MDP to work with Adhaalath Party as Sheikh Imran calls for “national unity alliance” against government

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) national council has adopted a resolution today to work together with the Adhaalath Party (AP) after Sheikh Imran Abdulla called for the formation of a “national unity alliance” against the government.

The national council unanimously approved a resolution proposed by MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to accept the AP’s invitation and discuss commencing joint efforts to achieve common goals.

The resolution said the MDP believed President Abdulla Yameen’s administration had brought the Maldives to “a critical juncture” by violating the constitution and laws, and welcomed the AP’s decision “to do everything it could within legal bounds to change the current situation.”

The AP’s consultative council decided last night to work against the government to bring an end to “the brutality of President Yameen’s regime.”

At a press conference earlier today, AP President Sheikh Imran called on NGOs and political parties to unite to protest against the government.

The party’s council decided to bring an “end to all this brutality within the boundaries of Islamic Sharia, the constitution and laws of the Maldives,” a statement by AP read.

It accused the government of “leading the way for gangsters and people who commit serious crimes.”

The party also accused the government of corruption, misusing the police and military, undoing separation of powers, undermining independent institutions, and encouraging drug use.

Moreover, the AP said the government was exerting undue influence over the judiciary and questioned the fairness of court verdicts.

The religious conservative party officially withdrew its support for the government last week. The move followed stringent criticism from Imran on social media in the wake of the arrest and prosecution of former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim on possession of illegal weapons.

Imran has maintained that the retired colonel was framed by the government after police found a pistol and three bullets in his apartment during a midnight raid. He has also contended that the trial of former President Mohamed Nasheed on terrorism charges was not conducted fairly.

The opposition leader was found guilty of terrorism on Friday night (March 13) and sentenced to 13 years in prison over the military’s detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012.

Meanwhile, Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, an AP council member, criticised the party on Twitter following the decision to work against the government.

“Justice should be for everyone. Even people who call for justice should not utter a word except for justice,” Shaheem tweeted.

Another tweet by Shaheem read: “Government institutions need the help of Islamic scholars. The government will accept constructive advice.”

Last month, the MDP formed an alliance with the Jumhooree Party (JP) and launched nightly protests against the government’s alleged breaches of the constitution.

Addressing supporters earlier this month, President Yameen said former allies the JP and AP working with the MDP was “a riddle” as both parties had participated in anti-government demonstrations against former President Nasheed’s administration.

The AP had backed a mass demonstration in December 2011 accusing Nasheed of pursuing anti-Islamic policies and undermining sovereignty. The party later took part in the 22 days of serial protests that led to a police and military mutiny on February 7, 2012, forcing Nasheed to resign.

In an appearance on JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim’s Villa TV earlier this month, Sheikh Imran said the time had come for the religious party to stand up for the Maldives.

“I believe now is the time for the people who value our nation’s freedom and peace to stand up for the country. Maldives is not on the right track. There is fear amongst the people. We should stand up for them,” he said.

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18 thoughts on “MDP to work with Adhaalath Party as Sheikh Imran calls for “national unity alliance” against government”

  1. Once branded as Islamic extremists by MDP will now become Holy angels

    Just like how Nazim's status changed from Baaqee to Hero overnight

  2. The irony is that the likes of Adhaalath were given a platform to rise by the then MDP government. So, it is not surprising that Adhaalath has joined up with MDP after helping oust the party from power.

    Although these two parties have many areas of disagreement, they clearly agree on the fundamental principle of democratic rule and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

  3. For MDP it does not matter how the public sees this. The goal is to stack up all the cards against Yameen. When the day comes, MDP will find it harder than before to gain ground while Maumoon returns to power stronger.

  4. f**k! what the hell is wrong with you MDP?

    are you that desperate to let this scum bag be a part of your team again?

    this the Maldivian slut group, who caters islam to the highest bidder. this man single highhandedly labeled Anni along with the rest of the MDPians as infidels.

    this is a two headed monster that should not be trusted at any cost!

    his words are venom and its needs to spat out!

    i aint supporting this son of bi**c!

  5. If MDP can arrange so that Europeans and Americans can vote in Maldives then yes they could win by a big margin. But try to win against Muslims in Maldives after seriously slandering them,,, then election result is doubtful. The only reason MDP lost in last election was because they sidelined the islamic party.

  6. Every ramamkunu in politics seems to be ekuveri ramamakunu tag game.

    What bull

  7. Only my opinion,,,but I think everyone knows/understands that there needs to be change in the Maldives..

  8. Boko halal, MDP is a Muslim party itself and is not trying to win against Muslims. All of its voters are Muslims. MDP didn't slander Muslims.

    I understand what you mean, you see AP as the Islamic party. But AP is not the religious entity Maldivians must follow although that's the way they profile themselves. Others disagreeing with their views doesn't mean they're slandering Muslims. Actually it's those labeling Muslims "laadheenee" who are doing the slandering and Sharia forbids this practice.

    I think this is a bad cooperation move between MDP and AP, but we'll see how it goes.

  9. @hero.

    yeah, poor PPM has to resort to gang members to do their bidding, and poor Adeeb has no choice but to use So officer to break the law, murder people, threaten people, i feel really sad for them.

    while MDP thugs protest for the rightful democracy, the truthful PPM has no choice but to send in paid criminals to sabotage the protest equipments to save this nation.

    and i agree Hero, democracy is when you use gangs to control and shut people up, use judges who release criminals for their personal benefit, send in brainless monkeys to tear down the drawing of that terrorist Anni.

    thats true democracy. and i think having your head far up your ass is also the best democracy anyone could wish for.

  10. Who did rename MNBC to TVM again on February 7th, appearing on the TV with a half trouser?

  11. Funny how those Party's who gathered around the Dick-Tator Yameen to oust Nasheed are now trying to play drums on the same stage. Irony at its best. Were they under the impression they were supporting Mother Theresa then? Same with Gaseem.

  12. Adhaalath party leaders have a bounty on their heads, but only if they are bought in alive.

  13. Imran, I know who you are.

    And I can bear a grudge for a long time. Not even MDP can save you from the hatred of all of us.

  14. Looks like I'm going to stop supporting MDP for good. Where is your dignity

  15. I am done with my support for MDP.

    These soothsayers are the scum on Earth. They rob human dignity, human freedom, basic human right to have free will, and exploit the people with slander, intimidation, fake promises etc.

    No one, i repeat, no one has proven the existence of a supreme being, yet, these charlatans claims are so blatant lies that even God himself would be shocked at the stupidity of the crowd.


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