MNDF Brigadier General, Maldives EU Ambassador resign from government

Brigadier General Ibrahim Mohamed Didi of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) submitted his resignation yesterday, a day after the Prosecutor General (PG) announced his intention to press charges against the decorated general over the military’s detention of Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

His resignation was followed today by Maldives Ambassador to the EU, Ali Hussain Didi ‘Alidi’.

Hussain is the fourth senior Maldivian diplomat to resign from the coalition government of President Mohamed Waheed, following in the footsteps of Maldives’ Ambassador to the US and United Nations Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed, High Commissioner to the UK Dr Farhanaz Faizal, and Deputy High Commissioner to the UK Naushad Waheed Hassan – President Waheed’s brother.

Meanwhile a statement by the MNDF yesterday confirmed that Didi, who was serving as the MNDF southern area commander, requested retirement or honourable discharge from the army.

Didi’s resignation after 32 years of service follows in the wake of the Prosecutor General’s Office filing criminal charges against former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim Kaleyfan for allegedly ordering the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed on January 16.

Nasheed and Tholhath were charged with violating Article 81 of the Penal Code, which states that the detention of a government employee who has not been found guilty of a crime is illegal, an offence that carries either a three-year jail term, banishment or a MVR2,000 fine (US$129.70).”

In a statement on Sunday, PG Ahmed Muizz said he intends to press the same charges against former Chief of Defense Forces Moosa Ali Jaleel, Brigadier General Ibrahim Mohamed Didi and Colonel Mohamed Ziyad for their role in detaining the judge.

Local media has reported that the charges were filed at the Hulhumale’ magistrate court today.

Didi, 51, was serving as the Male’ area commander at the time of Judge Abdulla’s arrest and was transferred to the southern area command following the controversial transfer of power on February 7.

Judge Abdulla was accused of political bias, obstructing police, stalling cases, links with organised crime and “taking the entire criminal justice system in his fist” to protect key figures of the former dictatorship from facing justice for alleged human rights abuses and “high-profile corruption cases”.

Brigadier General Didi meanwhile told local daily Haveeru yesterday that he decided to resign out of respect for the military uniform as he did not wish to attend court and face charges in MNDF uniform.

“I’ve always respected the military uniform during my entire 32 years of service in the military. It’s my belief that I must be present in court after removing the uniform. I do not wish to face the court while wearing this uniform,” Didi was quoted as saying.

Didi noted that the highlight of his military career was defending the nation during the failed coup attempt on November 3, 1988. He was subsequently awarded a medal for bravery.

Didi declined to comment on the arrest of Judge Abdulla.

Didi becomes the third senior military official to retire from active service after Chief of Defence Forces Moosa Ali Jaleel and Vice Chief of Defence Force Brigadier General Farhath Shaheer in February.


23 thoughts on “MNDF Brigadier General, Maldives EU Ambassador resign from government”

  1. Is the nation heading towards a point of no return?

    It seems that as a nation we've stop respecting one another, Stopped appreciating others achievements and overall just become more selfish than ever.

    Makes me wonder, what's the point of all this, If we can't even get the basics right.

  2. If the state institutions fail to guarantee justice to the ordinary Maldivians and if the home minister has sufficient proof that JINAAEE Ablho ghaazee poses a national security threat as a sitting judge (unqualified, unethical and unprofessional) and if the police do not act appropriately then I believe it is compulsory for him to request Defence minster to remove any national security threat and it is the duty of the Defence force to neutralize that threat and assure public safety. If this is wrong then how can police, rather the star force or SO determine when a pro-democracy or MDP protester is not acting peacefully and arrest, abduct or beat them or harass them. Why do they abduct us while we protest. Why don't they take us to courts without arresting or beating us.

  3. The start of the final termination of the Bagheen. The wolves now devour each other.

  4. We heard of Ambassador Ali Hussein Didi planning to resign when President Nasheed was president. So the resignation has nothing to do with the coup. Don's assume that all resignations are related to events of 7 February.

  5. If the fine for these so called crimes is $129 i will pay it! Nasheed has done nothing wrong!

  6. Nasheed was trying to get every institution under his control. now country is losing capable and respected people because of this and the whole country is at each others throats. all in the span of 3 yrs.

  7. The childish self destruction of a country for personal gains is in full momentum.

  8. Hey Wadde and the bagees, let Anni go man. It's just $129 worth of bullshit law break. There are state sponsored terrorists working for Wadde and and bagees who really need fines above $500,000 and should be put to death today right now!!!

  9. Didi was one of the key person who had worked so hard to defend our nation on 3rd Nov. event which was planned by Anni family and some his cronies.

    we salute for Didi courage and will respect you with and wiout uniforms. Do not align with the dictator and the traitor Anni ever.

  10. Aslam Shakir. When you were in power , why did you use water cannon first time in the history of Maldives ? Being a senior officer in the Dictator regime, why you have requested Anni is use the force and then to show your muscle .

    Our society is now damaged and you people have misled the nation for your own benefit.

    You still act like thug as you did in SEC ( Grade 11-12 school) and you think you know more than anyone but you keep on failing. When ever a class test is taken, you never was able to score a good mark and even in the final exam you failed.

    You still believe that you are hero and but you are a joker as always.

  11. I am proud that the MNDF had atleast one official like Didi who had the guts to say no to the terrorist requests of the the coup leaders and who has resigned to defend the uniform. That's the calibre of officials we need in both MNDF and Police Service, and instead most of what we see in these institutions are power hungry and greedy people who have sold the uniform and their souls to the coup devils for a bit of money. Probably for most of them the money they got is already spent, but they will never ever be able to undo what they have done to this country and its people and whether they know it or not, there will come a day when each and every one of those who beat us up like animals will have to be answerable to their actions. The baghees are getting desperate and it's showing.

  12. A truly regrettable day when a good officer and a brave man is forced to bear the burden of unlawful and irresponsible actions forced upon him by a young and inexperienced Commander-in-Chief.

    Ex-President Mohamed Nasheed should apologize to Didi if he has not already. If not for Nasheed's shortsighted actions during those days Didi would live out his days in dignity.

  13. Aslam Shakir : You have a valid argument and this time it is presented good too.
    Keep it up.

    Step away from the hidden, hate-filled, multiple personality disorder psyche, lurking behind your friendly personality. It will help you.

  14. What are you saying tsk tsk and rinzy! You must have smoked or drank something very strong, may I know what?
    As reported Alidi has resigend for “it was difficult to remain in the post due to the events transpiring at present.”

    Actually Alidi must have had enough of lying and keeping his mouth shut.

    Wake up babies!

  15. This is crazy. The whole nation is now heading towards total anarchy and the so called Police Service whose abounded duty is to protect the citizens are out in streets behaving and making noises that are similar to ferocious violent dogs, attempting with obvious tactics of provoking the unarmed, peaceful protesters by walking through them with the same kind of noises and picking and choosing innocent individual girls to be dragged out: this is total craziness. This man Waheed who claims to be President should have atleast a conscience and order this Police brutality stopped as it is who he is the Commander in Chief. Maumoon is using Jameel and Waheed, two of his former enemies to do the brutal work for him so that one day both Waheed and Jameel also will be fixed for good. Before our motherland looses it's status of being a heaven on earth PLEASE stop this brutality of the Police. Protect the heroes who served this nation with total commitment.

  16. What I find remarkable is that the defiant and narcissistic PPM break laws themselves all the time. Remember the incident of “idols” in Addu for SAARC Summit? They called heroes to those people who broke the law by destroying them? Where was the court system then? Why didn’t they take the government to the court for installing ‘idols’ in the country?

    All political parties are of similar nature…. They all break laws when they see fit all the time and with pride. So how is it that when a law is broken with a degree of seriousness that warrants MRF2000/- fine, (lets forget the hideous judge for a second) this is good enough to remove the president people have chosen for themselves. Where is the punishment for all other rich people that control the politics – who openly and proudly encourage and break laws all the time?

  17. where are we heading for god sake? unfortunately it will be the most vulnerable who will suffer .....

  18. @tsk tsk on Tue, 17th Jul 2012 9:38 PM

    "If not for Nasheed’s shortsighted actions during those days Didi would live out his days in dignity."

    What makes you think that Didi won't "live out his days in dignity" regardless of Nasheed's actions? Didi has nothing more to show or prove to the nation to deserve respect and dignity. Didi and his generation made sacrifices that you cannot even fathom, in the defense of this country.

    The very existence of every single ounce of lard on your body is thanks to the sacrifices of people like General Didi, Jaleel and others. Cowards like yourself are a disgrace to the nation and do not even deserve to mention the names of our heroes.

  19. Ahmed, tsk tsk is an anonymous commentator here so you are not in a position to assume anything about what he has or has not contributed to this country.

    What happened to the reasonable Ahmed who could calmly debate facts? Now all you offer is cheap insults and vitriol towards those opposed to your MDP agenda and uncritical adulation for the MDP elite.

    What has Nasheed done to you?

  20. Hei Kutti Nasheed you are not an anonymous commenter. You are a traitor. Maumoon sent you here to alter other people's thought! Shame on you !!

  21. I am not Kutti Nasheed, though I admit in light of your tendency to accuse everyone you dislike of being Kutti Nasheed t'was a poor choice of initials on my part to use as an online Moniker.

    Perhaps I am actually Kenereege Nasheed.


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