Moosa blames Gayoom for cancellations of parliament sessions

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has claimed parliament sessions were disrupted deliberately by opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs, led by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, because they feared that an amendment presented to the Former Presidents Act would be passed.

Moosa gave an interview to the press today outside the parliament after Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim cancelled the session, after DRP MP Ali Azim refused to leave the chamber despite repeated instructions.

‘’The parliament has been disrupted following on the orders of former president Gayoom,’’ Moosa alleged to the press outside parliament.

Moosa said that tomorrow he would send a letter to the former President requesting to meet him and clarify “why exactly he is disrupting the parliament sessions and what he expects to gain from doing it.”

However, today DRP’s Z-faction MP Ahmed Nihan said faction’s main issue was that members for parliament committees were appointed during an “unlawful” sitting and that any decision made in an unlawful sitting would also be unlawful.

Nihan said that if Speaker of the Parliament Abdulla Shahid accepted that the sitting was unlawful and decided to hold the sitting once again, and reappoint members for the parliament committees, “the main issue will be solved.”

Successive parliament sittings have been cancelled after the Z-faction of DRP complained about the legality of a sitting in which the ruling MDP won majority control of the National Security Committee and Finance Committee, the most influential two committees in parliament.


6 thoughts on “Moosa blames Gayoom for cancellations of parliament sessions”

  1. Moosa is spot on! Our OLD man dear Zaeem is panicking knowing real well that his allowances are going to be reduced (to his size!)

    So he has let loose his thugs to disrupt the Majlis. The allegations against the Speaker about the Composition of the Committees and how the motion was passed is just a sorry excuse.

    Who is Nihan to challenge the whole Majlis (as an Institution) and to demand the Speaker to accept this crazy Nihan's allegation that the Majlis session that passed the Composition of Standing Committees of the Majlis is "Illegal"??

    Nihan's head needs to examined. It was 36 MPs who voted to pass the motion. Nihan is just a single MP and the few thugs of Z-DRP (Maumoonists) are just a a few MPs behaving live lunatics.

    Reeko Moosa is right. Maummon must be made to answer for this. And the sooner the better.

  2. GOLEM NEVER DIES... He is controlling the Maldives FOREVER!!!!
    The opposition factions in a thousand years time will be between those who practice a very ancient form of Sihuru where they call up the dead with their backs to the Kabbah, against those who had studied Maumoon's own Egyptian art of communicating withe dead! All doing THY BIDDING, OH GREAT GHOST ZAEEM!!!

    That old man will make the final opposition decisions and haunt the MAldives FOREVER!

  3. @Ilyas Ahmed...said "his allowances reduced (to his size!)"

    HaHHHAAAA THOLID!!!! Kudos for that one man

  4. We can all speculate about exactly why the opposition is angry about the recent turn of events. The reason that Ilyas has pointed out might be a contributing factor but it cannot be the only one. Of course the opposition is angry about its lost political clout. The Z-DRP might be the only party seen to be acting out, however this concerns the whole opposition in Parliament.

    The inability of both parties to compromise has lead each to act in increasingly deceitful ways towards the other. The recent acts of the ruling MDP/T-DRP faction in having an extraordinary session of the Majlis is the latest in a series of regrettable actions.

    We can either vilify or justify the act by using legal jargon to suit our needs. The fact still remains that the opposition and ruling clans continue to be at an impasse where neither is seen to be actually trying to cooperate with the other at any stage. The fact that the ruling party has funded a mock-opposition led by Thasmeen Ali and Abdullah Shahid which has a strong grip on the institutional structure of the actual opposition is also an interesting twist in the Maldivian political scene.

  5. The fact is the Majlis is not functioning but it's Members receive a hefty remuneration!


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