MDP to hold ‘national protest’ against corruption

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced it will conduct a special protest today to eliminate corruption and bring “justice and balance” to the Maldives.

Spokesperson for the MDP, Ibrahim Haleem, said the party called on the “whole nation to take part in this protest”, but did not encourage any more people living in the islands to come over to Male’.

”A lot of people from the islands have arrived Male’ to participate in this event,” said Haleem. ”We are expecting at least 10,000 to participate in this protest.”

Haleem said the protest was to “eliminate corruption and to establish justice in the country.”

”MDP has made more than 27 pledges to the people of the Maldives. One of them is to eliminate corruption from the country and to establish justice and peace,” Haleem said. ”Today we will erase the civil unrest caused to the country due to the disgusting act of corruption and bribery for eternity.”

Jumhoree Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim and People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen, both high-profile businessmen, were recently taken into police custody on charges of corruption and treason. Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim was also taken into custody.

On Sunday the Supreme Court ruled the pair be released from custody, as evidence against them was deemed insufficient. The major opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) denounced the arrests as political at a rally held Tuesday night, where it promised to deliver a “shocking message” to the government.

Today Haleem said protesters will call on judges “to judge fairly and to be impartial.”

”Judges should remember that they also shall work according to the laws, and the protesters will call on the judges to bring justice and peace to our country,” he said. ”We do not have any personal issues against any individual judge.”

He said the protest would start in front of the social centre at 4:00pm, “and God knows when or where we will conclude.”

”Our acts will be strong and voices will be loud today,” he suggested.


26 thoughts on “MDP to hold ‘national protest’ against corruption”

  1. can clearly see, anni is just the face of maldivian leadership. the true rulers are sadly the DRP and their malis members. Maldives will never change untill we get rid of maumooni virus. full stop.

  2. Some surgical procedures are painful, but there are times when such measures become necessary for the continued survival of the whole.

  3. Well said Egon, sadly the clutches of Maumoon and clan seems to have a death grip on this nation. After thirty years they still can't sit back and let someone else rule this country. President Nasheed has to find a way out of this deadlock, or this country will fall into ruins.

  4. will try 2 get to Male' asap.
    dunno y they dont wanna support from other islands. as if Male' crowd purely could make it happen.
    this the country's moment not just Male' City!

  5. Anni should first eliminate corruption within his government to gain confidence from the Maldivian majority.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks it is funny when the ruling party protests?

    "and God knows when or where we will conclude."
    Doesn't MDP need to be more organised?
    Or perhaps doesn't MDP need a better spokesman?

    ”We are expecting at least 10,000 to participate in this protest.”

  7. First Parliament and now the judiciary while the problem largely lies with the executive. It is time for Anni to call elections. He has failed. There is no way the President can fight corruption without himself respecting democracy. Anni has failed us big time. Very sad indeed. By the way I've been an active member of MDP ever since its inception and am very sad to see the present government diverge from the course the party has been advocating all along - respect for democracy.

  8. it is time to purge the corrupt cash givers from the majlis and restore peace and justice in our beloved land

  9. A Simple message to our Leader:

    "Bust them all those who are Evil"

    Hold on to the right way. Get along with the right people. Then repent for any wrong doings. Don't be ashamed in front of GOD. GOD is Oft-Forgiving for those who repent sincerely. GOD has given this honor to you because of your "noble efforts". (It was not of choice some of those people supported MDP in the second run of Presidential Election of Year 2008. They were under immense pressure and had no escape route. Everyone knows it.) Your Good deeds were that you worked tirelessly for liberating the people from centuries of oppression and misguidance by the leaders of this Country.You might have not done it perfectly, but Sir, you did it. You took enough punches on your face and I am truly Thankful to GOD that he gave you enough courage.The biggest Supporter of you was GOD. GOD made everything planed perfect for you to become Maldivian President.They too planed tirelessly and with all the might they thought they had. But GOD is the best of the planer.Now that you have got the opportunity you have to show mercy to the people of this nation. Not to the Crooks and Mafia Style Gangs. Get Rid of all Idols of worship. (The obsession for extreme Power, Money, and Fame are types of Idols of Worship.)

    Facts and Views on some of the People in Power (At least they think like that):
    1.Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed was appointed by Maumoon (nominated by Maumoon and approved by his rubber-stamp parliament). He is the brother of ex- appointed Parliamentarian Abduh Rasheed Nafiz ( One of the staunchest supporters of DRP & Maumoon).

    2.Parliament Speaker Abdulla Shahid? I donno where this "Jo-ker" is coming from? You know who he is. "Speaker"? Well I don't want to speak about him.

    3.Yameen Abdul Gayoom. His name is sufficient to let you know his background. In Fact he was much to be blamed for bringing down his own brother Maumoon to his knees as per the information that some are truly believing.

    4.Qasim Ibrahim. The Mighty Businessman who is said to be "self made". Or is the? I guess I don't have to write his story. "History" of his rise. Everyone knows it. At least most of us. 😉

    5.Hassan Saeed (Pee. Ech .Dee): Hopeless , I don't have any ineterst in his story. I wish someone tells it.

    6.Ibrahim H.Zaki: Ex-Con Man of Maumoon, in power and said to be playing all the string pulling games behind the curtains.

    7.Reeko Moosa Manik: "The perfect Actor"- Well some may say he is brilliant. But I think no one with sense of dignity would want him around.

    8. All of their supporters.....

    I don't have any personal grudges with any of them. I wish they all are as truthful & loyal to the nation as we all want to be. But TRUTH is too sour.

    How can we all go on like this? Shall we be pretending that these people and their supporters will be faithful and sincere to the Nation. They are none but "Hypocrites". I wish I had some good words for them. I personally don't like to use such harsh words, but then how can I describe them and their characters without these words.

    May GOD forgive me!

  10. But what was the shocking message? I didnt get any or hear anybody slightly surprised after the DRP rally.

    DRP coaxes people to come to their rally by coming out with hints like "shocking message".

    As far as I saw, most of the chairs at the rally were empty. There were less than even a thousand people at their rally.

    However, elderly pompom girls were there, dancing.


  11. Oh! I missed one..

    The DRP Second In Command in Reality....(So called "DRP Leader") next to an eternal "Zaeem Maumoon".
    "President of the Republic OF Maldives in dreams"... Mr.Thasmeen Ali:- Ex- Home Minister at Maumoon's Cabinet who never knew the importance of "Democracy" then and now he seems not to utter anything without this word. As if that is the supreme law. The Vice-President Nominee of DRP (Year 2008) who spent all his wealth on Maumoon. "Maumoon himself openly declared that on the evening of his defeat thanking Thasbe's "generosity"". When Hussain Solah's murder case was a mystery and at it's hike, he was the Home Minister and he never bothered to come out in front of the public except at a very later stage and gave some vague comments on a telephone interview.

    A Parliamentarian for more than a decade and most of us didn't even heard a single word from his mouth. But on the event of Qasim & Yamin's arrest he seemed very furious....;)I thought he would break the table into pieces. Thank God he didn't. Otherwise it would have to be replaced from so called "Our Money"...

    But still he is a "Happy Face"...;), He shows his calmness in his words with a "fake smile" and keep on repeating same answer to all most all the questions. Perhaps that is his "Secret Weapon".

    I wish he knows his games are well known to most of us.

    May GOD forgive me!

  12. Don't u have a word for Anni? He is acting like an idiot. Don't know where he is going!!

  13. To:Rocket on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 5:26 PM

    Let me correct you and most of those who dubs "MDP as the Ruling Party". That is not even close to the truth.

    Point No:
    1. The Parliament and Judiciary is Controlled by DPR,PA,JP,DQP Coalition (Self made) And the Executive Branch of this Government is Crippled by them.
    2. Final Rulings are from Supreme Court which is part of the said Coalition.
    3. "Foni MeeruKan" of the "Blue Ganoon AsaaCy" as some of the Jo-kers like, Ilham, Umar Naseer,Mahlouf, Ali Waheed,and others are dubbing are for this Coalition of "Corruption". Not for "Dhivehi Rayyitun". Even in that sense the "Foni MeeruKan" of the previous "Green Ganoon AsaaCy" was for same people.

    Therefore don't try to mislead us with your twisted words at your convenience. If you are a person of dignity and honesty then try to bring the reality to us "THE PEOPLE".

    Freedom of Speech doesn't mean to spread the lies and deception like done by VTV.

    At Least MNBC and DhiTV shows some perspectives of the the so called "Opposition" and "Government" alike. Does VTV ,controlled by Qasim airs anything except Anti-Government?(Media is dubbed as the fair and balanced 4th Power of the "Demon-cracy").huh! I don't think people need to believe such deceptions. It's all handiwork of Satan the Devil, The Evil.

    Wake up O' fellow Countrymen before it's too late.

    The Republic of Maldives is still ruled by the same people who ruled it over the past 3 decades. It is just a deception that is made to believed that "Change" has come to us. Nothing has changed for batter, except it's getting worse and If we "THE PEOPLE" doesn't come to our true senses we will end up in "HELL" metaphorically & literally.

    May GOD forgive us...!

  14. To:aimo Ra on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 7:51 PM
    I have a word for everyone. Repent and GOD is Oft-Forgiving for all those who repent sincerely.

    Is that enough or didn't you read my comments from start? I'd like advice you to reply after reading the comments in full context. Not out of context.

    May GOD forgive "aimo" and us all and show us the correct path.

  15. MDP will see judges been fair only if the outcome is as they wish. same with DRP...we are so tarnished in our views we do not see anything clearly in this country. The judgement made by supreme court is correct in my humble opinion. If the police has enough evidence, let them charge the MP's concerned. When these same jusges rules against Moosa Anwar in 2008, it was good for MDP..the judges were not biased. Today the judgement is not as they wish, hence judges are biased....

  16. To:Saleem on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 8:32 PM(Comment on news article:Police continue investigation of opposition leaders; criminal court denies arrest warrant Link:

    You can't blackmail the Police and Executive power of this nation with the words you have written.

    They don't need to prove anything to the "corrupt"and "old fashioned despots" of this country and their supporters. You can't intimidate them by calling them same as the previous regime which by far not even close to same.

    We didn't had our simple basic rights, such as to open our mouth to say anything at all. Zero-tolerance was the policy of Government then.

    I will just refresh your and others mind on just one pathetic event with our dear late "Naifaru DohokkoBe". On a "Heyanbo" Show he was asked.What would be the day he would like to see in near future? Out of his innocence and desire to get to see another "Verikan" as he had seen past Leaderships, he gave his answer.
    Everyone knows that direct from studio he was taken for questioning.

    This is just one event. Just One! If I had to write about FPID, MIFCO, STO, AIR MALDIVES, STELCO Building, & various others on the topic of Corruption, then there will never be an end.

    Stop pretending that we don't know the facts.

  17. To:seen on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 8:54 PM ;
    May be it's your humble opinion. But not ours. We know that you know the facts and trying to pretend that you are unbiased. But look how the "Cat is out of the bag" just in the same comment.I feel sorry for your immature and unsubstantiated views. But I believe you have some points as well. Can you figure that out? 😉

    As long as everyone agrees with you they are your friends.

    But for me you are one of us but just mislead by your own desires or due to confusions created by the enemies of we "THE PEOPLE".

    But I will pray to GOD to show you the correct path. Take Care!

  18. MDP leaders are scared to shit. They are just shiting in their pants. The simple fact is majority of Maldivians SIMPLY DO NOT support Nasheed and his bogus entourage.

  19. to BISMUTH.....

    i think u wud also like corruption to be rid from this country, right???

    and also u wud LOVE all the 'baabs' in the constitution tht says Maldivians and Maldives will remain a 100% muslim people and country. and the ones tht say tht the judiciary is based on ISLAM, right??

    let me tell u tht corruption is rife. it will remain the single most profitable business in the nation unless, and until we believe tht although maldivians are muslims, very few of us actually FEAR GOD. without this fear u cannot expect witnesses to testify as in sharia and maldivian law. the 'HEKI BAS' being the only form of acceptable evidence in court in a country tht hardly fears GOD is a joke.

    until we mend the constitution to include 'unislamic' sharia practices(as SOME would suggest) like the use of FORENSICS, DNA, VIDEO, PHOTO and all these technological stuff, corruption will reign SUPREME......

    may god bless u

  20. Open your eyes Wolf. didn't you see the thousands of people who gathered yesterday to support the MDP leadership. so who is scared shit. oh i'm sorry. you people are blind. forgot that. DRP lost long ago. face the fact. Mr. Nasheed is the president now. We love him and will support him.

  21. This is the real beginning of Anni's end. May God get rid of Anni and his corrupt cronies.God bless Maldives.

  22. To:Ibu on Thu, 15th Jul 2010 4:01 AM

    Ibu says:to BISMUTH…..

    Ibu says" i think u wud also like corruption to be rid from this country, right???"
    Me: A definite "Yes"

    Ibu says:"and also u wud LOVE all the ‘baabs’ in the constitution tht says Maldivians and Maldives will remain a 100% muslim people and country. and the ones tht say tht the judiciary is based on ISLAM, right??"

    ME: 100% Muslim for name sake? No! 😉 What are you up to? Are you one of those guys who is unaware of the true and pure teachings of ISLAM? Take a crash course from someone who knows.
    The problem if you don't know is, the Judiciary is following the Common Law (British) style more than "Sharia".

    Ibu says:"let me tell u tht corruption is rife. it will remain the single most profitable business in the nation unless, and until we believe tht although maldivians are muslims, very few of us actually FEAR GOD. without this fear u cannot expect witnesses to testify as in sharia and maldivian law. the ‘HEKI BAS’ being the only form of acceptable evidence in court in a country tht hardly fears GOD is a joke."

    ME: Exactly, the problems of our community are, there are more Atheists and name sake Muslims those who are actually followers of Satan. If only they know that each and everything that they do is recorded and known to GOD, they would be much cautious. You are one of those Jokers who think that the problem is ISLAM while our ISLAMIC fabric was lost long ago. Sorry but that is a needed offensive. You welcomed it, and you are most welcome.

    Ibu Says:"until we mend the constitution to include ‘unislamic’ sharia practices(as SOME would suggest) like the use of FORENSICS, DNA, VIDEO, PHOTO and all these technological stuff, corruption will reign SUPREME……"

    ME: I feel sorry for your lack of knowledge on ISLAM and Sharia Law. Did you know that Muslims were the first to use forensics approach of that age? Obviously you don't know. Sharia allows all those you have mentioned. Do your research first, my friend.

    This is what I need to bring to attention of everyone. Those who deny "GOD" or deny certain laws of ISLAM are totally unaware of the reality. They are mislead by their own desires or out of confusion created by Satan. The community they live is to be blamed. (The leaders and parents of this generation inclusive.)

    *40% of our youth is intoxicated by illegal drugs and above youth age tycoons are spreading this "Sickness" for their convenience, as a lucrative business.
    *Killings & Gang violence on the streets is now a simple thing (of Drugs and Corruption). No one bothers about it.
    *Rapes, child abuse, fornication, are common now. (Mostly drug related cases and if not by imposters)
    *Corruption is leading to all the above.
    *Mistrust on the trustworthy and trust on the Mafia Style is established.

    Ibu says:"may god bless u" to me! Thanks for that.

    I will pray to GOD to show you the right path and reality (Truth). I seek forgiveness from GOD and same to you and everyone else. Allah knows best.

    May GOD bless us with peace and happiness

  23. bring on heavy load... how much money has been paid to reeko moosa coffers to channel to MDP. maybe thats why he is so in front shouting at the top of his voice... maariya how about all your sisters and family at high posts in government.. how about sikka family... anyone related gets jobs.. same goes for ameen faisal family.. enmen e thibee mathee vazeefa ga.. if you look closely at all the people protesting with MDP muzaahiraa its not dificult to understand... oh and the person who holds the record for minister with shortest duration.. my my... what a righteous group of ppl out there to protest...

    then comes the masked zorros... who apparently attacked anni.... another staged episode in the drama series " reendhoo museebaaiy"

  24. @seen on Thu, 15th Jul 2010 9:33 PM

    Seen says:"bismuth – you talk too much, learn to listen"

    Hehe! Ok! I'm listening.....

    But this is a funny way to silence a person.... 😉


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