Moderator of All-Party Talks resigns as MDP withdraws

Convenor Ahmed Mujuthaba has resigned from the All-Party Talks.

The talks were envisaged by India as a means to resolve political tension in the country as one track of the international community’s response to the situation, together with the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), but have since been eclipsed by the leader’s dialogue talks.

The CNI recently released its report stating that there was no coup in the Maldives, that Nasheed did not resign under duress, and that no police mutiny took place.

In a press release issued by the talks’ secretariat, Mujuthaba stated two specific reasons for his decision to resign.

The first reason was that the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had declined from participating in the talks at present, Mujuthaba stated. As the All-Party Talks have now been converted to Leaders’ Dialogue, which is limited to parties that have parliament representation, he suggested that the talks could be continued within parliament itself.

The MDP has released a statement last night stating the party had decided in its National Executive Council meeting to stop participating in the talks for the time being. While it further states that this is not a permanent withdrawal from the discussions, the statement does not cite the reasons behind the decision.

President’s Office Media Secretary Masood Imad however said to Minivan News today, “Mujuthaba has resigned. What more is there to say? MDP has hijacked the all party talks.”

He declined from commenting on whether the Leaders’ Dialogue meeting scheduled for this afternoon would still be held.

At the initial Leader’s Dialogue meeting of 2nd September, the MDP Chairperson’s request for placing the issue of MDP’s role in the government on the discussion agenda gave rise to dissenting opinions through the coalition.

President Waheed had later stated that there was no possibility of MDP joining the unity government.

President’s Advisor on Political Affairs Ahmed Thaufeeg, earlier this month was quoted in local media as stating that MDP should attend the Leader’s Dialogue accepting that there would be no discussions concerning early elections, no chance of the party joining the current government, and that the party should have no further conditions.

Ahmed Mujuthaba was not responding to calls at the time of press.

MDP International Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor told Minivan News today that the party had temporarily withdrawn from the All Party Talks for the purposes of ‘reconsideration and re-engagement’.

Hamid said that on August 14 the MDP had taken the initiative to suggest holding talks between the parties represented in the legislature, but the proposition had initially been rejected by the government, who wished to have the talks after the release of the CNI report.
According to Hamid, the MDP came to the decision to reconsider participation because the government was unwilling to address a number of important issues, ranging from declaring the political alignment of the current government, taking action against police brutality as noted in the CNI report, and the possibility for early elections.
Hamid further said the the party believed that for the talks to be successful, it needed a strong convener and that this needed to be facilitated by the international community.

8 thoughts on “Moderator of All-Party Talks resigns as MDP withdraws”

  1. i have known Mujtaba for long. he is like that. he will always RESIGN and go. actually he has no charisma nor leadership neither success. but he was a BEYFULHAA and among the elite he remains a BEYFULHAA still, and its part of Maldives Culture. such dialogues are ctreated for buying time. its planned and always people like Mujtaba, Ismail Shafeeu will be appointed to chair such dialogues and commissions because they HAVE inherited wealth of this nation ENOUGH, and for them it OK even if the Nation goes to HELL! you Maldivians must understand this and take charge of your FATE in your hands and ACT before its too LATE. so International community , CMAG etc has no interest OTHER THAN PROTECTING the interest of the rich and wealthy investors. when Omben Sen and Sonu and other investors pour in money , not judge Selvama but even Sir McDonald will LEAN. thats the game they are supposed to play. my advice to the people of Maldives is to courageously resolve it through peaceful protest. it requires COURAGE, PATIENCE and GUTS.. REMOVE FEAR and FACE the will succeed!!! Good Luck Maldivians

  2. Maldivians must know the fact that the international community has no much interest in Maldives other than protecting the investments of some key Europeans and their friends in Tourism Industry. That reflected the CoNI report where CMAG is to wash-off their hands on 29th and remove Maldives from their agenda. Maldives seems to go back into history and democracy will be replaced by Autocracy with Police and National Defense in charge, with arbitrary arrests and criminalization of all political opponents. Sir DonMCnon met President Waheed in private and gave him full support of the CMAG, and eventually, in the Cabinet Meeting yesterday, it was decided AT ANY COST to BRING TO AN END THE DAYS OF NASHEED AND HIS DEMOCRATIC FANCTACY AND BE PART OF HISTORY FOR EVER!!!

  3. So much for the Baghee Waheeds ALL Technocrats government, everyone in his elite are doctors, nurses or both. But nothing gets done. Even cooking the CoNI report was not complete, created more headaches for his financers Sonu, Gasim, Deen and Gayoom.

  4. amazing this guy is able to peddle the beyfulha tag all his life... he's a resort owner so earns a few millions bucks every year which he safely deposits in Switazerland... and this is how he socializes and entertains himself.. He will go and tell his Swiss wife today how he came to this decision after serious philosophical deliberation. She will compliment him for being brave enough to take the decision and so on...

  5. Mujuthaba is a clone of Waheed. He has a smile but a very angry man. He left several cabinets on his own and left the country briefly. He grew up with a wife, who held his balls all the time. He cannot be trusted, because he believes he is from a higher cast.

  6. i don't care what cast Mujthaba is but i believe he resigned in good faith.

    Since MDP had polled out from the party talks what's the point of having this committee ?

    MDP pulled out because of Anni influence and Anni is the biggest threat to our democracy and democracy within the party too.

    Anni know that the more his party members get involved in these types of talk, he get more exposed in his blunders.

    The best solution for this country will be put Anni and Maumoon behind the bars for the crimes that they have committed and for robbing this country for their personal gain.

  7. I want to thank Mujthaba for his patience in the face of an impossible task.

    Both the government-aligned parties and the opposition had no sincerity at all to continue with talks in the format recommended by Waheed or the international community.

    They want to get things decided in Parliament so everyone else but MDP, PPM and DRP can watch from the sidelines while these three entities decide our future for us. Thank god for democracy.


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