MDP will use majority to cut allowances granted to former President Gayoom, says Moosa

Maldivian Democratic Party (MD) Parliamentary Group Leader and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has said that an MDP majority will cut allowances granted Maumoon Abdul Gayoom while the former president remains active in politics.

Moosa claimed that the opposition had used their majority to obstruct the government.

”All they did with their majority was increase the expenditure of the government to try an destabilise the economy, while granting allowances for Maumoon.” he said. ”The day that MDP has the full majority of 39 MPs in parliament, will be a day the judges and independent commissions will remember,” he said.

He recalled the day cabinet ministers were dismissed by the parliament after the opposition used its majority to refuse to approve the President’s ministerial appointments.

“That day MMA (Maldives Monetary Authority) Governor Fazeel Najeeb was far away clapping his hands, but I tell you now, when the parliament commences work it will the cabinet ministers who applaud.”

Moosa referred to the corruption allegations against the Deputy Speaker of Parliament and opposition coalition People’s Alliance (PA) MP Ahmed Nazim, claiming that ”Nazim cannot hide from the courts and sit in his chair anymore.”

Moosa said the MDP would give priority to passing the Criminal Procedure Bill, keeping the controversial Sunset Bill aside, and amend the Finance Bill.

Gayoom-faction MP Ahmed Nihan told Minivan News that MDP’s decision to cut the allowances of the former President it would not only harm Gayoom, but President Mohamed Nasheed as well.

”The allowances are granted according to Article 128 of the constitution, so protection and allowances for former Presidents should be granted,” Nihan said. ”That is something given for the hard work Presidents have done for the country and citizens during their time, and we also hope that President Nasheed will remain in the country to serve the people after his administration is over.”

Nihan speculated that the MDP was luring opposition MPs to join the party, seeking a parliamentary majority.

”All Maldivians know that Moosa has personal grudges against Maumoon,” he said. ”It is really an illness that he has, and he needs to find a cure.”

He alleged that Moosa had illegally obtained Rf21 million through a contract with the Thilafushi Corporation – a matter currently being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) – and questioned why “nobody talks about it today.”

”Moosa was once arrested and found guilty of corruption and imprisoned during Maumoon’s administration, but he wasn’t arrested for praying or reciting salawat, he was arrested on corruption charges for attempting to bribe MPs,” Nihan claimed.


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  1. C'mon Moosa! Hurry Up and do it fast!

    As the active leader (whether you call his title Zaeem or whatever) of a major political party, Maumoon should not be entitled to the Allowances and benefits granted by the State for Former Presidents who leave office into retirement.

    So, the Majlis need to amend the Law to bar these benefits and allowances for any Former President who continues to engage in active politics.

    Second we must bring Maumoon to justice for the systematic abuse and torture of prisoners under his Regime. His close buddy Hosni Mubarak is now going to face a trial for similar abuse in Egypt and it is fitting that Maumoon should be brought to justice.

    Unless, Maumoon is brought to justice and jailed for life, there will be no solution to any of our problems. Yes. the gang violence, the spread of drugs and even the shortage of dollars in the country or the budget deficit can only be solved after turning the page on Maumoon's Regime.

  2. @Ilyas and all, there will come a day when this mad man is brought down from power and that day we will investigate all the corruption and misuse of government funds by MDP and its cronies...specially of Recko Mosa, We will prosecute him with the same passion that hes pursuing Maumoon, we will not rest until Recko is behind bars for corruption...Maumoon was brought down after 30 years so Recko don't forget that, you cannot stay for 30 years you will face justice much earlier.

  3. @ Nars

    I guess you are quite frightened with the prospect of your patron Maumoon being being brought justice.

    There is no denying of Maumoon's reign of terror and torture in Dhoonidhoo and other prisons which were carried out in a SYSTEMATIC manner under his leadership.

    There is no denying of the millions of dollars embezzled by Maumoon, Yameen and their close cronies through oil trade, shady corrupt deals involving millions of dollars in commissions etc.

    So Nars be afraid. Be very afraid. Finally they day of judgement is very near for your master to face the music.

    It is not just Reekoa alone who is demanding justice. MDP was voted into power by the people of Maldives to get rif of Maumoon. Never forget that. It is not enough to kick him out of office. We demand justice.

    Not only Maumoon but all his cronies who are guilty must be brought to justice. Those who are supporting Maumoon must do so knowing that they are supporting to a person with blood on his hands from the numerous people who were tortured in his jails. His supporters must remember that they are supporting a man who is accused of amassing a vast fortune from his 30 years of corruption.

    I laugh when I see Mahloof the so-called Leader of the "Youth Wing" of DRP blindly promoting this old man who has nothing to offer this young nation.

  4. Spoken like a true parliamentarian... not.

    Why do I get the feeling that MP Moosa thinks he has been elected to the Majlis and given a fat paycheck to carry out his personal vendettas?

    I'm all for justice for Gayoom - but aren't there real, more immediate issues that the public needs to deal with?

    I do not, for the moment, care about Gayoom's allowances or political career.

    I care about rising prices of food stuff and overcrowding and gang violence.

    If the parliamentary leader of MDP cannot rise above such petty, pointless rhetoric meant as a diversion, then the party is bound to alienate its voter base.

  5. Ilyas...You lie!.."MDP was voted into power by the people of Maldives to get rif of Maumoon"...People of maldives did not vote MDP into power, in fact the old man got more votes than that yellow mad man..MDP came to power through a coalition..if the people of Maldives voted MDP to power that why do they have to bribe so members of parliament to defect to MDP ( state sponsored corruption )...You can investigate Maumoon as much as you like ,i am not defending him.....While Corruption is rife right under that dirty nose of yours....So convenient of you to ignore that.Your Yellow government has failed miserably.....Pres.Nasheed is very shrewd he keeps the likes of you in his party by threatening action against maumoon, Two years of presidential commission and millions of wasted rufiyaa and what have they go to show for it-A big fat zero...MDP's personal vendetta is killing our country.

  6. @ Nars

    Buhahaha! I can just see the fear in your eyes! Scream all you like. President Nasheed of MDP won the Presidential Election and the ONLY reason why people voted for him was because they have been fed up of Maumoon and his 30 years of brutal tyranny.

    Maldivians had suffered long enough under the fist of a cruel dictator who had crushed any form of peaceful dissent and jailed his political enemies real or imagined.

    During Maumoon's reign of terror, his cronies and family had not abused prisoners and killed several of them in jail but amassed a huge fortune through illicit oil trade and corruption. This is a fact my dear!

    The day the Dictator and cronies are brought before a Judge (in a Special Tribunal) the Prosecutor will submit the necessary proof. Such proof exists and that is the reason why Maumoon, Yameen and people like you are trying to over throw this government by any means.

    You talk of MPs crossing sides as if it is a new phenomenon. hey, this is common in every country where party system exists. MPs are free to cross sides unless there are rules or laws to prevent them. This is not corruption.

    Nasheed has been in power for less than 3 years and he has achieved a lot within a short time. Never forget that Maumonn had left a bankrupt Government for his successor.

    Under the blind hope of winning the election, Maumoon went on a blind spending spree during the last 2 years of his regime, thus bankrupting the Government. He accumulated a huge budget deficit which the new Government had to deal with at a time when the world faced the Great Financial Crisis as well as the Greatest Recession the world has seen since the Great Depression.

    Until now the Majlis controlled by the irresponsible Opposition had blocked every move the Government tried to make to correct these matters. Now that MDP has a majority in the Majlis you will see that these matters are attended to.

    The key point is that unless we bring Maumoon and his henchmen (like you) to justice we can never concentrate on the task of rebuilding this nation.

    Maumoon and Yameen as well as their cronies had looted this nation. During their regime they have ruined thousands of peoples lives through torture and abuse under their ruthless feet.

    Those guilty must face justice. They shall be tried and sentenced. We shall ensure this.

  7. Nars,,,,.. dude WE voted for MDP plus those little vague parties to GET RID OF GAY-YOOM, i guess a blind person will never see even if the light reflects from the GAY-YOOMs tiny head.

    and also the country is RISING AGAINST PEOPLE LIKE YOU MR NARS, who hid behind maumoon to favour ureself with the riches , REMEMBER GAY-YOOM MADE 300,000 of the MALDIVIAN PEOPLE TO LIVE IN FEAR and POVERTY,

    NOW we are coming back to HAUNT You...

    be afraid...its natural.

  8. Nars, you are sounding more and more incoherent; almost sounding like a drowning man's last words, we all know why. Sweet justice huh!

    Among others,Yaamyn has a very valid point too. The situation in Maldives needs a broader glance.

  9. what a hypocrite. they were spending money on mdp appointed officials, and projects that funnel money to people that support the party, like moosa. such open displays of hypocrisy by our politicains, mp's, are signs that this democracy is turning into another dictatorship, if it hasn't already.

  10. @ Nars

    do you have any proof that maumoon were not a dictator and he didnt order to torture prisoners? no u dont.

    i haven't seen any proof that maumoon ordered to torture any one. but some prisoners are saying they were tortured and thats how and why this revolution happened. this government should investigate maumoons case.

    at the sametime i also believe they should investigate any corruption by reeko moosa or anyone in this government as well.

    but seriously bro, let go of the anger. and don't be biased on maumoon side or anni side. just be rational.

  11. We need not worry about Maumoon, Gayyoom or Zedey or whatever else he might be called these days. The old man it out, for good. He's no way back. Let him run around with his hound Umar barking up and down the streets. It's all hot air.

    Moosa needs to grow up a little. It's all well and good to speak his mind about how he feels; and I'm sure he's speaking to a certain section of his party. However, it's not befitting of his role as the leader of the parliametary group of his party, to speak in those terms.

    Moosa is an intelligent enough guy. He knows full well that his inflammatory speeches are going to raise rections from Zedey and others. He's doing this on purpose.

  12. This barely literate idiot as the majority leader of the parliament? Pathetic. He's doing what he does best. As salim has said this democracy thing is now all about threatening everyone! so much for human rights and democracy the platform on which we voted these idiots to office.

  13. Apparently he threatened not only Maumoon; he also issued a stark warning against the judiciary and the Governor of MMA. But probably Minivanews will not talk about it.

  14. Moosa is provocation and Maumoon is a destroyer of the DRP. Maumoon doesn't deserve former president's privileges if he is active in the political battle.

  15. This uneducated clown and provocateur try to make personal revenge using PM status but in fact Musa doing nothing for Maldives his job is shouting every where that is all what he can do

  16. wonder if MDP parliamentarians have any plans to reduce MPs' salaries.

  17. "We need not worry about Maumoon, Gayyoom or Zedey or whatever else he might be called these days. The old man it out, for good. "

    I wouldn't be too sure, we need be afraid, I know I am. Not of Zeday, but of zombies like Nars, who are hell bent on bringing the Zeday team back. Zeday will be smart to put someone else in front, with him holding the remote control.

    The economic problems are here to stay for the short-medium term anyway. The next general election is crucial. Moosa's cringe inducing speech didn't help anybody.... except maybe Zeday. The hubris displayed before the parliamentary election can be seen now, repeated all over again. I would have liked a more lucid and thought provoking speech about the issues at hand. For example rather than "get back" the powers of the President, he may have recommended a better course of action- like allowing a presidential veto on a bill to stand, unless overruled by a 2/3 majority of the Majlis. Currently a president is a lame duck against a hostile Majlis. Moosa could have talked about the minimum wage bill..... things which affect the people rather than the usual Maumoon diatribe.

    I have the same wish as most people who think- The consolidation of democracy in the long term. Not just electoral democracy, but respect for the rule of law, rights of the minority. A democracy where the debates are about issues rather than people.

  18. Reeko is a treasonous idiot who does not know when to shut his gob. Look into why on earth he was locked up. He was found guilty of bribing so his brother can be the president. He did not get thrown in jail cause he was badly acting in movies.

    Its funny how orwillian the things are turning out to be. After all four legs good two legs even better when it comes to MDP and their idiot lemmings.

    All this bark about bringing a old man at the end of his life to justice is a distraction and smoke screen to hood wink the lemmings and hide the real failing of the the idiot and chief and his mad dogs.

  19. Dear Blind, Deaf and Dumb MDP followers..plz practice what you preach...You have no problem with an illiterate idiot threatening the courts,the justice system, all independent institutions ....Putting an old man behind bars is going to do nothing to improve our quality of life..Plus the person who is threatening also is being investigated for corruption....So think rationally We need to be concerned more about the future of our country than its past..Right now that future is being stolen from us by MDP and its cronies including hundreds of political useless posts..I believe most of the above comments come from people like that, people with a vested interest in the current regime...While people like me are more concerned about the future of our beloved nation and i am convinced beyond doubt that we can never achieve economic growth and prosperity for Maldivian people as long as this Yellow government is in power.In the past three years nothing, absolutely nothing good has come out of this government...give me a single example of an instance where the government has actually helped???

  20. The comments reflect the status of our country.

    The divisions are becoming permanent. The feudal clans have drawn their battle lines. The MDP has control of state funds and assets therefore their power is near to absolute.

    We must all tread carefully now.

    I for one am not surprised by events. It is more than foreseeable that the current situation would come about. This country was not mature enough to accept the rules that bind western liberal democracies. Those rules may have come about due to the existence of equally powerful and antagonistic blocs.

    The DRP's power is seen to be waning. Each leading member of the DRP which defects shifts to the MDP due to the dependence of private business and life on the State. The MDP shows all intention of perpetuating the socialist welfare state that both Presidents Maumoon and Nasheed prefer.

    It remains to be seen whether the Maldivian people have the will to resist the autocratic tendencies displayed by the current government. The DRP itself is not hellbent on democratizing the country. Rather, both parties are split by their interests in gaining power. Those who demand democratic reforms are a small minority. The disproportional representation of those voices on comment forums such as Minivan is misleading, as the poor command of the English language restricts popular views from being reflected here.

    I feel the current government has made its stand and a vast majority have started to believe that the current reign is here to stay. This majority is comprised of individuals who will always believe that those in power, if strong enough to hold on to that power, should be supported regardless. So long as the welfare state continues to function with handouts in terms of jobs, cash and infrastructure.

  21. "The MDP shows all intention of perpetuating the socialist welfare state that both Presidents Maumoon and Nasheed prefer."

    tsk tsk -

    There is a difference between a social welfare state and one of patronage. In one you demand and in the other you beg.

  22. A criminal has no other place than Jail. Maumoon is no exception so why the hell we give so many privileges to a torturer in chief. Salim Waheed will not understand what this torture try to do to your father. We will talk about democracy once we save this country from Mafia led criminals of Golhaabo.

  23. Gayoom is an itch to our crotch and we will relieve this itch by only removing this man from political equation. A dictator can't understand simple facts of a democracy so why we keep explaining this to him. We should do like in Egypt,send him to jail give his privileges behind bars. People look from front of your head. This is a criel & sick man. Nash try to be positive.

  24. I wonder why some people are still so naive chasing that hopeless old all out in the open to see and yet you try to defend him.
    Get a life..


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