MP beaten and handed to police semi-naked after alleged extra-marital affair

Independent MP Ahmed Amir was assaulted by a group of people around 3:00am in the morning last Thursday, following allegations that the MP for Kudahuvadhoo was caught with a married woman in a residence in the Maafanu ward of Male’.

The MP was reportedly severely beaten and handed over to police semi-naked before dawn on Thursday, and has now flown to Sri Lanka for treatment.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News that MP Amir insisted that the allegations against him were completely false.

“The [attackers] called police at the time, so officers went there and brought MP Amir in for questioning,” Shiyam explained. “Both parties have reported the same case differently, MP Amir said he was stopped and attacked while he was passing by, while the group claims that he slept with the wife of another man.”

Amir had bruises on his face and suffered other injuries, he added, stating that police were investigating the case.

A ruling party MP told Minivan News today on condition of anonymity that the incident occurred when MP Amir was caught with the woman by her family.

“Then they attacked him and this really happened, according to what I know,” he said.

MP Amir was meanwhile was unavailable for comment as both his mobile numbers were temporarily disconnected.

Amir however told local media that he was grabbed by a group of men while passing by a road near Indira Gandi Memorial Hsopital (IGMH), taken inside a room, stripped and beaten up.

Amir claimed the attackers robbed him of his mobile phone and wallet before turning him in to police.

Secretary General of Parliament Ahmed Mohamed told Minivan News that Amir was not arrested and police therefore did not inform the secretariat about the incident.

According to parliamentary rules of procedure, police have to inform the parliament if they intended to arrest an MP and escort him to parliament sittings before a court decided on his or her case.


17 thoughts on “MP beaten and handed to police semi-naked after alleged extra-marital affair”

  1. ooooh, other people are having sex, better beat them up out of jealousy.


  2. the accused were taken to police custody on a court order.However the court recently gave a verdict saying accused will not be taken to custody unless they were seen on the crime scene, or to be proven to be on the scene! How can they have this double standard when Police even showed videos of a crime scene and so many people saw an honorable citizen doing an act of terrorism. One man accused is released on a court order and another man accused is taken to custody on a court order!Unbelievable!What kind of justice are we having!This is the reason why we dont trust judiciary. Just today some people took the law in to their hands and god knows what the verdict will be for them! I bet if we allow them free we are failed in serving justice!

  3. who is not having these illegal sexual acts? which political party, age group, family, gender and island community is saved from these god forbiden acts? Some Ministers have in the past and now have 2 to 5 "girl friends, or traditionally called slave girls or boys!!! Vodka is famously drunk in all places in Male' and atolls. Gambling is widely played by many, specially by Majlis members in Male' and Colombo by their new found wealth! Gangsters are controlled by new breed of MP's and old Ministers!! Life is so interesting now in Maldives!!

  4. if the police are investigating the case how is this accused fornicator out of the country now?

  5. I don't think mp is that stupid to sleep with a woman whose husband is a known gangster! We should not tolerate these barbaric acts, if this gangsterism goes on! what's the use of police! and who knows tomorrow they might beat up commissoner of police in broad day light!! Enough of these gangsters! I really don't see any development will work in this country when gangsters are ruling the country!? Thank you

  6. The MP said he didn't do it. So he must be right because MPs do not engage in corruption and lying now do they...

  7. When morality is lost everything is lost

    Everyone is deemed innocent until proven guilty

    When one is proven guilty guilt verdict is based on evidence

    Evidence may be manufactured.

    Real punishment and guilt is sufffered after death

    " Every soul will taste death" - Quran

  8. @human rights "consensual sex is a personal right". In most parts of the 21st Century world yes, but not in Maldives! Fundamentalist religion strikes again.

  9. Our MPs, lol. What a shame 🙂
    The guy must have felt very bad of what he has done when he was beaten and hounded...

  10. Salim Waheed,

    "Vigilante justice is not acceptable"

    As the batman, I disagree.

    [I would attempt to be more serious. But this country is a joke]

  11. @ Salim Waheed, vigilante justice may not be acceptable. But it happens when our leaders fail to protect our country from going to the dogs..


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