiss or laugh off attempts by other parties. At least they aren't doormats the way DRP seems to be in this Coalition.

    Get rid of Waheed, let Speaker Shahid tae over. This is the closest DRP will come to ruling again. Might not be Thasmeen, but at least the party gets a shot.

  9. Good move, we will see who votes and loves this country. Waheed is similar to Gayoom. Waheed is slowly giving back Maldives to Gayoom and his PPM plunderers.

  10. I suspect mody and shimy to be one and the same person. they both write the same stuff over and over again. Yawn.

    Wake up mody and shimy ... go to the rallies of the MDP and see for yourself if we really are the seyku people you think we are.

  11. Dr. Mausoom and DRP MPs are joking, while the whole country bleeds. We know the kind of people like Dr. Mausoom, they are Gayooms Page Three Boys, who would do anything for a skimpy deal.

  12. @kutti the lawyer Nasheed (aka, coughey)
    Face what facts ? Isnt it a fact that MDP regularly parade all over Male' shouting hang waheed, arrest waheed ? Or have you not heard ?

    This is a fact, in most protests that MDP has conducted in Male, MDP has very openly called for current president Waheed to be hanged, for Police Commissiner Riyaz to be hanged.

    What is mature about calling for people who you are politically against to be hanged ?

    If you speak against me or hold a political view that differs from me, does that justify my actions tommorow to protest calling for you to be hanged ?

  13. Is MDP going to intimidate Dr. Waheed like they did the speaker with that vote of no confidence, or are they going to go through with it?

  14. "What is mature about calling for people who you are politically against to be hanged ? "

    Why dont you ask Seyku Ilyas and Umar Naseer that question?

  15. MDP seriously needs to look inward and reform itself…they are where they are exactly because of some of the misguided practices that they carried out during the 3 year rule. I wonder why they are wasting the parliament’s time and resources on submitting a no-confidence motion when they know very well that it’s going to fail! These kinds of actions are counter-productive! Even a lay person would understand this much. MDP MPs and politicians really need to understand that the people are more aware today than they were pre 2008. The best course of action for MDP would be to clean their act, become responsible and to focus on winning the elections in 2013. Stop trying to oust Waheed, it’s not going to happen without an election, and an election is not going to happen anytime other than the legally stipulated time in the Constitution. Its high time MDP accept this fact! If MDP is going to be forever stuck on 7th February 2012, the party can never move forward!

  16. You all can dance to the whims of your political cronies> you all serve yourselves, your families and your political cronies, instead of this nation. May Allah send wrath from sky on your dumb heads.

  17. MDP is the only party in the Maldives with a reasonable objective of putting things straight in the country.All the other political parties just sit and watch while MDP struggles to restore democracy in the country.. To put it simply I say other political party members just collect their share of money from the government and lay there in bed and make the bed warm by farting on it.

  18. @kutti the lawyer ..

    tell me what a mature dialogue is, will ya?? and who told you that we require a mature dialogue considering you people being MDpians???

    you need to throw a dice or a coin to see if mody and me are the same, do ya??does it really matter. see i told ya, you people are seyku!!

    PS;face the facts, MDP did not win any parliament elections after february 7 and CoNi did not draw their verdict towards you people and kula yellow has only 17 or 18 thousand likes; i thought it would go beyond that considering the halubaloo you people make????

  19. shimy why are you so scared of an early election if you are winning so much parliament elections? Don't you recall the fact that you are many parties against one brave MDP? Coni is something MDP never trusted since baghee Waheedh gave birth to it, not to mention a few thousand dollars to the Singaporean retired judge in the bribing process. No one can convince me the other way after I saw a mutiny in my own eyes neither will you.

  20. @simple and honest,

    let's be simple and honest and say i really support an election and no, i don't support any party but i am just clarifying the facts.

    PS; i just hate MDP because they are and their leader is the biggest liar in the whole nation and you people believe him and no, i did not say MDP does not have any supporters but just the supporters are seyku to go after the biggest liar!!!just check his videos to see whether anything he says is consistent with his actions. Either you people are blind or you just are too stubborn to admit it!!

  21. @shimy on Fri, 12th Oct 2012 1:03 PM

    "Blinded that you dont see as they are?"

    Thats rich!! coming from ignorant Maldivians.

    MDP is lying their way around. But lots of people believe the MDP leadership. Lets say between 30-50%.

    The useless Arabians has led us through the pied-piper story our whole lives. That is 100%, give or take.

    So why are you singling out a mere half of the population for blind obedience and following?

  22. i guess in this case majority of Maldivian do not have right mind and only MDP members have the right mind.

    This is true since to be a Maldivian, one need to be a member of MDP and one need to bow thier head to Anni. If not, then he/she can not be a Maldivian.

  23. @mody!
    You are wrong!
    To be a Maldivian, one needs to be able to spin lies, believe the other do not have a right and believe in truth but belive in what only Golha and his follower's believe!

    Waheed is a more than a damned to be remain in office, when everything is going against him!

    He knows that he is a puppet who has no alternative but to act the way the SO's say! But think he can run over the puppeteer!

    You are a damned fool to be thinking so!

  24. @Ismail Nazim,

    yes, i am blinded by religion but i am not blinded by humans like you because i believe in god not a stupid worthless human (like seyku Nasheed)

    don't you think believing in god is better than believing in a materialistic stupid world which is on the verge of it's end and believe me you will see it one day.

    you, yourself is a big joke spreading all the lies about something which you don't know and refuse to know.

    for that i pity you!!!

  25. @Patriot

    You speak not on behalf of Maldivians but MalDeviants.

    Kaleya azaabu! Kaleya halaaku!


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