Millions of rufiya and a 100 foot fiberglass fishing boat to join JP: leaked letters allege corruption

Letters sent by MDP MPs to President Mohamed Nasheed containing allegations of corruption against Jumhoree Party(JP) leader MP Gasim Ibrahim have been leaked to the press.

Gasim is currently under house arrest, charged with bribery and treason.

The documents are addressed to the President and signed by ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs  Mohamed Nazim, Ahmed Easa, Mohamed Gasam, Mohamed Rasheed, Mohamed Shifaz and Ilyas Labeeb.

In one of the letters, Madaveli MP Mohamed Nazim claims that Gasim offered him a 100 foot fibereglass fishing boat and Rf4 million to join the JP, adding that the offer was unlawful and could be considered attempted bribery.

In his letter Kedhikolhudhoo MP Ahmed Easa alleges that Gasim offered him Rf5 million to defect from MDP to the JP.

The letter from Mohamed Gasam, MP for Thinadhoo, claims Gasim had offered him “many rewards” to recruit him away from MDP.

In a letter signed by Hulhu-Meedhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb, the writer mentions that Gasim offered him Rf5 million to buy and construct a house in Hulhumale’.

Press Secretary for the President’s Office, Mohamed Zuhair, said that he could not confirm whether the letters were genuine, or that the letters were the same as those received by the president.

‘’Similar complaints were forwarded to president by several MPs,’’ said Zuhair. ‘’I cannot confirm whether the [leaked] letters are the actual letters.’’

Zuhair said that police were currently investigating the allegations of corruption against the opposition leaders.

Spokesperson for the MDP parliamentary group, Baarah MP Mohamed Shifaz, one of the MPs whose name was on one of the leaked letters, revealed that the leaked letter in his name was an edited version of the letter he actually wrote.

Shifaz said that the middle paragraph of the leaked document in his name was edited.

‘’I did not mention any amount of money Gasim offered me,” Shifaz said. “I wrote that he had offered me different amounts on different occasions.”

‘’I did send a letter to president last month, because of a rumor that circulating in those days that I was about to join the JP,” he said. “It dragged me into a situation where MPs almost lost confidence in me, and I thought the president might feel the same way. So I sent him a letter to make him confident that I would not leave MDP.”

MDP’s Council adopted a resolution late last month to terminate its coalition agreement with JP.

Gasim did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


9 thoughts on “Millions of rufiya and a 100 foot fiberglass fishing boat to join JP: leaked letters allege corruption”

  1. in Maldives Corruption is the best choice, even the justice system would not rule out against Corruption.

  2. if MPs want to go by letter of the law they should be writing these letters to police and filing cases there..but instead they want to write to president to show loyalty to party or is it a way to show MPD what they are actually worth and that they are up for sale and MDP should should give equal or more benfits to stay in the party..

  3. Down with the Judiciary, the Parliament, the Government. None of these institutions are doing what they are supposed to do.
    The government has not failed, the system has.

  4. All protest should be held right outside the houses of these hypocritical panel of five judges. These five are the ones that will bring the whole country down into corruption. By that time even for us.. it will be too late to say “I told you so” to those who blindly support corrupted politicians.

  5. Anni offered me 10 luxury yachts, Hald of the income of the government, 10 resorts, Houses in London, Washington, Paris, Trivandrum and HulhuMale,. He even offered me the hand of his daughter when she reaches 18.Just to sign for MDP..

    Shall I send a letter to the Parliament and the public will believe it right?..

    F**king Hell... The yellow army is so blind.. blind faith I suppose.

  6. Real blind ppl are with "Raagodi Raaja". Lucky former president were not able to changed the name of our beloved country to Republic of Maldives Pvt Limited. Cause his family people only in cabinet and courts as well. I can say long live to Anni and his followers.


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