MDP suggests extremist ideologies prevalent within the security services

Concerning levels of extremist ideology are present within the Maldives military and police forces, the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said.

In a statement issued today, the party said it has been noted that most militants travelling from the Maldives to foreign countries “in the name of jihad” are members of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and Maldives Police Services (MPS).

The Ministry of Defence and National Security has responded to the MDP’s remarks, describing the accusations as “baseless and untrue” comment intended to “discredit and disparage” military.

“Therefore we condemn in the strictest terms this irresponsible act of the Maldivian Democratic Party. And call on the Maldivian Democratic Party to stop spreading misinformation in ways which could confuse the public and become a responsible political party,” the ministry’s statement read. The Maldives Police Service (MPS) have not commented on the issue.

Citing foreign intelligence agencies, the MDP said funds of an unknown nature are being transferred to foreign parties through Maldivian banks.

Earlier this month, the US State Department releases a report claiming Maldivian authorities had knowledge of funds for terrorism being raised in the country – a claim subsequently denied by the Maldives Monetary Authority.

The MDP today said that the Maldives was now becoming a transit port for illegal drug trafficking, with a large amount of strong drugs already being delivered internationally through the country.

Local media have today reported over 3kgs of illegal drugs being seized in the capital Malé as the Home Ministry continues to crack down on the trade.

A record haul of 24kg of heroin was seized by police in March before of Pakistani nationals arrested in the operation were set free – an incident cited by the acting prosecutor general for his recent resignation.

“This is taking place at a time when definite proof of Defence Minister [Mohamed Nazim] and Tourism Minister’s [Ahmed Adeeb] close relations with world famous drug cartels or gangs are being revealed through photos and others mediums,” read the MDP statement.

Suggesting that extremist elements within the security force were behind the “overthrow of the first democratic government of Maldives in a coup d’etat on 7 February 2012”, the party called on state authorities to launch criminal investigations and to take action against guilty members of security forces as per the recommendations of the CoNI (Commission of National Inquiry) report.

This party calls upon the responsible authorities of the state to to investigate and look in to the points noted in the CoNI report, and remove the extremist elements within the security forces.

“The party calls on the relevant committee of the People’s Majlis to immediately investigate and take necessary action against those in the security forces who are following extremist ideologies , and earn the goodwill of the Maldivian citizens and foreign parties, and make this country peaceful,” the statement continued.


7 thoughts on “MDP suggests extremist ideologies prevalent within the security services”

  1. Defence Ministry didn't address any of the documented accusations made by MDP.

    What about MNDF soldiers marching through the streets of Male chanting "Allahu Akubar" in order to depose President Nasheed? What about police not arresting known extremist criminals walking around town stabbing anybody they deem to be "ladhini"? What about Nazim and Adheeb hanging out with international criminals even going as far as to officiating ceremonies with them, and chilling with them in resorts posing for photos? How is this not alarming? Why is the government ignoring this? The only possible reason for them to ignore it would be if the government is involved in these activities at the highest level.

    Of course the MDP is trying to discredit these people and institutions, as well they should. It's sickening to see the level of religious extremism in our country today. Just look at the comments on haveeru's articles about this, you'll see the level of radicalization that is prevalent in our society today because of these fanatics.

    Speaking out against extremism is deemed to be anti-Islam because extremist ideology is currently the norm in our country. That is extremely frightening. I don't feel safe in Maldives. I don't think anybody feels safe in Maldives anymore.

  2. That is beside the point.

    It's not the security forces that did not elect the MDP. It's the people of Mordis.

    If the people of Mordis elected a government that encourages religious views (extremity is an opinion) then it's the Mordisians who wants this.

    Now, in Islam, extremism is a tool used by all, either in power, or in the ranks fighting to get to power, to drive the minions into creating chaos to destabilise the existing political setup. It's as easy as 123, to convince the people to move from pure peace to violent hatred, all the time thinking, their actions are taking the fast train to everlasting heaven.

    For some it's extremism. For others it's basic religion. The politicians play the chess game for their wealth and power. The minions salivate like lap dogs, dreaming of an incredible place.

    Isn't this the cream of corruption and deception?

  3. this statement is no surprise ! Since Nasheed had hijacked the party and he will issue statements to turnips the image of our armed forces and our country.

    This guy is crazy for power and money and he thinks that if he keep on defaming the country using Islam, India and other countries will come and put him as the leader of this nation.

    Nasheed is a dictator and traitor to this country.

  4. Present Minister of Defence Nazim, Chief of Staff of Defence Forces Shiyam, Commissioner of Police Waheed, former Commissioner of Police (now MP elect to Thaa Atoll Kibidhoo Constituency) Abdulla Riaz and Maldives High Commissioner to Malaysia Fayaaz openly on the street of Male’, live on TV worked hand in hand with Extreme Islamists elements to bring down the first democratically elected government on 7 February 2011 calling him infidel. The whole nation watched the coup like soap opera. Present Home Minister Umar Naseer was in operation room according to him on that day of the coup.
    The Security Forces even allowed the Islamic Extremists elements to use their weapons and allowed to destroy Buddhist statues in the National Museum i n Male’ and security camera of the defence headquarters.
    What you expect from a government mainly led by these undemocratic elements associated with Islamic extremists.

  5. Below are signs of Islamic Extremists, please beware of them.

    1. Praying five times a day
    2. Fasting 30 days during Ramadan
    3. Gents Having beard
    4. Ladies covering themselves with Hijab
    5. Calling the Islamic Sharia to be implemented
    6. etc..

    I like to be such an extremist.

  6. Dear Moahmed have u seen that Saudi Royal guy who came with an airbus A330 full of white colour girls etc etc..haha the above is what we call extemism ..You keep children in hunger.. prevent education, vaccination and eat vigara and run after other woman that is extremism..i have seen this man..May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala pardons us for our sins.. Ameen


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