“We want to kill you. Do not think you can behave like you do and get away. You will have to die today”

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s interim chairperson MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik has for the first time spoken to the media after he was brutally beaten up by the Maldives police during what was meant to be a “peaceful march around Male’” after yesterday’s MDP National Council meeting.

Manik, who was in critical condition when he was taken to the hospital late yesterday afternoon but had regained some stability, spoke to local media Raajje TV about how violently the police had dealt with him while he was accompanied by the former president Mohamed Nasheed and former party chairperson and MP Mariya Ahmed Didi.
Moosa said that when the police started beating the protesters and spraying pepper spray without warning and using excessive force in dismantling the protests Nasheed, Didi and himself had ran into a tile shop in the east of the local market area.

“While we were in there the police came, sprayed pepper spray and started beating us. We ran into the road, to the east of the market, and hid in a shop… selling  tiles… if… if I remember correctly. I walked in first followed by President Nasheed and Mariya. We went into the back and stayed in the storage area”, Moosa said with a weak voice.

Moosa continued that police officers addressed them with foul language when Nasheed asked the officers not to hurt them. The officers openly said that Moosa was on their “hit list” and that they wanted to kill him, before taking three to four punches on his face, Moosa said.

“….When they police looked at me [to hit me] the President said, ‘Don’t hurt [him]’ and they… hurled abuse at the President. Maari said the same thing. I said, ‘If you want to beat us beat me first’ and by then they had already hit me on the face three or four times. They pointed their fingers at me and said, ‘You are a person we want to kill’…” Moosa continued.

Although the police were beating him, Moosa said that an MNDF person came to his rescue and tried to stop the police officers. “They did not let me go and continued beating me. And I saw an MNDF [army] person. He ran to me hugged me and said, “don’t hit, and don’t hit!’ ”, Manik said.

Moosa said that the officers enjoyed taking turns hitting his genital area and one police officer who was in plain clothes tried to stab something (a stick or a pole) into his head, and he was fortunate enough to have ended up with a two inch gash on his head instead.

According to local media, Moosa’s family has said he has been flown to Singapore for further medical treatment. The MP for Hulhuhenveiru constituency, Moosa has been a vocal critic of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom and the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed. He has also been active in MDP’s campaign to reform judiciary.

Interview transcript

“While we were in there the police came, sprayed pepper spray and started beating us. We ran into the road, to the east of the market, and hid in a shop… selling  tiles… if… if I remember correctly. I walked in first followed by President Nasheed and Mariya [Ahmed Didi]. We went into the back and stayed in the storage area.

“Police came in after a while and asked the people at the counter where Maryia and them were. When the people at the counter did not respond the police charged into the back of the store and I said to the President, “They are coming to kill us and so I will just let them do what they want to do” and I walked out. The president followed saying, “Moosa don’t go alone”, followed by Mariya.

“When they police at me [to hit me] the President said, “Don’t hurt [him]” and they… hurled abuse at the President. Maari said the same thing. I said, “If you want to beat us beat me first”, and by then they had already hit me on the face three or four times. They pointed their fingers at me and said, “You are a person we want to kill”. The army person? It was police… they were police not army personnel.

“It was a very narrow path and they pushed me out, beating me. They threw me out on the doorstep and hit me in the groin with their boots. Two policemen were holding my hands, spread, and one person held me by the back, and everyone (police) was beating me. The people on the dhonis [boats] saw everything. One person hit me here… on the ribs… with his boots. By the time I had my wits about me I could not breathe and I begged them to stop…. I pleaded that I was dying. They said, “We want to kill you. Do not think you can behave like you do and get away. You will have to die today”. They did not let me go and continued beating me. And I saw an MNDF [army] person. He ran to me hugged me and said, “Don’t hit, and don’t hit”.

“We reached MTCC [a local company] by then and they continued to beat me… I was surrounded. They were hurling abuse at me and spraying pepper spray into my eyes. One person forced my mouth open and sprayed… I fell over, coughing. The MNDF person was trying to protect me. Then came a police person in plain clothes… he was wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt… I know him. He jumped… and he tried to… and he said I want to embed this into your brain (probably a stick or a pole). It broke open a gash of about two inches and it hit the shoulder of the MNDF person. He was hurt too. And then… the blood was gushing out… and I fell onto the road. And they stomped onto my hand. They all seem to really enjoy hitting me in the groin.

“Then I did not know where they were taking me, two persons were dragging me by the hands. Then they got into a dispute within themselves. One person was saying not to hit me. With my knowledge, a bunch of them in Star Force attire, some in plain blue and another bunch of them in the… the dark blue uniform continued to beat me.

When the blood started flowing [from the groin] they asked me to, “Cover it with your hand… and you will die in a bit”. Then… then I did not know what they were saying. After that I did not know what was going on. By the time we reached the bus I had nothing left in me. There was a brother [relative] in the bus and that’s why I survived. When I got here I was in a lot of pain. Now… now… my spine hurts… it hurts a lot. And when I relieve myself I bleed. I am in a lot of pain. Insha Allah, I will be well soon.”


32 thoughts on ““We want to kill you. Do not think you can behave like you do and get away. You will have to die today””

  1. I am no fan of Moosa.
    But this is not on.

    With barbarians like this walking our streets wearing police uniforms, how can we feel safe again?

    What kind of country is this turning into?

  2. Within 24 hours of change the loyal Police force of Gayyoom have become savage brutes and took a contract from Champa Uchchoo to kill Moosa. The cpwards we call MNDF should be shamed that they allowed a sacked Colonel called Naazim to engineer the coup to depose a legitmate democratic President. I call upon USA,UK and EU to immidiatly demand action to reinstate President Nasheed and the Judiciary to be reformed sooner than later. I wish Judge Abdullah will rot in hell and suffer here before the crooks death.

  3. I have always thought Reeko Moosa Manik was an imbecile and is not fit to be in such a position. I also feel that he creates a lot of problems for the government and his party.

    But this is an outright crime against a human being. This is like the Israeli soldiers beating the Palestinians.

    My fellow Maldivians and Muslims. We criticise the Israelis for beating and torturing the Palestinians like this.

    Now what do you have to say when you see a fellow Muslim and a Maldivian suffer the same kind of torture at the hands of the Official Maldivian Government Police Force?
    This act sickens me and I cannot look at a Maldivian Police now without my bile rising in my throat. I have seen the video and every time I see it my hate increases. This is a fellow Muslim and a Maldivian that suffered at the hands of the Maldivian Police and this happened in the Public.

    This Jameel calls for people who burnt the stations to be charged. yes they should be charged but first charge the Police Force and its leaders for crimes against the Maldivian Public.

  4. If this is the real Maldives, better never go back. Shame on all of you.

  5. These people have no shame. But again, every king is propped up by an army of butchers.

  6. I was never a fan of Moosa either; but that was a difference of ideas.

    What has happened to Moosa is despicable and everyone involved in this right from Fili Waheed, Snake Jameel, Terror Chief Riyaz, Terror General Shiyam, Dropout Nazim should face trial for crimes against humanity. Moosa is just one example of their brutal crimes yesterday. So many other people suffered indiscriminate violence against them.

    There is no "Police" in the Maldives. It's a terrorist organistation and it will never ever have the backing of the people until all those who committed these atrocities are brought to justice.

    You can rule with terror, but as history has taught us time and time again, your days are numbered.

  7. Just imagine this; this was Day One of this illegal regime. Snake Jameel says he's not responsible for this. Oh yeah, he sure is. Save the excuses to a jury!

    Snake Jameel, Terror Chief Riyaz or Fili Waheed better not travel abroad as you will face justice for crimes against humanity! The only way you can survive is through terror in your own little square mile.

  8. The action of beating Moosa Manik by MNDF is appalling and criminal. It is a shame to people who were involved in the demonstrations, fighting, creating havoc and venting anger and hatred without any concern for the consequences. I wish Moosa a smooth recovery. I pray peace and humanity get restored in the Maldives.

  9. This is sad and unacceptable. I have always wished someone would teach Moosa a lesson for his arrogance and him trying to influence every public institution in this country. There is not a single independent institution that he approves of, including the recently appointed Auditor General. He is a headache for many of us who want to see good governance by MDP. He is the real reason why Nasheed has made so many mistakes. Im sure many in the police would share a similar sentiment. But they should b more professional and should not have engaged in such behavior.

  10. Ahmed bin Addu, yes I noticed your comments here before and what you say is true mostly and you are very rational and reasonable.

    Moosa was one guy whom I could not stand. He is everything that I dislike in a politician. But this is different.

    A fellow Maldivian beaten brutally by the Official Maldivian Police Force for being a member of a political party.
    To boot he is also an MP.

    Now that imbecile Jameel is trying to see that he can charge these people with terrorism. Doesn't the stupid guy realise the International Community is watching and it would not be these people that would be on trial but the Maldivian Justice System.
    The stupid judge Abdulla is on trial here and he along with everyone else would be held up to the scrutiny of the whole World and in the end the World would see that Nasheed was right in that the Judiciary in Maldives was corrupt and he was right in imprisoning him. The major issue is that the people who organised this coup is only versed in what happens in Maldives and not the International Community.

    I actually feel sorry for Waheed for getting caught up in such an bungling set-up as for sure that the International Community would see how brutal and corrupt this new regime is.

    There is no way that people like Jameel can get out of Maldives now as it is only the Head of State has diplomatic immunity and anyone can make a citizens arrest or get a judge to make an arrest for others including Ministers.

  11. Anni should be responsible for this. It is he who created all this trouble for his own party members. He brought them on to streets and stimulated the police and army to attack them all. Everyone knows maldivian army and police are good at beating their own people. But they always do and this under the orders of a respective government. Under Qayyooms government they did so and so did they the very Anni's government. This time its neither under Qayyoom nor Annis government that the forces have harmed the citizens. Anni and MDP should stop this sick blame game on Qayyoom now. They have a habit of blaming on Qayyoom even when they are constipated. Anni was brought down from his position by the very oposition people who brought him to presidency. Qayyoom never formed coalition with him. Everyone knows now all political parties are selfish and work towards their own selfish interests. They are not working on any orders of Qayyoom, rather Qayyoom has stayed away from all this mess. Anni should have behaved in a more civilized way after his resignation. But he is always like an animal, he loves protesting and running around the city with thugs. He could have asked for election by legal means and with the help of the constitution instead of protesting and making his party members to go around destroying public properties, citing fire in the city and islands, and demonstrating terrorism and vandalism in the Maldives. Shame on you Anni. I thought I would still vote for you after you resigned, but the way you have reacted to all this made me realise you are a very low character human who doesn't deserve a second chance.

  12. A Maldivian Police Officer must not be wearing his uniform after he says "I want to kill you" to a Maldivian citizen and beat him up. Home Minister Jameel must take action or resign.

  13. police officers, U are not deserved to be called as police. Infact U are gangster, worst than criminals!!!!

    Dont think that the bribed money that you got from ur leadres to make fear among us, it will bring calm for ur life!!!

    Allah never sleep, ur deed will be counted infront of HIM...

    Inna azabillahi syadid..(truly, punishment from Allah will be Very painful...)

    Im totally upset with the leader of police!!! does he join too with the conspiration..??? Better u resign soon. Shame on u!!!!

    Those who bribe, and bribed, both parties will go to hell...(hadits)

  14. You know something Yasir. I did not vote for Anni the first time around but I would vote for him now.
    I am also glad that you would not vote for him as I do not want to be tainted by someone like you who advocates for violence against ordinary Maldivian civilians. Blaming on Anni for this is a crime. It was the Police who beat everyone up and not Anni.

  15. We must believe as a country that not all police and MNDF are a part of these atrocities against the people. Many people like Maria and Moosa have said there were police or MNDF people telling the brutes not not hurt. I myself have met MNDF people shocked at the brutality shown on the 8th. I again ask Waheed not to be part of these atrocities. You are now sworn as the President even if in a Coup and we hold you responsible for the acts of Police and MNDF. Many people like me believed that Waheed would not allow such brutality. Now we doubt it. Show us you are different.

  16. It is unfortunate to see so much repression and hate in such a tiny nation of our world. From the outside one imagines that having less constituents allows for better representation and more will to colaborate together for the common wealth. But as your president stated when he got into office; a regime that corrupted and coroded so many for too long may be hard to be overturn, but he sure showed the way if at all.

  17. Where the hell is that Jeff Salim Waheed? Presidential scum flooded your bloody mouth? Your ugly father has blood in his hands! The people power shall return and we will drag all the traitors on the streets! That day will come Insha Allah

  18. fellow maldivians
    you are back to the old days of dictatorship. please rise for freedom.
    in the end all these troubles/coup/attacks are linked to power/money/corruption.

  19. Not a fan of Moosa but I wish him well. No one should ever be treated like this no matter how much you hate the person.

    Justice should be served.

    One minute they are on the streets chanting Allah Akbar and the next minute they are beating the shit out of some guy. Jihadhists have indeed swallowed your brains.

  20. Waheed, Maumoon, Yamin, Gasim, Thasmeen and Dr.Hassanu come visit us in Addu if you dare.

    This is not a warning this is damn threat.

    Your damn throats on the line.

    You have hurt this Atoll more than Nasir did during his rule.

    Waheed you really think you can rule Addu people with an Iron fist.

  21. Maldives police barbarians, u r not people. u are only animals. Garudiyaa men. u don't know what is good n what is bad. R u people? though u wear a uniform, u r not human beings. See what will happen to u. Bloody fools!

  22. May Allah punish those bloody police and MNDF sh%*ts responsible for this. No one deserves this! It does not matter what you believe, what you support or which political colour you represent! Nobody deserves this! And for the so-called new government! Shame on you! Shame on you for letting this happen! Shame on you for staying blind even now! Shame on you! Fear the wrath of god!

  23. I have never been a fan of reeko. But this shows sudden emerge of 30 years of gayoom regime. Can't trust the police anymore. They are not there to defend this country nor the government. They will only protect the interest of the one who give them most. Only cash talks.... Shame on you police.

  24. He is a great actor...worst politician.
    Get up and come to real world, you have a long list of corruption charges against you Mr. actor.

  25. No one but no one deserves to be beaten up, tortured and almost killed in this way. No matter how much you dislike this guy, this is totally acceptable. I am sickened to the core. I loved your country once. I don't know if I can visit the Maldives again knowing that dictators are ruling and police behaving in such a brutal, lawless way. Your country is being run by terrorists. As a fellow Muslim, I am ashamed that you (rogue police) have commited such atrocities on a man. I'd hate to be you when the day of judgement comes. Inna azabillahi syadid.

  26. Hello How was your new presidents work in his new job. Witch Dr. Judas Waheed why don't you sent Witch Dr. Jameel to grab Maumoons brother Hameeds Balls.

  27. May Allah SWT save us from these brutal & inhumane people like Waheed, Qasim & Yaameen who claim they love the people of Maldives

    Please resign Dr Waheed for the sake of the people and for the sake of electing a President by the people of Maldives

  28. Hello Maledivians,
    My heart goes out to you, people, whoever you are supporting. Human beings should not be treated like this by police or else.I was shocked to read that a couple of maniacs have destroyed the cultural heritage in the national museum.
    Being a tourist who visited Maledives for 9 times in the past, I will always keep a happy memory of the beauty of your islands and your open-minded and friedly people.
    I hope that the situation will soon be clarified and politicians will come to terms for the sake of you, the people.

    Please, be aware that power will sooner or later entail corruption and abuse of power, anywhere in this world, but the worst of all are religious fanatics irrespective of their faith.

    My thoughts are with you......

  29. yes! Investigation should be held and Moosa should get the Justice.
    but before that no conclusion be made against any one, as there are heresay evidence and rumers of the attacker as a HARDCO MDP activist.
    at present here in Maldives any thing is possible. wellplaned political games are on the board.


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